Maha Powerex MH-C9000 Multi cell charging and HIGH explanation.

This video is mainly to address a few things I left out of my original review for this charger.

How it handles charging multiple cells.
What the HIGH means and a potential workaround.
Does it have memory settings.

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  • Jak niechce ładować starego akumulatora wystarczy wpiąć równolegle sprawny akumulator na czas startu wystarczy 5 sekund i ładuje bez problemu ja tak robię i nawet bardzo stare aku da się naładować tą ładowarką

  • Greetings from Canada. I bought that charger a while ago but it was impossible to understand with the little book of instruction that come with the charger. After watching your video I understand how it work. Thank you very much for that informative video and I wil subscribe to your chanel.

  • Есть вопрос. Только купил зарядку MAHA Powerex MH-C9000. С новыми аккумуляторами все работает без вопросов. Ставлю старые, которые обычной ATABA АТ-508 (на 4 батарейки, по 2шт на 1 канал заряд) заряжаютс без проблем. И МАХА дает маху. Какой бы режим не выставил, после его активации МАХА сбрасывает его и опять просит выставить режим. Если ничего не выставлять, то по умолчанию ставит заряд на 1000 и все сбрасывает и так бесконечно по кругу. При этом надпись о БРАКЕ не выдается. Как с этим бороться?

  • Thanks. Had this charger a couple of years and love it, but had forgotten what HIGH was, so energizer battery in the bin now. I have found POWEREX batteries to be my best with no problems. Thanks helpful video..

  • When you initially set up a battery it'll show you the voltage on the internal resistance of the cell. 1.4 v is healthy, 1.8v is considered wearing out and consider replacement and anything above the 1.8v i would replace. Sometimes refreshing can bring that IR down but in my experience that IR doesn't change much.

  • I am a beginner in the electronics field so there might be an obvious answer to this so bare with me: I have just bought a new AA/AAA charger – Maha/Powerex MH-C9000 and some new Eneloop 1900mah and Eneloop Pro 2450mah batteries that I have run through the "break in" mode on the charger. Everything works fine but the charger won't charge my older Ni-MH GP 2700mah and PowerBase 2700mah batteries. The display on the charger states that the voltage of the batteries are around 2.3V. and then shuts down the cycle and only states "HIGH" in the display. These batteries have previously been used in my Canon 580EX II camera flash and have done about 50 recharge cycles in a no-name (PowerBase) "stupid charger". I can accept that the hard discharge from the cameraflash and the 4 hour charge cycle can have damaged my batteries but when I meassure the voltage with my Fluke 87V. multimeter it states that the voltage is more or less fine ranging betwen 1.1V. – 1.3V. What is going on here?

  • If the battery says" High" and will not charge, it is not always garbage.
    Try another charger. I have lots of old batteries that say "high" in the C-9000 charger but do charge in my Maha MH-C401FS charger.  I use the C-9000 to condition my batteries every so often but for day to day use the MH-C401FS is my favorite, It is simple to use,  and will charge older batteries the C-9000 won't. It has a switch for 300/1000 ma on the side. Red and green led's  to indicate when batteries are charged.
    Also, older batteries can get tarnished or dirty on the contacts causing a poor contact  which may cause the "high" reading. I use light sandpaper to clean the ends of the batteries and it helps in some cases.

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