ChargePoint Express 250: Bolt EV 150 A DCFC Session

I was finally able to log a 150 A session on the ChargePoint Express 250 station at ChargePoint Headquarters. The session went mostly as expected; however, the first step down from 150 A didn’t occur until 54% battery. Also, because this charger is limited to 150 A (the Bolt EV’s maximum charging current), I still wasn’t able to confirm whether the Bolt EV can draw additional power for battery conditioning and climate control when more than 150 A is available from the charger.

  • Seems like the PIDs for the Torque Pro don’t quite add up. The cell voltage seems to show high in relation to CDC volts and SOC. For example. @ 1:22 the cells are 3.87v, which should be 371.5v, yet the CDC volts is showing 358.5, and the charger voltage would need to be at least as high as pack voltage.

    I wish the guy who made Leaf Spy and Tesla Spy would make a Bolt Spy with the same layout, Torque Pro just wasn’t designed to show 96 sensor readings at the same time.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience. So I assume NC that you came home on 101, if you are in Los Gatos. Did you stop in San Luis Obispo at the evgo, or what is your standard charge stop on the way back to Ventura? I'm curious because I also live in San Jose.

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