Argos Mod/Battery Recall: Support Specialist/B&M Shops!

Hey guys!

So today we are talking about the recent news coming out that Argos has issued a recall notice for several vaping kits they have sold over the last few months.

It came out that Argos were stocking and selling various “high performance” as they call it, vape kits. These included the Innokin Proton full kit, The Smok X-Priv kit & the Smok Mag kit.

All of these devices use external 18650 batteries. The reason for Argos issuing the recall is due to the fact they think the batteries sold with these kits may be unsafe or not fit for use with these kits. This is just one reason in a long list of reasons why shops such as Argos should not be stocking these kind of items.

Support local brick and mortar stores! They exist for a reason! They are run by experienced and knowledgeable people for a reason! Don’t just shop online because it may be cheaper there is a reason vape shops can sometimes be a little more expensive and the benefits of shopping at a physical shop always out way the online benefits.

As always thank you for watching and if you want to leave a comment below and join the debate then please do so!

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  • Great video Chris. Alot of vapers have no clue about battery safety. I see a bunch if ppl come in with torn wraps or batteries dented up. It's a shame cz battery safety should be a vapers 1st priority. Technically none of the top batteries such as Sony, Samsung, LG etc. are made for mods. At almost every site it says they are not recommended for vaping use. Which I think is a big problem. Although these batteries I've stated above are able to handle a mods power. I guess it's the liability issues but at the same time its creating mixed messages cz a vaper will tell you that you can run a Sony VTC6 safely in a mod but then when that person goes to a site online to buy Sony vtc6's they will read that it's not recommended for vaping use. I wish a company would come out with a battery stating this battery was designed for vaping by a vapers. Maybe that has already occurred since golisi and ohm science I believe is the name have came out but I havent used those batteries yet so I dont know. Another big problem is making sure the batteries you get are genuine. I've seen some green wraps 2500 mah rewrapped and and being sold as 3000mah LGs. Batteries for vaping is shady in general so battery safety should be every vapers 1ST PRIORITY. Great great video chris you have a fan from the other side of the pond over in Boston Massachusetts.

  • Agree Chris. Also what is the mod that you are holding in the video? Always had a preference for the C shape/clam shell. Thanks. Keep on keeping folks safe.

  • They must i’ve gotten rid of the mods as most the stuff in Argos is the same sort of starter kits that everywhere seems to be selling nowadays couldn’t find one with an external battery

  • Wait dose that mean You will get a proper Argos guarantee for a mod? (When I say proper guarantee I mean a no questions asked guarantee when something is more than a few weeks old like the rest of Argos products) personally unless you are a beginner it’s no different to buying online when you already know what you’re doing you don’t need to buy from only vape shops but for beginners it could be potentially dangerous unless like when I first started vapeing (before local vape shops) you do a lot of research online yourself but no everyone can be bothered much safer to go to a vape shop!

  • All I’ll say Chris is that there are ‘specialist’ vape shops in Birmingham where the staff don’t have a clue too. I went in a few yesterday to buy some freemax mesh pro coils. Hardly the most obscure request. In two shops the staff just looked blank and clearly didn’t have a clue!

    So the moral is – go to decent specialist shops where you are!

  • Bro there is no purpose made vaping battery dont mean to be nit picky but those golisi are rewraped who knows what prob sonys and samsung etc but those manufacturers dont like the fact that we use them for vaping

  • I admire and respect, that you have always spoken out and a spoken out, whenever issue as this one transpire.
    As much a believe getting the right devices into the hands of smokers. Is something to encourage, the must be a responsibility to the consumer. High street vendors making a crash grab, don't help anyone.

  • Nearly a half hour video without a customer, one the other week near an hr without a customer. Online sales is killing local shops, and unfortunately unless shops dont drop their margins, still nearly 50% on juice and 18% on hardware there not gonna last a years trading. No ranting will stop ecigs being available in non specialised outlets, shops need to compete, customers vote with their cash not with there heads. Like you said you head to Amazon as its cheaper, thats exactly what vapers are doing. Its not difficult to find shops accounting and thats proof of how badly there actually doing. Some are still killing it but small shops like yours are in trouble.

  • I fully agree with you, Argos should not be selling vape gear.
    Especially as all they do is 1, take a payment and 2. Hand over your purchase.
    The way Argos works doesn’t require staff to be trained on the products they sell.
    Under the same practice, someone with a credit card that knows nowt about vaping can order similar equipment online from a myriad of outlets !
    I’d say that although I disagree with Argos selling vape gear, the same could be said about online sales 🤷‍♂️

  • Excellent point you make,yes i totally agree these devices should not be sold from Argos, its quite obvious Argos will mass bulk buy these direct from china wholesale warehouses to make the most profit,just as most of the other vape/mod devices are coming out of China for shops to sell including online purchases, i feel argos is trying to get into the vaping market for what is very competitive and can be very profitable, me personally who as vaped now many years from when the first e cig hit the market, will build me own coils make me own juice ,i would certainly listen to what chris is saying if you wanting buy a mod starter kit go to a decent genuine shop ,yes shops that have got knowledge and have got as much time it may take for you the beginner to understand all you want to know,he is 100% right ,these batteries can be little bombs that can explode if not put correctly into the mod with Exploding Batteries Venting,for example if mod has no inbuilt protection ,also quite a lot of 18650 batteries have been rewrapped, google ( MOOCHES) you will find MOOCH on facebook he tell you all about fake/dangerous an rewrapp batteries and also mooches recommended batteries and what vendors buy batteries from,me personally will only use devices with evolv dna chipboard or yihi chipboard, and buy 18650 batteries from a decent seller,for example Fogstar batteries,i will only buy online after doing some research about a mod i want and watching reviews on the particular mod i want before buying, unfortunately certain mods i wanted i had no choice but to buy direct from China it being not available in UK, for example the Lost vape duel evolv DNA 250C MOD it seems not enough stock was brought into UK, However if for anyone just starting to vape my personal point would be go to a decent vape shop,that is exactly what i did for my very first vape mod set up, Argos is certainly not the place to be buying vape mod/ devices from!. Also anyone just starting to vape you will learn so much about your mod device on the likes of youtube, the likes of Chris from empire vape, Pbusardo, Mike vapes, Riptippers,sorry not mention more just so many but all good and very informative, Also vape forums are interesting for anyone to find information or ask questions about anything to do with vaping. this may help anyone who has just started vaping or wanting to stop smoking, VAPE dont SMOKE

  • Bang on,Chris! This is just another reason to damage our industry.So pleased you've raised such a dangerous act by a big company that doesn't give a shit.Battery knowledge comes first and it comes from your local B&M alone!

  • Well if my car was broke I wouldn't take it to the doctor's I take it to a mechanic or someone who knew what they was doing will fix it myself seen as a mechanic but that's another thing

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