How to check if your battery is being drained

Here is a great way to see if your battery is being drained by unwanted current when the key is off. If you are going through batteries constantly and you are positive that the charging systems is working properly. This is your next test!

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  • I have a 2003 Honda sabre vt1100 with 4 speakers in the fairing 2 in each saddle back with a 300 watt amp. I ride for two hours with radio playing and it drains the battery after 2hrs of riding and playing radio. Please help

  • My bike is constantly being drained evem while riding. My charging system has been replaced (rect and stator) amd still the problem persists…except my motorcycle wont die unless i turn it off.

    I did the testing and im getting 1.0 milli Amp draw. Is that ok? I dont have any accesories equipped to this bike and it doesnt have ABS

  • When i charge my quad bike battery i dont take the battery out to charge it i just leave it all hooked up but when its charging and if i touch the metal frame anywhere i get abit of a tingle zap sensation. I was wandering would that be from a power wire that might be hooked up to the earth by accident?

  • Good instructions. This is what happen with me this morning. This moto has been sitting down for almost 2 weeks. I attached the jumper cable to my car without cranking it up. Got the bike into running position, but before I cranked up I heard sparking sounds near the battery. Furthermore, the moto ran for a min or so. Suddenly shut off completely. I did the same procedure again, but there is nothing; no power, the fan is not running where it should be running on 98 Shadow Spirit vt1100 when you turn the key on. What is the problem? Thank you.

  • So I've found that since installing a remote LED light kit, my battery has been draining to the point of death after not riding my bike for only a week or so, even though the lights are off at all times unless the bike is running. Would these be able to drain a battery so quickly while not activated? Thanks in advance, and thanks for a such a well explained video!

  • i bought a new batt tested it before installing to my scooter. after one day the volts gradually decreasing and eventually the machine stops. something is really draining my battery. pls help

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