10 Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Charging cables With Reviews And Details

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Charging cables With Reviews And Details In India
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1.AJ Charging Cable

– Support both 2.0 and 3.0 port
– Type C-Classic White
– 1-2Mtr cable
– Transfer music, Data

2.CellShephard Usb Charging Cable

– Type C Data Sync Cable
– Cable 2.4 A Tangle Free
– 1.2 M Length
– PVC construction

3.Jump Start Charging Cable

– High-quality Copper
– Faster Charging
– 480 mb/s transferring speed
– flexible pull resistant

4.Cirez Charging Cable

– Flat USB Cable
– Pure copper core cable
– Length: 1 meter
– Fast Charging

5.Floveme Magnetic Charger Cable

– High-Conductive copper
– 3.3FT(1M) Long short cable
– Strong Magnet
– Magnetic Cable
– shock-resistance

6.AJ Charging Cable

– 1-2Mtr cable
– Type C-Classic Black
– Certified Micro USB
– V8 Cable

7.Sharda Charging Cable

– Support 2.0/3.0 Port
– 1-2 Meter Black USB
– Type C Data Cable
– Transfer Data
– long lasting

8.Aptivos Charging Cable

– Type C Data Sync Cable
– 2.4 A Tangle Free Cable
– 1.2 M Length
– High-Quality Copper Wire

9.Gavial Charging Cable

– Flat USB Cable
– Length: 1 meter
– connect micro-USB
– eco-sensitive

10.Happy Buying Charger Cable

– Long Lasting
– Durable nylon Wire
– Transfer Data
– Metal Plug

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