G Suite Tips! Wireless Charger Help, Nokia 3310 Review, Bulk Inkjet Printers!

Nokia 3310 Review, Will This Wireless Charger Kill My Phone??? G Suite Help, EcoTank & INKvestment Ink Tank Inkjets!


00:38 Wireless Charger Help!
Jim’s new Fossil smart watch, “charges via a magnetically connected Qi charging cord. While this works it works slowly, taking nearly 3 hours to fully charge from 50% to 100%. I briefly placed my watch on my Samsung Qi charging puck that I use every night with my Note 5. Not only did it start charging the watch, but it was charging faster. Is this dangerous for the watch? Can I use any Qi charger for my watch?” Answer in the video, along with tons of info on wireless charging and chargers! (BTW, here’s that ComputerWorld article, “Is Wireless Charging Bad For Your Smartphone.” https://www.computerworld.com/article/3229750/mobile-wireless/is-wireless-charging-bad-for-your-smartphone.html

10:18 Inkjet Printer Help
Mike emailed ask@tekthing.com, “I was in a Sam’s club and saw a Brother MFP which has the refillable bottles for very low consumable costs. My concern is that, with my print volumes, would the ink clog up in the nozzles and ruin the printer over time. Is this a valid concern?” We think it’s a valid concern with -any- inkjet printer, not just EcoTank or INKvestment models… find out what we do to keep our heads flowing in the video!

14:30 Opsgenie
This episode of TekThing was sponsored by Atlassian Opsgenie: Your next incident doesn’t stand a chance. Find out more at Opsgenie.com!

16:32 G Suite Tips and Tricks
Frank emails, “I’m a former Office and PC user who just joined a company who uses G Suite for everything on my shiny new MacBook Pro. What programs and/or tips/tricks do you recommend I should use as I get used to doing everything from a browser?” “An integrated suite of secure, cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps powered by Google AI. Includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more,” G Suite is showing up in offices more and more. Shannon talks about G Suite’s Learning Center, GSuiteTips.com, and some of her favorites (like keyboard shortcuts for Docs and Gmail!) in the video!
https://gsuitetips.com/tips/gmail/some-of-the-best-gmail-keyboard-shortcuts/ .

24:17 Nokia 3310 Review: Beater Phone For Basic Comms!
Patrick’s oldest child needed a phone, but didn’t want the 11 year old Minecrafting or playing Alto’s Adventure till 4AM. Enter Nokia’s $60 3310: phone calls, T9 Texting, minimal data usage, and Snake. Did the kid like the phone? Is this the phone to pack to the next festival if you’re scared for your $1000 flagship? Watch the video to find out!

29:10 Thanks Hak5!!!
A big Thank You to Hak5 for the studio space! Check out the security and privacy podcasts at hak5.org, then click over on the product tab to check out Hak5’s superior pentesting and USB automation tools!

29:33 Do Something Analog
Like @cjammer, who tweets, “@Snubs @patricknorton sometimes you have to do something analog! Almost 40 yrs in computing arena.” Pix of a MIG welding torch, a couple of locking C Clamps, and a freshly built welding table in the video. Nicely done, CJammer!!!


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  • Love your show guys.

    But just to nitpick a little Patrick, my guess is that welding at the end was MAG not MIG.
    Usually active gases for steels, and inert gases for aluminium/non ferrous metals.

  • I wanted a phone with wireless charging built in but I don't feel like pulling out $150+. And yes I did tried using a micro USB Qi receiver but it inconveniently takes away my only USB port on my phone and you need to find that G spot.

  • I have been a fan of the show for a very long time but I've read articles online claiming that Samsung smartwatches overheat and can get fried with non official chargers. This might apply with other smartwatches too

  • I had a Samsung Qi disk charger problem. When I put the phone on the disk and moved it even a hair the blue LED on the charger would start flashing and no charging would get done. The answer was to get a better USB power source. The new one outputs 2 Amp's. That does it! No more blue flashing. eBay.

  • I bought a Brother laser printer an extremely long time ago (2007) (just died last year, never bought anything but toner once or twice a year…replaced with even cheaper but better and duplex Brother laser printer) so i could use the expensive color ink jet less. Epson ink jet kept clogging with certain colors and would burn through a cartridge of ink (@$35 each) to clean the clog (also tried by hand etc) the last time it clogged I threw it in the trash, and replaced with Dell 1320C color laser printer (btw in 2008, still going strong)…the color laser prints are every bit as good looking as the inkjet ones were, without the warping/wetness issue…and again, no maint other than toner every year.

  • At one job I was 'printer boy' when IBM first came out with laser desktop printers. Life was rough. … Personally I used a old HP laser printer till the scanner wore out, twice. Current laser is a old color Samsung that is on its last legs. New printer is a Brother MFC scanner/printer that uses ink that doesn't seem to dry out even with weeks of non-use. Our printing rate has gone down since kids are out of the house and I retired, so it does well for us. (The brother? It came from Woot as a refurb, and was end-of-lifed by them when I purchased it. I buy the 'extended capacity' cartridges, 3 colors plus black and use a premium paper to keep down paper jams.). … I finally found the job for me: retirement. Makes it easier to keep to boss happy!

  • In the UK the 3310 is compatible with 3G and they even make an 8110 4G but sadly looks like in the USA both the phones only work on 2G as it dont support the bands you use in the USA for 3/4G :'(

  • I have an app on my Pixel, AccuBattery. It is great and monitors battery and warns me if I charge it over 80%. This helps extend battery life at the cost of not using some of your battery. They also have a great explaination about batteries that can help understand what happens.

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