External battery charger DIY Advanced – Mobile power bank

How to make external battery charger with 18650 batteries, Z3 module (new TP4056 module mp1405 ), USB step up module, x2 3w LED chip. Mobile power bank. External mobile battery charger. DIY

Parts list eBay:
MP1405 10pcs https://goo.gl/DUiwzk
Push button https://goo.gl/oY3zCp
Switch https://goo.gl/Jvvayi
Battery Case https://goo.gl/9EZL0o
power jack https://goo.gl/Bf1DgB
Voltmeter https://goo.gl/ANwJms
USB Out https://goo.gl/l8s4SV
LED chip https://goo.gl/n0czBX
heatsink https://goo.gl/QEOk2X
Project box https://goo.gl/U7F8ap

Soldering wire https://goo.gl/gPuy09
Helping hands https://goo.gl/2UEnWx

Partlist Gearbest:
TP4056 module https://goo.gl/HR7yWw
MP1405 module https://goo.gl/9sb269
Soldering wire https://goo.gl/GD5Jxd

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