Balance Charging of a LiPO Battery Pack

In this instructional video from Venom we cover some critical details concerning balance charging of a LiPO battery pack. We will discuss what balance charging is, how to program a Venom Pro Charger and how to connect a battery pack for balance charging.

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  • Now the battery is 7.4V, with a discharge for storage they say to go about 3V, but would that be 6V battery or is that 3V individualy? Since your cells in the display say 3.95 each, wich is far more then the 7.4V of the battery.

  • why is my charger showing a huge drop of amps and a huge jump of volts? results were 0.4a and 8.38v during charge. My setup was the same mentioned on the video with the same battery. Btw, this is my first time using lipo chargers.

  • i tried going to your support page and unfortunately it wasn't opening up.

    I have tried balancing my batteries with the Venom Pro2 charger that i have. 

    BUT it overcharges the 3rd cell EVERYTIME by .05 which that little amount isn't much of a concern. what is a concern is that the charger says that everything is perfect but when i check my packs on other peoples chargers and battery readers they all say that the 3rd cell (of my 3 cell batteries) are all over charged.

    is this a calibration issue with the unit? I would like this issue fixed as im worried it might blow up my batteries if not now…in the future.

  • I got rc fms fox and it comes with balance charger and i need to connect 2 sharp objects. Do this balance charger on video need to connect to car battery to charge up or can you charge the battery up by itself

  • I picked up a Venom Pro2 a couple of weeks ago and started getting a "Connection Error" on EVERY battery I have.  I took it back to my LHS and they confirmed it was bad.  So I purchased a secone one and then was instructed to contact you guys which I have.  I have sent you a copy of my receipt, photo of the error, and photo of the S# off the charger.

    In the meantime I used the new one exactly one session of flying and then started getting a "Short Err" message and the charger would not do anything (the new one).  So I pulled out the other one and it too now says "Short Err".  They both give this message whether it is pluged into an AC outlet or connected to my 12 volt car battery.

    Can I please have two replacement units sent to me?

  • Is there a video or explanation on the Fast Charge feature? When I charge my 3S 2200mah battery, "Charge" and "Fast Charge" take an equal amount of time to charge my battery. What's the point of Fast Charge if it takes just as long as the regular charge feature?

  • i recently got the Easy Balance Lipo 1-4 Cell Charger, i hooked my 7.4v 5000Mah 25C lipo battery to it. I have the charger set at 4 amps and the battery has been charging for around 4 hours. This seems like its been charging for longer then it should. any advice?

  • You guys need to fix your lipo charger period. I had two batteries that exploded because of your product. I used the multimeter and I notice that it overcharge one of the cell to 5.82v. The rest is 3.82v. Ain't it suppose to be 12.6v when it's fully charge for 11.1v3s!?

    I notice your battery is crap too… I got like 5 different companies of lipo battery. The only one that's acting up is your. It's puffy as heck.

  • every time i go to charge my packs i get same error message
    short error or connection break… on the second charge i have sent emails to customer support but still no replys as of yet…. 99.99 to charge 1 time

  • ThebigHurtt: Please contact my customer support team by going to our web site and submitting a support claim. We are more than happy to repair that charger for you. Sorry to hear the fan is giving you problems, but it's a super easy fix!

  • Hi Travis, please give our customer service a call to discuss the situation further. I am sure they can help you with your issues (800-705-0620). You may have to leave a message, but please do and a representative will get back with you asap. Thank you, Melissa

  • I must say that I've really liked my Venom Pro Charger up until about a week ago when I got a cell voltage checker to put in the grab-bag I take with me when I go flying. Now I see that it's balance charging my 3s 4000mah lipos to 4.15v, 4.19v, and 4.25v… not cool… have to rely on an external balancer now since it's so unreliable… On top of that, had to replace the fan only a month after I got it… AND, the wall adapter couldn't supply enough amperage to charge a 5000mah 2s at 5 amps…

  • Sorry for the delay in response… You can balance all the time, however, we recommend balancing less often than that. Get your self a low voltage monitor (Venom part # 0644) and check your battery after every run. If your cells are not balanced, go ahead and balance your battery. This monitor is a very inexpensive tool that I use all the time. Thanks, JW Customer Service

  • Yeah i should of said amps i guess but i was just thinking about the C ratings of my batteries a suppose. 😉 so 5 Amps would be around the 2C = 4.4Amps rating then,still thats plenty for someone who wants that sort of charing rate and for a first time charger,plus charging at only 1C = 2.2Amps will make your lipos last a lot longer than charing at the higher end.
    Thanks for the reply.

  • The charger does not look at the C rating of the battery. The highest charge rate the Pro Charger is capable of is 5 Amps. Your battery should tell you exactly how many amps you can safely charge at. Please note, the Pro Charger has a 50 watt maximum charge power. This will limit the charge current automatically on larger cell count packs. Watts is amps x volts. So, a 6S (22.2V) pack will only charge around 2.25amps. Where as a smaller pack such as a 2 cell (7.4V) can charge at the full 5 amps.

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