HKEVN – Introducing the Portable Charger Kit

Portable EV Charger Kit System (PCK) is a spilt type EV Charger. The first of its kind in the Hong Kong market.
There are two components to the system, the Portable Charger and the Smart-Socket. The Charger is designed to be carried by EV owners and to pair with approved, proprietary Smart-Sockets to provide EV charging.

Instead of installing traditional EV chargers, which are bulky, expensive to install and maintain, the PCK System has huge cost benefit. It does not require high infrastructure cost, no local computers or modem are required, all data transmission will be relying on PCK Charger’s SIM card. Car park need only install a small and low-cost Smart-Socket to provide EV charging service. By installing Smart-Sockets instead of EV chargers, car park could avoid excessive cost of installation and maintenance. As well as saving room for local control devices. We believe that PCK could enormously reduce the cost and eventually encourage car park owners or management to provide EV charging service.


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