Maha Powerex MH-C9000 Wizardone Overview


Followup video on the Maha Powerex Wizardone battery charger.
I explain some of how to use it, as well as some of the bad parts about it.
even with the faults its still a very good charger and certainly worth the $50 it costs.
Especially after doing the backlight mods I’ll be uploading soon

  • Very informative video. I like the charger. Well done! My only tiny pet peeve is that I do not like how you click the battery into place. I usually put the negative end in first and pull down so that the positive end of battery actually comes up into the top end as opposed to clicking it and eventually wearing out that top post. Also someone said that the manual said to insert the positive end first. Otherwise a very good video.

  • Thank you for your video. One silly question – which function do you use to revive old batteries? Break in or Cycle? I have few old Eneloop 1900 that need to be revive. Many thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the informative video. I am expecting delivery of this model tomorrow.
    I hadn't realized when I ordered it just how long it has been around (video post date 20121203). More than five years ago. I hope I didn't overlook a "new & improved" model.

  • Good video but for your information the company suggest when you insert a battery in the charger to put the positive first follow by the negative. For AAA you insert the negative first and the positive last. Seems it suppose to change something??????

  • Too many female hormones – blah-blah-blah-opinion-opinion-opinion-blah-blah-blah (Get to the facts – you should hold off enjoying the sound of your own voice until after you are done creating the video clip).

  • This Duracell battery I have recommends that you charge it at 240mA until full. I understood that with NIMH the slower one charges it (to a certain point) the more you will end up getting out of the battery.

  • I don't think a break-in is necessary for Eneloops as they are right out of the package ready to go. I have even noticed on some newer NiMH cells that it would also be recommended to perform a discharge first as the break-in puts in like 160% capacity into the cell. It does a slow charge so it'll avoid being damaged from overcharge but Eneloops on the other hand i wonder if they could be damaged since they hold their charge better than traditional NiMH cells. I haven't needed to break-in any Eneloops as of yet and mostly the reason for the break-in is to fix weak cells that underperform.

  • I've found that because the MH-C9000 has the wire-metal prop-up stand towards the rear that heat buildup on the bottom of the unit in not an issue, especially in warmer climates or in areas that are not air-conditioned and cooled. The Powerex unit will last longer as the electronics inside get better circulation and heat dissipation, and the less heat buildup and impedance in the charger's circuitry, the better that is for the batteries as they charge. It's the best battery charger in the entire world in my humble opinion. Perhaps there are some very, very expensive commercial battery chargers that will beat it in some function categories but for the price and longevity of the unit and its programmable functionality, it's the best.

  • Wow, I just bought one of these and the camera does not do that backlight justice. That thing is bright, boy! Mine may differ than what's shown on the video, but the light on my screen is less blue and more white.

  • If the battery says" High" and will not charge, it is not always garbage. The C-9000 seems to be very 'picky' about the batteries it will charge.
    Try another charger. I have lots of old batteries that say "high" in the C-9000 charger but do charge in my Maha MH-C401FS charger.  I use the C-9000 to condition my batteries every so often but for day to day use, the MH-C401FS is my favorite, It is simple to use,  and will charge older batteries the C-9000 won't. It has a switch for 300/1000 ma on the side. Red and green led's  to indicate when batteries are charged.
    Also, older batteries can get tarnished or dirty on the contacts causing a poor contact  which may cause the "high" reading. I use light sandpaper to clean the ends of the batteries and it helps in some cases.

  • Very informative video, Thank you very much. As for me I love the bright light and find it a plus. I guess it's a matter of personal preferences. If the bright light bothers you I strongly suggest to buy in good camera store or online a sheet of ND filter which can be cut to size. and note the in case one is not enough, you can put two of them (cut from the sheet) and simply by turning each to a different direction (it acts like a dimmer) you can control the brightness. It'll cost a few $.

  • Hi thanks for the video it was a good intro. I have bought this charger and 24 envelop batteries that are used for high powered flash photography. As the batteries don't always get used up fully, depending on how much the flash grabs from them at each shoot, what would your advice be for ensuring refreshed batteries (all 24 of them) for each photo shoot? e.g. would you discharge them all (after each shoot) and then recharge to ensure they are all firing on full efficiency each time? If so, what would be the best setting/amount of cycles at every time for each shoot? lot of questions sorry :-)…Mike

  • Is there a way to find the MaH of a battery with this device?
    If so;
    If I have no idea of what MaH my battery is, how would I go about finding out with the MH-C9000?

    Great video, thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Great review.
    – The manual states that charging should be at 0.3C~1.0C. Which one do you use? 
    – I'm having trouble with this charger. I have a lot of batteries (charged exclusively with this charger) that display HIGH resistance and are unable to charge, way before their lifetime (in about 100 charges). Do you have the same experience?

  • Does this have a program to test the maximum capacity of a cell?

    For eneloops they promise a minimum of 1900mah, but usually it can go over 2000mah, so just setting it to a 1900 might not get you the max out of the battery.  My La cross BC-700 has this program where it determines the max capacity for every cell by cycling it untill the max mah for the cell is reached.

    How about charging a set of 4 AAA's? I've read that it's a real hassel to set it up everytime. Something like 48 key strokes. For an AAA you dont want to use the default 1000mah charge rate, so you have to set the current lower induvitually for each cell. is this right?

  • Do settings for each slot saved? So that you do not have to re-enter setting each time and next time you can just pop in aanother same battery and start charging right away?

  • +Yadong Wang it would be odd but possible I suppose that the AAA connectors came out of their place, you may have to remove the screw's from the case and pop the cover off to put them back where they are supposed to be.

    Ive never heard of anything like this so I wouldn't expect batteries or anything, sounds like a production defect or something.

  • indeed, the slower the charge the better. most people don't want to wait 24 hours to charge batteries, but it would be significantly better for the battery longevity to do that.
    you're very welcome for the video, i had a hard time choosing between the Maha and the Lacrosse when i was buying a charger. i think either would do the job very well.

    Thanks for the comment!

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