Awesome AA Battery Charger: La Crosse Tech BC-700

Many of us film-makers, videographers, and photographers find ourselves needing AA batteries to power our lights, audio gear, or flash units. And rechargeable batteries can be pretty unreliable. I’ve found that eneloop batteries seem to hold their charge longest. And I’ve also found that this battery charger by La Crosse Technology can help keep your eneloops in top working condition for a good long time.


La Crosse Technology BC-700 AA & AAA Battery Charger:


eneloop AA Batteries:


eneloop Pro AA Batteries (same thing, larger capacity):


This episode shot with the following:

Nikon D600
Atomos Ninja II HD recorder
Tascam DR-60D Audio Recorder
RODE NTG-2 Shotgun Microphone
ePhoto 4500 Watt Softbox Light Kit
and some developing skills as a videographer!

Music copyright Curtis Judd 2014

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  • Hey Curtis,
    Are you chargers still working normally? I have two BC-1000s that now continually reset themselves when a battery is placed in the charger. Not sure it can even successfully begin a charge cycle. Contacted customer service and the best they would do is offer 45% off their web store to buy new ones. I was hoping they would have some insight into the error code that displays but the CSR was unhelpful with that. These chargers by the way were used for about 5-6 years.

  • After going through many batteries which when installed in the BC 700 read "null" I tried charging some in my old RAYOVAC 3 in 1 charger. They took a charge. I contacted La Crosse, and was told, "the charger will not react to a fully discharged battery". I believe most of the batteries I had discarded were used in Sennheiser wireless headphones that had been left on for a long period. So, as an experiment, any new "null" batteries that appeared got a 30 minute jolt in the Rayovac, and then returned to the BC 700. They were no longer "null", they charged! Also, the neg. contacts for the AAA battery bend quite easily, thus not giving strong contact, resulting in "null" readings. Just have to bend them back into place.

    I've been using a BC 700 ever since you wrote your review, and the 200 mA charge rate has given me outstanding battery life. Thanks for your excellent review.

  • This is an awesome battery charger, but unlike other battery chargers, it does have one major drawback: you can't tell weather it's charging your batteries or not, no red leds, nothing.

  • have you tested them cause I seen guy test them and it was 600 to 800 on capacity which is not that good the x power was from 2200 to 2400 but you only get 100 charges I would like to know how good imedion that would be good to know

  • I have used this charger and it is very solid. I am currently using an Opus BT-C3100 and a Xtar XP4 (also does lithium batts). You can not go wrong with either of these manufactures. As for batts I use Eneloop for almost everything. With their low self discharge and 2000 charging cycles they are the best out there. For the kids toys I am currently going with Amazon basics low discharge batts. They have the same capacity but only rated for 1000 charges. They are reviewed very highly and at $2 each (Cdn) I can afford for a few to go missing due to my little one taking them out of the toys from time to time.

  • All the sources that I have read say that there isn't a significant memory effect for nickel metal hydride batteries.  I'm curious about the advantage of using the discharge mode every time.  Unless you believe that there is a memory effect, it seems like discharging and fully charging each time would be the equivalent of using the batteries for more cycles.  

  • Regular Sanyo battery's can hold 2800mAH Eneloop Sanyo's only 2000mAH. In my opinion you always going to charge them before going out to shoot then why to buy smaller capacity Eneloop's that hold their charge longer if not used?

  • Hi Curtis, I also bought this charger after my (supposedly) fully charged batteries from my old charger died on me just a few shots into a payed gig!
    This La Cross never failed me and is really awesome. I just with it didn't have that huge power adapter.
    Now I also use a 12 bay charger from Tensai, which is not as good. But when I have a photoshoot with five flashes, charging 20 batteries with a 4 bay charger is not practical.

  • Red tint alert!!  You're messing with your video color and compared to your previous video (on the Tascam DR-60D), things are going south.  I noticed your eyes looking slightly off camera, too, and confirmed that when I subsequently read the comment from Jan Schut below.   A new teleprompter rig?  But…we all benefit from your experimentation, and appreciate you putting yourself "out there". 

  • I got a accupower iq-328 off ebay which was slightly cheaper than the lacrosse and it has a 1000 mA rate on 4 channels and a 1800 mA rate for 2 channels.

    Seems the same pretty much except for the 4 channel buttons which never did much useful on my old lacrosse charger.

    I've never really treated my batteries well and still have about 2000 mAh capacity on most despite the abuse.

  • Hey Curtis, very usefull information. I live in Holland, Europe, is there a adapter that fit's for European mainland sockets that use 230-240 V.?
    By the way, it looks like you look next to the lens instead in looking in to it, like you normally do. Am I mistaken or new strategy? 😉
    Cheers and thanks, like your video's very much. Very practically and thus usefull!

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