Here we are charging a battery. This is a Tesla turbine with 10 blades and an 8 inch rotor. We developed a converging nozzle for a better angle of attack. The generator is a 2 hp three phase motor. It has been modified with 72 N-48 rare earth magnets. The magnets are 1/2 inch diameter and 1/2 inch long. each has 17 pounds of pull force. The rotor has two poles. 36 N and 36 S.

The initial charge is 12.85 volts. The ending charge is 13.33 volts. Because there is no voltage regulation, the battery is the limiting factor. In series, this unit can output well over 240 volts and adapts automatically with the rectification bridge. The current begins to flow through the rectifier when the voltage meets or exceeds the battery charge. This can and will very easily overcharge a single battery fast. In series or parallel with multiple batteries this hazard is easily averted and the system efficiency is maximized.


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