Battery Charging In Your Audi from Audi Bend

Jacob with Audi Bend shows how to access your battery with an Audi Q3.

  • I didn't see that negative bolt off to the side just 9 hours ago when the 2016 q3 battery was toast. I couldn't get it jumped with my cables. Roadside came and used a mobile jumper box and it started right away. Drove it down the street to the dealer where it is sitting now. All memory settings need to be reprogrammed etc. on top of that, before I found out the battery was still under warranty I tried to replace it myself. Bought the battery at Walmart because that's where wifey broke down. Than didn't have the right size extension for the socket bolt TNT holds down the battery plate. Major fail, and should have just had it towed or roadside to begin with.

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