only 5 minut me charge with proof 100%

friends this is a solar panel charger who canvert 12 volt in 5 volt dc for your mobile bettry.
we need to make it some thing.
1. two sola panel 6 volt .
2. one usb holder .
3. coulerd wire .
4. transsistor , transistor number 7805.
5.and one tharmagoal to keep it.
friends this charger can work on small sun light or full light.
friends this charger use in only mobile phone .
we can use this with 12 volt 2amp battery for charger your phone.
this charger canvert 12 2amp in 5 volt dc.
friends this charger can work in 100 waat bulb.
you can use this from 100 watt bulb and charger your phone
its charging power is power ful and soft for yor phone.
Thank you for watching my video friends .
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