Nissan Leaf – 40k Mile Battery Health Check & Update

I’ve now had my Leaf 30kWh Acenta for 40,000 miles and it’s time for another update on the state of health of the cars batteries, have a little rant at Nissan and tell you about the first warranty problem I’ve had since new!

  • I have a 2012 24kWh Leaf with 17,500 miles. It's at 76.5% battery capacity and showing 11 out of 12 health bars. Not bad for a nearly 7 year old battery. Around 3.5% degradation per year. Everything still works great. I've got a 38 mile round-trip work commute, so the range is fine. The only real money I've spent since purchasing it 2 months ago is $199 to upgrade the telematics from 2G to 3G so I can use the cell phone app. It's a good car, and for $6500 I think it was well worth getting as my first EV. Used Leafs are a bargain.

  • I am looking to buy a Leaf, and test drove a private party sale 2015 Leaf with 44k miles. The only item that was a problem was a fairly severe shimmy in the steering column, translating to the steering wheel at freeway speeds.
    Have any owners experienced that?

  • Sold last week our 2015 24kw Leaf, never used built in GPS at it was useless in my opinion!
    Almost bough new 40kw Leaf but thanks to rapid gate I decided to jump ships to Hyundai Ioniq and my God guys this car is superior in any given aspect compared to our first gen Leaf, I know I should compared to new Leaf but I only had new Leaf for couple hours as for test drive form our dealer so can't say much about new gen.
    What I love the most from our Ioniq is Android Auto! And Infinity Speakers and shape and… So on!

  • Too bad, Nissan Leaf and Kia e-niro are my two top candidates for an electric, at this point. Tesla is still to far from an affordable version in Europe.

  • I think you may be need to look at the new vw ev car range start on the road at diesel golf prices due out in 2020 – great mileage range quoted and the price looks good – thanks for your youtube channel i have been looking into buying an ev and you have been a great help – all the best thanks again. Ps I'm looking at the vw id Neo .

  • The fan is for the cooling system that cools the DC Rectifier 6.6kw charger when it gets hot and also the A/C Heating system. Thanks for the heads up on the bad temp sensor issue.

  • Very reassuring on Leaf battery health thanks. Have you considered the Tesla Model Y instead of Model 3. I believe it may eventually outsell the Model 3 rumours have suggested plus actually an improvement in some ways to Model 3?

  • My 2013 has lost 2 bars in the last 9 months – only charged to 80% and very few fastcharges. I’m currently at 78% SOH on the batteries and have done around 40k miles😕 It seems like lubricating the shock absorbers is NOT a part of yearly service – They sqeek every time i go over a bump. The windows seem very sluggish when operated – anybody else having issues like these and have a quickfix doable at home?

  • One of the thing that has annoyed me with my Nissan Leaf, is the wing mirrors. In the summer they make right noise when opening and closing. My 2014 Leaf had a heater motor replacement after 5 months of being new.

  • Question then do all EV’s pay road tax or is it just those over £40.000 ? I need to know so I can make a good decision when it’s time for renewal of HP/ Balloon payment of move to EV’s. As my dirty diesel is free from road tax the cost of fuel ( Hybrid ( Dirty word) plus road tax makes my car far cheaper than anything else I could swoop in to ?

  • My infotainment comes up in Swedish sometimes. I have to switch the car off and on to get in back in English, Nissan cannot fix it. Last year mine went in to Nissan Liverpool for a service and mot, a couple of weeks later I discovered by chance that the mot had not been done by Nissan and I had been driving around for 10 days with no mot and potentially no insurance!!

  • Great video thanks for doing the battery state check this is what we all need, independent validation EVs last! If you put your ICE car on a dyno at 70+ k miles you would get similar degradation.
    My Tesla Model P85 5 year old 80k miles just dumped its battery. A couple of years back it had a water leak and the battery got too hot, the car went into limp home but recovered, over time i got a 12% loss, i would say that was too high and due to the overheat. Tesla never found the leak till last year and replaced a valve, wind forward to last week and the car reported "charging will be limited". By the time Id got home Tesla in USA had detected the problem, run some tests ordered a new battery and contacted UK.
    My car is picked up from home taken to the local service centre (Manchester). I get a brand new Volvo XC90 loaner dropped off. Five days later I have my car back with a free set of new plates (because they thought mine were looking old! ) They had fitted a replacement aero trim i had ordered for free and fully valeted my car.
    Tesla gaurentee the battery 8 years 100,000 miles, failures are few and far between but when they happen its a couple of hours swap out, reprogram and test.
    I effectively have a new car, so yes battery failure can happen but wow cant complain at the service. Given the battery is the heart of the car comparable the the engine of of ICE I cant see any ICE being swapped out with that little hassle or without an argument.

  • I'm in a similar position. I had a 2011 Leaf, and currently a 2016 one. No problems with either Leaf, never lost a battery bar. Only servicing has been pollen filters and screen wash (but they still charge as much as a diesel!). The lease is up in May, and I was planning to hand that back and get a new one, but after twice visiting the local dealer and getting awful service, maybe not. It seems they basically don't want to sell me a car. On both occasions, the Leaf 'wasn't on their system', so they couldn't give me a price, and then came back about a month later with a quote that was double what I had been paying for the two previous Leafs (with similar list prices). So, current plan is to keep the 2016 Leaf and see what comes to market in the next couple of years. The VW ID or the Honda Urban maybe, with hope that the VW dealer may be more interested, although they also did their best to not sell me an eGolf before I got the first Leaf.

  • Nice rant you'll probably buy another one lol … i did evan though I've ordered a niro I've got 3 atm 24 30 and my second 40kwh …but i would rate my late 2014 24kwh the best as you have no expectations and it delivers every time as a local run about keeps me smiling.

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