Minding Your mAhs – Ep009 – Does 2A charging hurt our batteries?

Minding Your mAhs Ep9 – Does 2A charging hurt our batteries?

Charging rates table: https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/blog-entry/battery-charge-current-ratings-table.7823/

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Where known, the ratings set by Samsung, Sony, LG, or Panasonic/Sanyo will be used.

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  • Hello,
    I have a question..
    I recently got a vaporesso luxe mod tha can charge up to 2,5A and I have a assus tablet charger tha have some confusing info.. it says output 5V 2A or 15V 1.2A…. and the math doesn't add up, at least for me…
    Is it safe to try it in this,mod?

  • So I’m honestly curious/ new vaper here, quit smoking 24 days ago the same day I bought a vaporizer. Been watching your vids, enjoying this hobby and alternative to smoking!!
    I bought An xstar dragon Charger -6 Sony Vct5a’s from IMR, & 2LGHG2’s (2500 mahs & 20 amps) / and my mod came with 2 mxjo batteries rated way higher than they should be lol -at 3,000mah/35Amps/ – but honestly my
    Sony batteries get to .50% within a 10 min smoking session or less. The cheap store MXJO giveaways seemingly hit harder and last longer!
    I’m so confused.. the sonys are rated at 2,600’mahs-25amps and the LG’s are 20amps/ but the cheapo MXJO’s are rated at 35 amps, I am sure their misleading but the fact that they hit harder longer has me like Wtf?!
    If I want to get a similar battery as far as hitting power and battery life from a more reputable manufacturer what should I get??
    Surprised and disappointed in the Sony’s performance for sure… got everything from IMR. By the way..

    Sorry for the long message.. but thanks for all you do!!!

  • I've been charging my VTC6 and HG2 cells at 4A externally since they were new. not noticing any substantial degradation. Brand new I had about 2400mAh useful capacity in my device. after a year I'm at 2100mAh-2200mAh useful capacity. pretty typical degradation. I do make sure the charge rate I use is specified in the data sheet and that the batteries are only slightly warm under charging.

  • checked your table on the forum, so i got like 6 sony vtc6's right now, 4 are 2 week in usage and 2 are just bought today. i have xtar vc2 2bay charger .5 on each channel. so if i buy a external charger that can take like 1.5a for each channel there isn't any different between .5 and 1.5a in life cycle right ?

  • Hey mooch. I have a Revenger mod with sony vtc5a batteries and I charge them inside the mod using a 5.0V=2.1A adabpter. The usb cable supports fast charging. While charging the mod gets a bit warm. Will this affect the chip inside the mod and the batteries?

  • Thank you for sharing these useful information, vdo is good as always.
    I’ve got a question, sir.
    I’ve seen a lot of battery chargers having discharge function.
    So What kind of situation do we need to discharge the battery?

  • Was wondering if you have seen the KDEST K6H 18650 rated at 3200 mAh and 60amp (I know that's not right). Would be nice to know what the actual rating is on those and how much they exaggerated.

  • DEAR MOOCH, is it a weird feeling knowing a whole industry looks up to you as a battery god, or just plain scary knowing with so many relying on you, you dont want to make a mistake, but remember mate everybody fucks up,i believe if you did made a fuck up youd tell us as soon as you realised,and that is important,some will cover up or bluff, good luck bro, your newest paetreon

  • just joined your patreon[jamie brown] we are dam lucky to have you, we are a lot safer knowing this guys got our backs, i believe every vaper owes it to mooch to become a patreon, a few bucks a month for all the testing he does,man how many shitty batteries would we all of bought if mooch hadnt told us the truth, i know ive saved a ton of cash now i know what to buy and what to avoid,so spend 5 minutes sighning up to mooches patreon

  • Man this video would of saved me from so much typing in the Evolv forum! I charge my 4s lipo'd DNA 250C at around 30w's using an external PS. Inside the mod, 2 tiny separate 4s balancing boards (140ma discharge current capable) are kapton taped to the battery. This allows me to bypass Evolv's 10w onboard charger, while still retaining balance charging.

  • Hey Mooch, was hoping you could speak about regulated mods, specifically running low resistance builds in voltage mode. For example, if I were to run a .1 build at 8v on a regulated mode that is in voltage mode, how is the amount of amps drawn calculated? This is a bit over my head.

  • Informative and educational as always Mooch. Thanks for all you do. I urge everyone who watches and appreciates your knowledge and work to contribute to your Patreon.

  • Thanks Mooch! I've been using 0.5A on my block charger forever, thinking it'd be the best. It looks like I can safely use 1A with my VTC6's and not really worry about the battery life.

  • Thanks for info! I have always been curious as to wether it was safe to use the USB charging. I still use an external charger, but it's good to know that I can use USB if I am in a pinch! Thanks for all you do Mr Mooch! 👊💖

  • Hi Mooch, i have a question. Maybe you already spoke about that on some of your videos (if is it like that, please link it to me 😀 )
    Why the battery with high discharge current (Ampere) (i am speaking about 18650), do they usually have low current capacity (mah)? It's weird to me, and i couldn't answer myself. Thank you and great job for everything!

  • This very video make me wondering if using Ah readouts from those (between-the-charger-and-usb cable) measuring dongles could even be used as measure of battery's capacity. And I don't mean inaccuracy of the measuring device itself but – supposedly – oversimplified interpretation of the readouts (that is: Ah measured by the dongle equals the Ah fed into the battery).
    Thank you for all your efforts for the community.

  • QUESTION I'm making my way into mechs and I know all about battery safety and I'm aware of ohms and watts law but I have this question I can't seem to find an answer for and it's if I have a HB6 30A battery and my build only need say 10 or 5 maybe even 13 amps would I still be safe even tho I didn't hit my limit, I want to cover my grounds just in case.

  • Battery Mooch,
    A safety question that I have is:
    When using a mechanical mod with two parallel batteries, does it create a short if one accidentally seats the batteries in different directions? In other words: one is positive up and one positive down when they should be the same.

  • Hey mooch, non topic question but i had gotten some lghg6's that say made in china on the sticker, i though lg chem was in korea, just curious if the ones you test also said made in china?

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