Anker vs. RAVPower USB Battery Bank Head-to-Head

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  • You plugged in the iPad when it was at 80% therefore the charging speed would have been much lower that’s why you got 1 amp. Can you please plug in the iPad to the ravpower when it’s dead and let us know if it gets more than 1 amp?

  • Great review. The spec seem to say the rav can recharge in less then 3 hr and the anker 5.5 hours. currently anker is $14 vs $20 for the anker. So right now anyway (prices change) The rav is the better buy

  • Great review, both great co for the power bank. I have one from each, I like Ravpower slightly more, but really a toss up, they are both a great product, as you say, I would buy what I get the best price for the size I needed, very little difference between the two.

  • I have had 3 Anker's so far. I heard great things. But, I am 2 for 3 and still counting the clock on number 3. I had the lip stick one for a few months. It couldnt fully charge my iphone anymore. Number 2 the one you show in this vid stopped after 3 or 4 months. It's a brick now. It charges but acts funny and wont turn on all the way or charge at all. So it is a brick as far as I'm concerned. Now the only one I have left and most recent purchase is the wider one than this one in the vid… I think it is a cheaper 10k without the new Andriod quick charge but with auto shutoff. It has stopped auto shutting off, but that could be one of the more recent iOS updates.. not sure if it is Apple being dumb as they seem to be of late or the Anker causing this most recent issue. So is this normal? Should I not expect a year or two of use? I can keep a cell phone going for years. I treat my stuff much gentler than most people I know. I do most of my charging from the packs, not from the normal wall power. So they get used every 2 or 3 days. So let me know. Is Anker better than I have experienced or am I expecting too much of these devices?

  • I think comparing those two is quite appropriate. I have that exact model E1 from Anker, it's a great little charger. A few more mAHs are always welcome but I won't be tossing it out to get the latest and greatest. It does exactly what I got it to do. And those LEDs do look cool.

  • hey i have a bit of a question to ask you… i had been watching your channel once and i had noticed you did a review of a gerber strong arm fixed blade knife now i had been looking into a good fix blade knife for about a year and a half and noticed one of your reviews when it came out of the gerber strong arm knife… now i love that knife i carry it in my hiking pack when i hike love the knife.. well i am again looking for a knife a key chain knife not two big not two wide not two heavy and wondered if you have an opion on the subject.??? i like swiss army tinker,, because it does not have a cork screw,, and it is thin,,, the cadet does not have scissors,,, and the few tools are decen,,,t but would like to have scissors then i think well if i am looking for a multitool why not  leatherman has the squirt ps4 i think it is and has everything i want but looks like it is very light duty so when i think of leather man key chain the skelatool cs and ps come up but the one with the pillars does not have a blade and would be the one i would buy if it did,,, i don't care for the one with the scissors ,,,i mean who wants a multitool with no knife and the juice is just to big for a key chain… i like american made gerber does one the dime i think it is called  but it is made in china and has a weird blade…. any thoughts i am wondering if you have any ideas or thoughts on micro multi tools

  • There are more counterfeit LG cells out there than there are real ones. It is more likely that the cells are just rewrapped no name than actual LG. And putting a brand new model against a super old model is pretty unfair IMO… I'd be interested in seeing the same comparison on a more level playing ground. Usually I love your videos but this just doesn't seem right.

  • Got 2 of RAVPower 6700mAh Battery Pack ! Thanks for the video! I have several devices that I like to make sure they are charged, plus my husband also a crazy fan of Ravpower! Very happy with my purchase!

  • I use the Astro E1 for ultralight backpacking, and their larger battery banks for extended needs. All Anker products, including various cords and also their folding solar charger have run without problems for me after multiple seasons of use. Finally – this kind of commercial tech is reliable!

  • All these Powerbanks are LG or Samsung 18650's in a plastic shell with some cheap chinese circuitry to convert voltages. It's the cells inside you need to be concerned about, and luckily both these brands appear to be using high quality LG or Samsung cells.

  • Did Ravpower pick which Anker to test against? Because The Astro E1 isn't remotely current tech at all. If you look on the Anker site for the Astro E1, it references charge times on the iPhone 6, Note 5 (yes, I said 5) and the Nexus 5X.

    My phone will crush those small banks.

    Have them send you something to test against the newest Powercore II 20,000mah.

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