Building a Modular 18650 7s Power Wall

I’ll make another video in a week or two of time lapse step by step building the power wall. this video is more of how I came to developing this final design. It took over a year of planning, design, test and failure to arrive at this stage. It was not easy and many parts were not available when i started building in Sept. 2017.

Hello! I’m Andy and this is my video log of designing and building the cheapest most modular and easy to fix, diagnose and build power wall. Watch my latest videos for updates and ask any questions if you’re not sure. It’s a lot of information.



Banggood referral link:

12v QC3.0 Dual USB 5-29.4vdc (best USB phone charger)

29.4V 5A Lithium Battery Charger for 24V Li-ion Ebike Car Power with C13 Plug
XLR female connector:

20A dc breaker:
30A dc breaker:
40A dc breaker:
Cable lugs: or

Fuse wire 30 AWG Tinned Copper 100′ 0.0100″ Dia:

18650 Battery holder With 8Pin Soldering Connection:

25$ 100A diy spot welder:

mini volt meter:
lii-500 charger:
4$ battery mAh tester:

12vdc desktop computer ATX power supply:
buck to 12vdc converter:
200W 8A buck converter:
300W 20A Buck Converter 6-40V to 1.2-36V:
18$ 6A buck boost 10-40 to 0-38v:
7$ 15A 400w boost converter:
15$ 5A MPPT CC/CV buck converter 6-36v to 1.25-32v
mpt-7210A mppt boost:
pwm 20A solar charge controller:

7s 60A dis, 30A charge, 60mA balance:
7S 18650 Charger BMS Protection Board:
160$ SBMS0 200mA bms:

3$ terrible 66mA Balancer board:
20A BMS 7s 80mA balance: (fake only does 50mA):
50A 7s BMS no balancing circuit:
100A 7s 60mA bms:
Switch Male Power Socket 10A 250V 3Pin IEC320 C14 Inlet:
random parts:
MJ2955 transistor:
photo resistor kit:
5x 5K Potentiometer 15mm ON OFF Switch:
10x DPDT On-Off-On:

24v LED light system:
12-24vdc LED lights:
dpdt switch:
Pots var pack:
pot knob:
200W 8A buck converter:
terminal connectors:
resistor set:
60 cell panels pickup only BC, Canada:

urethane @ lowes:
45v 10A Schottky Diode 10SQ045: or
15$ 5A MPPT CC/CV buck converter 6-36v to 1.25-32v:

0.37w 78x26mm:
0.43w 52x52mm
0.66w 78x52mm
1.75w 156mmx62.4mm:
2.55w 156x104MM:
4.38w 156×156mm:


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