Google Pixel Stand (Pixel 3/XL) | Wireless battery charge test & review

Unboxing, test and review of Google’s Pixel Stand accessory, the official Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL wireless battery charger. The Pixel Stand can charge your smartphone without the need to plug in cables, while also acting as a Google Assistant dock. Here we setup the Stand, test the wireless charging speed with both Pixel 3 models, and check out some of the features that are activated when your phone is docked.

The Google Pixel Stand will be available at the same time as the Pixel 3 and XL model here in the UK, for a not-too-cheap price of £69. Is it worth it for the wireless charging feature?

Skip to 2.22 for the full battery charge test with both versions of the new Pixel handsets. You can see Google’s smartphones powering up from 0 to 100%, although this is without using any features – if you’re using the device as you charge, then it’ll take longer.

Note that this video was shot using a beta version of the Google Assistant. As such, a couple of features such as the sunrise alarm and photo frame didn’t work on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL.

Check out my full unboxing of these phones over on Recombu!


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