Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Turbo Charging Technology

Aaj Is video main maine aapse baat ki hai Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Turbo Charging Technology k baare main, Aaj ki date main Jo smartphones hai usme Hume badi batteries dekhne KO milti hai 4000mAh, 5000mAh tak ki batteries dekhne KO milti hai, ek waqt tha jab Hume phones k under 900mAh, 1000mAh ki battery milti thi, AUR in choti batteries KO charge Karne normal chargers Ka use Kiya jata tha, lekin aaj battery capacity KO zyada Karne k sath sath charging technology KO b kafi zyada advance kardiya Gaya hai, last year Hume world Ka sabse fastest charging technology KO Dekha tha, Jo ki oppo Ka super VOOC charge that AUR BAAT kare to yeh thi 50 watts ki fastest charging technology. Kyun ki yeh sabse zyada tez charge Karti thi batteries ko.
I hope ki aapko Xiaomi 100W Super Charge Turbo Charging Technology ki video pasand aayegi.

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Samsung fastcharging wireless battery pack- the best ?

This video is about Samsung fastcharging wireless battery pack. Priced around 3500 Rs, it comes with a type C cable as well. Supports all products which Qi wireless charging enabled.


How Battery Work – 12V Battery Lead Acid – Easy + Simple Way Understand – Charge Amps 12V

Here is an easier and simpler way to understand batteries and how it works. Including Battery Charging, Over Charge, Lead, Graphite, Sulfuric Acid, Solid State, 12V 9V AA AAA and etc….

I hope this will make it easier for People who doesn’t understand how a battery work and how it store the Electrons and how it releases during usage.

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Honest Review! Nitecore UMS4 NTP40 BP25 Chargers / Pencil / Backpack

Thanks for watching this video where i try out 3 brand new products from Nitecore. I test the both the new UMS4, NTP40 and BP25!

Also I should add that the NTP40 is made from Titanium!

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Car Truck Motorcycle 12V Smart Compact Battery Charger Tender Maintainer NEW 80306

Car Truck Motorcycle 12V Smart Compact Battery Charger Tender Maintainer NEW 80306

Check here : http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cAbcNYvi

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LCD Dual Tech Charger | One charger that answers all your consumer needs | VARTA

State-of-the-art technology meets VARTA design. Specialized battery charger for Li-Ion and Ni-MH cells with maximum reliability and safety: http://www.varta-consumer.com/en/products/chargers/overview/details/lcddualtechcharger
• Sophisticated 4-position single slot charger
• Charges Ni-MH & Li-Ion cells at the same time
• Compatible with Ni-MH: AA and AAA
• Compatible with Li-Ion: 18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, RCR123A/17335/ 16340, 14500, 10440*
• Comprehensive safety features: Minus Delta V cut-off, temperature control and short circuit protection for Ni-MH
• 4 modes for Ni-MH: charge, discharge, capacity test and refresh
• Display indication of V, mAh and min
• USB Output 5V/1.0A to charge mobile devices
• Incl. 1.8m EU AC cable
• 3 years guarantee
* Compatible with Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries with plus pole nubbin – no flat top
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Xtar VP4C Li-ion Battery Charger: Review

Xtar have an updated version of the VC4 charger out, this one is USB 5V powered, and offers a choice of 3 charging speeds. I look at the charge and discuss the good/bad point of it, and show the operation. Termination voltage is also tested

Sample supplied via Xtar for unbiased review/test

Details from the maker:

1.[Adjustable Constant Current] Three optional 0.25A 0.5A 1A charging currents, can protect and maximize battery life
2.[Precisely Testing and Displaying] Precise detection of real time battery status, LCD display shows battery voltage, charging current, battery capacity
3.[0V Activation Function] Recondition and refresh some over-discharged batteries
4.[Temperature Monitoring Design] Keep your batteries cool and safe during the charging
5.[Your Safety First] CE, FCC and RoHS Certification, with Fire Retardant Materials, Reverse-polarity / short circuit / overcharge / overheat protection and CPIC product insurance Worldwide Warranty

* Model: VP4C
* Input: DC 5V 2A
* Adjustable Constant Current: 0.25A×4/0.5A×4/1A×2
* Cut-Off Voltage: 4.2±0.05V
* Cut-Off Current: ≤120mA
* Operating Temperature: 0-40℃
* Size:147*115*35mm

Package Contents:

1pcs XTAR VP4C Charger (No wall adapter)
1pcs USB Cable (DC)
1pcs User Manual


ToolkitRC M8 / Hobbymate D6 Elite Charger & Tools

The ultimate charger project? The ToolkitRC M8 / Hobbymate D6 Elite provides an all-in-one hobby electronic toolset and charger for your drone workbench or field.

Not only can you can use it as a 300w 15amp charger, it’s a step-up power supply, a receiver tester, a battery resistence checker, and so much more. I bought it, and overall I’m happy with it.

── Video Contents ───

0:41 – Battery Charging
3:30 – Charger Accuracy
5:33 – Measuring Tool (SBUS)
7:10 – Measuring Tool (BATT)
9:10 – Power Supply (Output to Iron)
10:37 – Power Supply (Output to Quad)
12:53 – General Settings
13:45 – Firmware Issues & Updating
16:09 – Summary

── Purchase Links ───

► Banggood: https://bit.ly/2UXc626 coupon code: BGToolkit15
► Amazon: https://amzn.to/2W9s7Pa

──────── Music ───────
♫ Antti Luode – Echos

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Canyso iPhone Chargers

Canyso iPhone Chargers
Get this item https://amzn.to/2N508Aj

Perfect Combination, Canyso Dual USB Wall Charger with 2 Pack 5 feet Phone Cables are perfect Package for Phone, iPad, iPod and other Apple devices, which is an ideal choice for your devices.
Smart Charging, Canyso daul usb wall charger can automatically recognize your devices and match the optimal charging speed of the attached devices and reducing charging time.
Long Durable Phone Cables, Faster Charge and Data Transfer, built-in chip set ensures safety for apple devices. High-quality copper wire maximizes signal quality, ensures maximum performance.
Super Compatibility, The Phone Charging Cable ensures complete and fast charge & sync compatibility with apple devices including Phone X/8/7/7Plus/6s/6sPlus/6/6Plus/SE/5/5s/5c, iPad4/Mini/Mini2/Mini3/Mini4/Air/Air2/Pro, iPod & more.
Canyso Promise, This product is sold exclusively by Canyso. We offer 24-month Breakage Warranty for all product in case of defective product.If you have any quetions, don’t hesitate to contact us! we promise to solve your problems within 24 Hours!

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DIY Power for Astrophotography

The problem I want to solve is supplying 12v dc power to my astro setups away from mains/grid power, for example, a 110v ac line running from the house. I want enough storage to last a full night with everything–even the big power drains like thermo-electric cooling and dew control covered by the system. Of course there are off-the-shelf solutions for this, but I wanted a little more versatility, a system that I can upgrade, add more batteries if needed, and this is much cheaper than the portable power options out there. It’s also specific to my needs: a handful of 12vdc devices, with varying current requirements. (I don’t need a built-in flash light or an inverter to power AC devices–things that plug into a wall socket).

Here’s what I’ve put together and successfully tested so far:

I bought a small deep-cycle 35 amp-hour lead-acid (AGM) battery, which will get me completely through a night of astro-imaging: through evening setup, an entire night’s imaging run with a cooled camera (TEC set to -20C) and dew control running the whole time. In my first tests I discovered I would not go any smaller than the 35Ah @12v dc battery, because I ended the night with it pretty close to completely discharged. Keep in mind the charging cycle with AGMs is a gradual process that uses lower power. Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are safer to use, but require a slower, steadier charging cycle.

Everything I purchased for my power box was perfect except I went underpowered on the charger. The NOCO chargers are awesome (https://no.co). I bought the NOCO Genius G1100 (1.1 amp) and I should have gone with with the G3500 (3.5 amp)–for $20 USD more. The G1100 will charge my NPP NP12-35Ah AGM battery from dead to full in 18 hours. Yeah, see the problem? That’s not going to work with more than one clear night in a row. The G3500 will charge the battery in less than 6 hours.

I have everything housed in an old milk crate–an original from the early ’80s. But you can buy similar containers today–at Amazon, the Container Store. I attached two pieces of scrap acrylic to two sides. I have my Fanless Windows 10 box secured to one, and I drilled out the other side for my battery power cut-out. I added this so there was no draw on the battery–even minimal. The three switches on the rocker panel are lit when they have power, even when they’re off. They have a small LED bar that shows that the switches are functioning, and a brighter red LED when they are powered on. The cut-out also allows me to completely separate the lines running to my gear from the NOCO charging line, if I want to.

Tools: wire cutters, wire stripper, soldering iron + solder, and the crimping tool for the connectors (link below)

NOCO chargers https://no.co

NPP NP12-35Ah Rechargeable AGM Deep Cycle 12V 35Ah Battery with Button Style Terminals

Rocker Switch Panel

NOCO GC018 12V Adapter Plug Socket with Eyelet Terminal

NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

Car Battery Switche MAX 50V DC 50A

Insulated Wire Electrical Connectors Assortment
Ratcheting Crimper Tool – for the connectors above

Primary Wire, 14-Gauge Bulk Spool, 100-Feet, Red & Black

3 x 6ft 2.1mm x 5.5mm Extension Cable, 18AWG for 12V

Power Pigtail Cables, 12V 5A Male and Female Connectors