How to Use the REDARC BCDC Dual Input In-Vehicle Battery Charger

Shaun from 4WD Action reviews the next generation DC to DC In-Vehicle Battery Charger from REDARC.

The REDARC BCDC Charger is designed, built and tested right here in Australia, so you know it’s made to the highest of qualities. Proven to charge your batteries to 100%, this comprehensive in-vehicle battery charger is a must have on your next road trip or free camping adventure.

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  • Maybe a Good system in a caravan or motor home for topping up your separate aux battery when driving, but without a large solar array this system will not solve your power problem when camping offroad for a few days.. There are more safe, efficient, cheaper, ways of storing energy.. The more electronics more $$, the higher the FIRE risk..

    My advice would be, is to keep it as basic as possible, utilize engine alternator by installing an under bonnet VSR 200 amp heavy duty waterproof solenoid with jumpstart override 2x large optima yellow top AGM start/cycle batteries..Pair this setup with 100-200W folding or fixed solar panel and you can run your 60L Engel fridge on high 24/7, also you will have enough storage to use your lights and stereo at night, DIY cost around $1000 total inc solar panel..
    If you need or want a rear mount aux battery just add a basic 20-30 amp DC DC charger mounted inside cabin and connect to front and rear batteries. This will allow your main batt to charge rear batt when engine is running, also Pair this with solar panel kit DIY cost around $700 total inc solar panel..
    If you need 240v to 12v charging buy a good portable 30 amp battery charger take it with you..

    Just to mention Lithium batteries are VERY DANGEROUS and come with a HIGH risk of fire/explosion so avoid at all cost !!!

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