14 Oct 2018 | Millionth EV Sold In U.S., 100,000 Model 3’s Have Been Built and Australian…

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Sunday 14th October 2018. It’s Martyn Lee here and I’ve been through EV story today so you don’t have to.


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If you follow Ryan McCaffrey on his Ride The Lightning, check out his Twitter because he’s made a video of the new Atari games on Tesla’s.


If you want to buy a new Tesla, do it today if you want to get the full U.S. Federal Tax Credit! We have known for a while that Tesla reached the 200,000 vehicle threshold we now know if you wanted the full tax credit order it today or tomorrow. That means you’ll definitely get the vehicle delivered by December 31st and that guarantees eligibility on behalf of the car maker, of course a lot depends on your personal finances. Just a reminder, the taper off goes from Jan to Jun for $3,750 and then Jul to Dec for $1,875. Then it’s all over.



We’ll start with a Tweet from Barry Woods, Director EV Innovation at ReVision Energy: “1,000,000 drivers can’t be wrong. On Weds Oct 10th at 11:01am somewhere in the US someone bought the millionth car with a plug since they came to market in 2011!  #pluginamerica. It took a bit longer than #Obama projected but we’re there, and the speed increases!!”  


And a tenth of those drivers are currently enjoying some electric smiles in their new Tesla Model 3. Because Tesla just reached the milestone of 100k Model 3s. It has been just over a year since production started and a few Model 3s took their first tentative metres off a new General Assembly production line. It’s all thanks to a strong start to Quarter 4 with an average of over 1,000 vehicles a day being built. Fred at Electrek pointed out the finer details to this story: “In overall production when accounting for the release candidates and engineering vehicles, Tesla actually achieved the milestone earlier this week, but according to a source familiar with Tesla’s production, regular production reached the milestone today. It’s an important milestone for Tesla, which is transitioning from a relatively niche automaker to a mass-market auto manufacturer with the Model 3. Tesla is already producing electric vehicles at a higher rate than any legacy automaker with no signs of change evident in the space. Perhaps legacy automakers should look at that 100,000th Model 3 milestone and look at their own efforts and revaluate what kind of volume they are planning for their own programs.” says Fred.  


“Australia reached the milestone of 50 public DC fast chargers (50 kW) installed (Tesla Superchargers aside).” reports Mark Kane for InsideEVs: “It’s still a long way til the infrastructure could be considered satisfying, but at least more manufacturers will be willing to introduce some EVs in the country. Around 70% of DC chargers in Australia were supplied by Tritium, founded in Brisbane. Recently, Tritium received an order for at least 40 Veefil RT-50kW DC fast chargers in New South Wales in Australia.”  

Australia: 50th Public DC Fast Charger Goes Online



“The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has partnered with Monash University and technology provider Indra Australia to trial a microgrid” reports PV Tech: “The microgrid will be grid-connected and will include up to 1MW of rooftop solar, 20 buildings with automated energy management systems, 1MWh of battery storage and electric vehicle charging stations”  



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