Throw Out Your Old Chargers!

Tired of waiting for batteries to charge? Check out these quick charge USB chargers from Nitecore and you’ll never go back.

These, in particular, are for Sony NP-F style batteries, but check out their website for tons of other variations! (or grab one on Amazon with the link below)

To see my review of their Canon LP-E6 charger options, click here:


USN3 PRO (Sony NP-F):
UCN3 (Canon LP-E6 – compact):
UCN2 PRO (Canon LP-E6 – standard):

Canon C200:
Canon EOS-R:
Z Cam E2:
Favorite LED Light:
Favorite Lens:
Most Useful Lens:
My Tripod:
My Memory Cards of Choice:
My Monitor of Choice:
Portkeys BM5:
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  • Those Nitecore chargers are great. I've used them for several different batteries. I'll probably pick up one (or two) for the NPF batteries. But up to now I've used a Sony charger that came with a camcorder about 10 years ago—and it's rugged and fantastic—giving you all the info and a large charging screen that tells you the charge level and exactly how long it will take until you get a full charge.

  • I own the exact same Nitecore charger for NP-F-style batteries, but I am experiencing some problems with it now and then.
    Sometimes, I plug in a battery (or two) to charge, and then it recognizes the battery and shows the remaining charge left on the battery. But instead of those little stripes that indicate how much juice the battery has left moving up (indication they are indeed being charged), they just stay stationary and do not go up. It even sometimes happens that the charger does not recognize the battery in the first place …

    Now, I am not using genuine Sony NP-F batteries, but even with reputable branded batteries, it sometimes randomly does this, leaving me in the dark about whether or not the battery is actually charging. I tried changing slots, making sure they are inserted properly and firmly re-inserting, et cetera. None of my other chargers that usually came for free with a pair of batteries for example have issues recognizing the batteries or charging them.

    Not sure what the problem is here in my case. I also have this type of Nitecore charger for my Fujifilm batteries, and it works absolutely wonderful and never had any issues.

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