Homemade 6V / 2.5 Amp Power Supply/Battery Charger

If your looking for a HIGHLY efficient (6VDC 2.5A / 6VAC 3.0A) power supply or 6V lead acid battery charger, then look no further. This power supply/charger is made using a 120V (MOT) microwave oven transformer, by performing the modifications shown in this video. 120V transformer current at idle(NO LOAD) only draws 30mA, and using a full 2.5A load, 200mA. NO heating issues of the core whatsoever. As usual, always be very careful when working with 120VAC/240VAC projects!

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  • I actually made a 1.2 to 25 volt 2 amp adjustable power supply using a M.O.T. without touching the windings, I simply input
    230 vac into the output winding. (plus a few components). and voila.

  • I have two 6V (4.5AH) batteries.I attached them in series with output of 12.30V. I want to charge them combined in series with 12V ( 2.5A) charger.
    Does it work for me?
    How much time it will take to fully charge the batteries?
    Please suggest me better options?

  • I had a question. What if you used the secondary as the primary without removing anything? I thought the secondary was about 2000 volts, that means about 17:1 ratio. Well, 120 volts divided by 17 is 7 volts AC, and rectified it would be 9.8. In other words, why cut anything apart?

  • dear sir plz make a video about use only one transformer . these video clearly show that first 220v input and how much volt output and then that transformer again use now in this time how much volt aply output side of that transformer and then how much we get out put volt of that tranformer of the in put

  • So, the open voltage at secondary is 13.4v but when lamp is connected, it becomes abt 6.6v? so this transformer is to charge 6v sla battery using 13.4v ?

  • Hi, I came across your site while looking for a place to find out why my Schumacher pro series 12V-6V car battery charger went dead.
    I like the way you convey the mysteries of electronics into simple layman's terms. I would like to repair my charger, but cant find any info on the parts that are bad. I have what I believe to be a  ceramic thermal fuse on the incoming tap. On it is marked U 25, 2.5 amp , 250 V with a sort of infinity marking, than a 13, 150 degrees symbol and ,cumi ? Tried to look that up with no luck, any ideas ?
    Thank you.

  • would it be possible to charge a 12v battery with this using crystal batteries? right now i have a 12v .5amp setup with crystal batteries using magnesium, copper, epsom salt, salt and a drop of potassium hydroxide in each cell once a week..i'm still learning with all this and trying to make good use of everything…i'm still completely lost with all the circuitry…. 

  • Hi thanks for the great videos. Can you show us how to make a 12v vehicle battery charger? My 20 year old Century charger gave out, it was a old school manual three setting charger 2 amps, 20 amps and 100 amp starting booster. It was really a solid machine. The new ones are all really pricey and automatic. They shut-off before the battery is fully charged.

  • I have seen some transformers where the laminents are bolted in place and not welded.  So I was wondering if I could cut the transformer and then tap it to accept
    bolts for reassembly.  I prefer not to go the welding route yet.  Would using bolts significantly alter the perrformance?

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