The New MODZ® Max36 & Max48 Golf Cart Charger

A brief video highlighting the features of the MODZ Max 36 and Max48 golf cart battery chargers.

About the Modz Max:
The Modz Max36 & Max48 battery chargers use an internal microprocessor to intelligently charge your golf carts batteries based on real-time battery pack capacity and ambient temperature readings. The Max36 & Max48 also incorporate high efficiency soft-switch technology providing unsurpassed reliability with less power consumption. A simple, easy-to-read status light allows you to quickly assess the state of your battery pack and current charge mode.

Never again worry about discovering dead batteries after prolonged storage. The Max36 & Max48 feature innovative, plug and forget smart float technology allowing you to plug in your golf cart and leave it plugged in without fear of damaging or draining your batteries over extended periods of time, a common issue with many chargers. Simply plug in your golf cart using the included plug and the Modz Max will automatically turn on or off based on your battery back capacity preserving the longevity of your batteries and ensuring your cart is ready whenever you are.

At only 7 pounds, the Max36 & Max48 are more than 50% lighter than most OEM and aftermarket golf cart battery chargers, but don’t let the weight fool you. The Max36 & Max48 is constructed with a rugged, yet lightweight aluminum casing providing exception durability. In addition, to being lightweight the Modz Max leaves a relatively small footprint and can easily transported with the convenient carry handle.

The Modz Max48 is built-to-last and backed by a limited one-year warranty.

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जली हुई Inverter PCB से Battery charger बनायें

This video covers how can we make use of burnt pcb of any inverter to make a battery charger for normal and deep discharge battery.
जली हुई PCB से Battery charger बनायें


Quick Facts on Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries

Today, one of the top battery brands is Rayovac. As a consumer, you might feel frustrated with the current re-chargeable batteries. They require long hours of charging and yet they can only provide current in a short period of time. The Rayovac rechargeable batteries are conceptualized to address this issue. They are launched to change the way the world views at re-chargeable batteries. Now, the company offers a hybrid cell that combines economic and environmental benefits.

Quick Charging

Honestly, the battery cells can be quite painful on the pocket. However, consumers are still purchasing them due to their quick charging feature. Unlike typical re-chargeable batteries, these cells are convenient to use as they can be used immediately upon purchased. There is no need to do full day charging before the initial use. In effect, your need for a battery is immediately addressed. Also, they do not discharge immediately when not in use. They can self-discharge at a much slower rate compared to other products.

User-friendly Attributes

Did you know why battery cells are required to be thrown properly? This is because some of the products inside the batteries contain harmful chemicals that cannot only harm you but also can harm the environment. The Rayovac-Hybrid battery cells on the other hand, provide environmental benefits rather than harm. In addition to this, they are relatively flexible. They are suited in any type of devices and fit in all NiMH chargers.

Performance and Endurance

As of the reports by a rechargeable batteries review, no other brand can compete with the performance and endurance that these hybrid battery cells can offer. It can hold the energy supply up to four times longer compared to conventional rechargeable ones. Also, the shelf lives of these batteries are three times longer, just perfect for digital cameras. Aside from this, the hybrid cells can help save thousands of dollars and keep unnecessary waste out.


Car Chargers for a Long Long Journey

Planning a long travel from one town to another by road? Are you worried about your mobile phone might just run out of sufficient battery power?

Earlier, we used to be anxious about the battery strength of our mobile phone, especially when planning a long journey by road. Carrying the mobile phone charger was not sufficient as the availability of electricity or a plug point, as and when we require, was a cause of concern.

But now it is no more a thing to worry about. With the help of car chargers, you can activate the battery of your cellular phone, whenever and where you want to.

Car chargers are simple devices that are designed to fit into your car efficiently. They are small in size, but are of immunity help. In this hectic work schedule, you never know when your mobile phone may just loose the strength and need a charge up. For all such times, the car charger comes as a very useful device that can also make a great difference to your life.

Imagine there is very little power left in your mobile battery and you may receive a very important call from home, from your children, from your clients or office or anywhere. Due to lack of battery strength you can not speak for a longer time or the moment you attend the call, the mobile phone gets switched off due to lack of battery back up.

Having the car charger in your car, you can save yourself from such harassment times. This way you can also save the lives of many, including yours.

Car chargers are easily available online. There are many good web stores that provide car chargers for all brand of mobile phones – be it Nokia, LG, Sendo, Motorola etc. You will also get good quality cheap car chargers at many web showrooms. Get one today – You'll thank yourself for taking this action.


ALDI & LIDL Ultimate Speed VS AutoXs Smart Battery Chargers Which is best?

The test and tear down of the latest Feb 19 Smart battery charger offerings from LIDL and ALDI. Which one is best ?


The Solar Battery Charger – Free, Clean, And Renewable Energy

One of the most annoying realities of our electronic lifestyle is that so many of our electronic must-haves are battery operated. And depending on how often we use them, the life of their batteries can be from a single day to a couple of weeks. While a package of disposable batteries, depending on their size, usually costs less than $ 5, if they are powering an addiction forming device lie a GameBoy, you may burn through them the way a chain smoker burns through a pack of cigarettes.

While TV remotes, flashlights, and smoke detector batteries may only need changing once or twice a year, GameBoys, MP3s, and cell phones are different stories. Not only that; some of the most-used battery-powered devices require not one, but two batteries. The simple truth is, even disposable batteries can make a dent in the entertainment budget.

Environmental Issues

Not only that; actually disposing of disposable batteries has become an issue, and many landfills are no longer taking them because of the danger they pose to groundwater. Fortunately, many battery manufacturers have been ahead of the environmental curve in addressing this issue, and are now marketing rechargeable batteries to replace disposable ones. And they have gone one environmental step further by creating the solar battery charger.

Advantages Of Solar Battery Chargers

A solar battery charger has two advantages; Unlike wall chargers, it does not use energy which you have to pay for to recharge your batteries, and unlike wall chargers, it does not require an electrical outlet. A solar battery charger has built in solar panels which, when placed in a sunny locations, gather the sun's rays, which the charger connects to free electricity and feeds to your rechargeable battery or batteries.

As long as you have sun, you'll have a way to keep you electronic devices up and running; and a solar battery charger can get your batteries fully recharged in as little as three hours on the brightest days. Most rechargeable batteries are equipped with a light to let you know when they have reached their full charge.

A solar battery charger is not large; in fact it is easily transportable so that you can move it to whatever location will provide the best sun exposure. With a solar battery charger and rechargeable batteries, you need never worry about running out of power for your electronic device again. And even better, you will be powering them with free, renewable, clean solar energy, stored in rechargeable batteries which require no environmentally-threatening disposal!


How to Replace a Digital Camera Battery Charger

Did you lose your digital camera battery charger? If you have misplaced your digital cameras battery charger and are wondering how to purchase a new one than you have come to the right place. If you have misplaced your battery, than chances are you have already realized how essential a charger is to your camera. Without a charger, your camera will not function, and without a functioning camera you will not be able to capture all of those perfect picture moments! If you are looking to buy a new camera charger than continue reading this article. Through the article we will discuss where, and how, to buy a new battery charger for your camera.

Different cameras come with different types of batteries. If you own a cheaper brand of camera, chances are you will need batteries. While replacing these batteries can become cost over time, you do not need to travel far to buy new batteries if your old ones have died. Some people, however, to prevent buying new batteries over and over, prefer to buy rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. If you have an older camera with batteries and have lost your charger, you should be able to purchase a new one at any department store.

When purchasing a charger, first ensure that you are getting the right type. Double check wherever your camera takes batteries to ensure that you are buying the appropriate charger. Also, when buying a new charger, consider whether you want a charger that holds less or more than four batteries. If you use your camera often, you may want to select a charger that holds several batteries so that you will always have a spare set of batteries available to you.

One thing that many people forget to consider when purchasing a battery charger is the adapter type. If you travel often, you will want to ensure that you buy a charger that allows you to plug into both 110 and 220 volt outlets. If you do not travel often, this should not be an issue.

Most importantly, when buying a charger for your batteries, do not go the cheap route. With a charger, you get what you pay for. So, purchasing a cheap charger for batteries will only lead to your batteries dying quickly. You will want to purchase a good quality charger to ensure that your batteries will last.

If you own a more expensive camera, it probably came along with it's own battery and battery charger. If you have misplaced the battery or the battery charger that your camera originally came with, return to the store where you bought your camera or to a store that will have employees that are knowledgeable about cameras. When going to the store, make sure to bring your camera with you so you can test the product to make sure that it is the right fit.

Regardless of what type of camera you own, a battery charger is essential. Without one, you will only get a few hours out of your camera. If you have misplaced your charger and are looking to buy a new one, make sure that you purchase one of good quality to ensure that your camera will not die in the middle of that perfect photograph moment!


Sturdy Asus Laptop Chargers For Your Laptop

Asus is one of the new companies in the market. The meaning of "Asus" is winged horse in Greek mythology. The name "Asus" is taken from the last four letters of "Pegasus". Pegasus again means winged horse in Greek.

Asus as a company is popular for making laptops with good quality and creativity. Asus Chargers are very good in quality and have been tested in various conditions which other companies would never dare to test. This clearly explains the quality of the Asus Chargers. Asus charger, as the name means, has good power and quality.

Asus Laptop Chargers are that they are very sturdy and strong. This is the same reason as why they were able to pass the various tests conducted on them. The testing was not done in inner space but outer space. Asus Chargers are available with various offers on the internet. If you are planning to buy one of the Asus Chargers, you just need to check on the internet for the various offers.

Asus Laptop Chargers can even with stand or survive in a scientific space trip for more than a year unlike the other chargers. When the condition is so, Asus Chargers and note books were able to withstand such environment for over 2 years. Years after years, the quality and performance of Asus Chargers have been improving with no doubt. Asus chargers have provided themselves to be one among the top leaders in the market. Due to the sturdiness and quality performance of Asus chargers, many other manufacturers also recommend their buyers to use Asus Chargers.

Dell laptop chargers comes with 12 months warranty and as a consumer you get 10 days time line to return the dell chargers and get a full refund if you do not like the product. This gives the consumer a chance to check the quality of the product and to decide whether it suits them or not. Apart from the best features and benefits, during warranty period, defective product due can be returned for replacement with no shipping cost involved. You can also check the status of the battery meter, battery health, adapter charger level, time taken to complete charging the battery etc in dell chargers. To enjoy these benefits, you just need to install Dell QuickSet and get the QuickSet battery meter pressed.

Dell laptop chargers carry the brand name and have been in the market for over a long period of time. Just like their computers, Dell laptop chargers have a very good name and requirement in the market. The life span of a battery is determined by the number of time a battery is charged. After server recharges, the batteries efficiency comes down. With Dell chargers, you can easily make out the life span of the battery. The cost of the dell laptop chargers is economic when you compare with the quality. This is the reason why most people go for Dell laptop chargers. You can must the compatible Dell laptop chargers for better performance.


Two Helpful Accessories For the Delta Cordless Drill – An Extra Battery and a Charger

Have you ever worked on a major project when the Delta cordless drill you're using begin to die? You begin to rush, trying to complete the job at hand before the battery dies and you are stuck basically cranking your old Phillips. From time to time you get lucky and finish the task, but more often than not, an extra battery and charger would've been nifty.

You're standing on the roof above your porch, trying to reach the edge of the roof on the next level. You balance a metal gutter on your shoulder while lining up the screw correctly. When the screw and the piece of metal gutter are finally lined up, you start up your Delta cordless drill. The drill is inert and lacks the power you require to complete the task. This is not the Delta power and force you've come to expect with your cordless drill. It's a battery problem.

Yes, a low battery is not acceptable since your project needs power. Thinking of something else while on the roof holding metal gutters in place is not an option you would want to do.

If you had the prospience to buy an extra battery and charger for your drill, this could've been avoided. These are 2 of the most important Delta accessories, and you should have bought them sooner.

When placing your order for the charger and extra battery from the Delta parts roster, have your parts and model number prepared. This detail will save you great deal of time.

Safety is important. There are numerous stories out there about the dangers of chargers and batteries. Comply with all instructions included with the Delta parts. Misuse of batteries and chargers can be very dangerous, but Delta products, when used correctly, are very safe.

Your Delta parts will be ready for use quickly. You can alternate batteries during major projects if you own a charger and two batteries for your Delta cordless drill. If you notice a battery is losing its power to get the job completed, just put it in the charger to get ready for the next task. In a matter of seconds, you can pop in your extra battery into the Delta cordless drill. Taking the time to substitute batteries is a cinch.

If you own an extra battery and charger, your Delta cordless drill experience will improve. This way, you will not need to rush the task, trying to use the last bit of power from your cordless drill.


How to change lipo battery B3 Pro Charger, lipo Balance Charger

How to use lipo battery charger

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