Thrunite Mcc 4 18650 nbattery charger

Best batteries and charger I have ever owned.
Sorry I was a bit chatty here. I’m completely satisfied with this charger and I’ll be shelving all the other chargers that I have. I was never happy with any of the others and in fact, a couple of the cheap chargers made me a bit concerned about fire.

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  • AA rechargeable batteries are bigger than the AA non-rechargeables. It's stupid, but it's also true. This happened because manufacturers wanted to get as much capacity into them as possible and beat rivals, so they effectively set a new "standard" for rechargeable AA batteries. Modern equipment makers usually ensure that AA batteries fit and that the lower 1.2v output is enough to power their gear. Some older designs need the full 1.5v of a non-rechargable but modern equipment should work with rechargeable AA batteries both in terms of their larger size and their slightly lower voltage. I have two digital recorders, one that work just fine with my rechargeable AA batteries and one which can't fit them in the battery compartment. Silly, but I guess it's just because it's an older design.

    Oh, and the same applies to AAA batteries as well, the rechargeables are slightly larger as well as putting out the lower voltage.

  • Hi BC! I have never seen 18650 batteries before in my life. 3.7V? What are they used for. Great video. That is nice how they give you progress while charging. If only we could get Dewalt to do this. I hate goofy blinking lights and LEDs that change color or worse yet…not lights at all! Thanks for the info. More for my wishlist on Amazon!

  • I can personally confirm that AA rechargeable batteries will work in electronics, at least the electronics I use them in. I have the Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable Ni-MH 1900 mAh 1.2v batteries in my remote game cameras. The cameras are turned on 24/7 and do not usually require battery swaps for a couple of weeks or more. That does depend on how much action the camera sees and how much information I am pinging it for. It is basically a cell phone that takes the pictures and sends them to my cell phone.
    I need to bring Lucy some louder squeaker toys 😉

  • Brad: My personal opinion is that if the equipment will work with Alkaline, it will work with Ni-Cad/Ni-Mh just fine. Alkaline start with a higher cell voltage but the voltage goes down towards discharge, Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh maintain the same cell voltage almost to full discharge. So unless the manual specifically says DON'T use rechargeable, I use them. Most gear will work within the 1.2V to 1.5V cell voltage range just fine. That plan hasn't failed me yet….

    About the LaCrosse Charger I use after seeing yours up close. The LC won't charge Li-On, only Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh AAA/AA. The LC does offer options to actually cycle test a battery thru charge and discharge as well as tailor the charge current. It will also tell you the total mAH stored in the battery as part of the test process. The reality is that like car batteries, the advertised stored energy is rarely what most of us get….but still much better than regular one use cells.
    Your looks like a great charger too..and I like the Li-On feature.

  • Im a avid watcher of your videos and your views and experience are very welcome. I dont expect you to answer or respond to things just do what you do, just like the fact i hate spam but i actually enjoy you doing taste tests of it. Keep up the great work.

  • I don't have any eneloop batteries yet but from all the reviews I can find is they are by far the best aa and aaa. I don't see a thing in the world with free stuff as long as we get a real unbiased review. I believe some Youtubers will always swear by a brand just to keep getting more free stuff.

  • BC, really enjoy your channel, seems like got hobbies and homespun projects running out your ears in that garage – something that I can only dream of along with the barbecued spam 😉

  • I just ordered one for my 123s.  I have a meter that uses 4 AA batteries.  It won't work with the rechargeable batteries due to the voltage difference.  But I use them in all my led lights and radios.

  • FYI a good 18650 battery is going to cost you 10 to 12 USD anything less is crap IMO – I would post a link to this website but Google may have a problem with it so just Google search RTDVapor yes it is a vape related business but I know for Fact all the 18650 battery's are authentic AW is a very good brand – they carry Efest, Xtar, AW and Nitecore batteries – oh yeah one more thing if the flashlight that you are using does not have a protected circuit inside that will cut off the flashlight before it drains the 18650 then please MAKE SURE you get an 18650 with a protected circuit – the ones that don't are relying on the device that you install them in to have that circuit – Vaping and Flashlights are pretty close to the same tech at least the type of vaping that I do the more advanced – do I know everything about the new batteries that are coming out? No I do not but I know a fair amount. My batteries last me 2 years a lot can happen in that time for instance the AW IMR 18650 that max mAh at the time I bought mine was 2000 now they have been able to pack in 3000 – tech sure does advance FAST!! LOL

  • rechargies are good for high output devices like digital cameras and flashlights. they arent the best choice for low drain applications like smoke detectors or game trail cameras because they tend to self drain over time without being used.

    some battery chargers operate based on heat built up in the battery. if the battery is hot from being discharged under a heavier load it will have a wonky reading when put into a automatic style charger. My 19 volt drill and hand tool battery chargers say to charge the batteries overnight occasionally to make sure they get topped up. This one appears to use a straight voltage reading. The lower coast chargers probably have a faster recharge rate until they get too hot. There is always a trade off. (does this better but … ___ )

    I am looking at the 18650s for a portable power battery pack for devices. Phones cameras ect. There are battery chargers with 4 slots that have a USB port for plugging in cords. The thrunite version with that feature only has one battery slot. Since I only have one flashlight that uses a single 18650 I am not in a hurry to get more on hand.

  • Somehow this turned into the recharging weekend, so I'm sorting through all the batteries with the voltmeter and feeding the charger where appropriate.  Lately, I've been experimenting with recharging alkalines—don't think I'll depend on them for emergency storage, but for everyday stuff it saves me a few bucks.

  • Brad, your a top guy, and you seem to be totally genuine and I think your videos are interesting and are full of facts, I appreciate the time you take to make them, I could watch them all day and also listen to your personal thoughts too as in my opinion you make sense and use common sense. …God Bless to you and your lady wife…

  • I gave up on those chargers that come free when you buy four batteries… I figured out that they turn off (green light) when there is only a surface charge.  Then, when I go to use it…DEAD!  Never thought it would be the charger.  I have a really old battery charger made by "Tandy Corp.(that's old😉)"  Think that would work?  Built in USA and tough & heavy and well built.As for people and modern texting… Words are only a small part of communication. With only the written word, there is no affect, body language, inflection, tone, etc.  So, you only get a small part of what a person is actually saying.  It's so easy to miss-read something that is text only. Sometimes, my witty comments are taken as a criticism or something that was not even close to what was intended.  Thanks again for some great advice.Good Luck,+Blessings

  • I enjoy your product reviews. Honest & to the point. Maybe people have issue with you due to fact that you are an expert in your own opinion, lol!!! Some people can't handle that. Always look to forward to viewing your videos as they are interesting & funny. Take care & be safe.

  • I really like the fact it shows the battery voltage as well.
    I've had some issues with some ultafires as well. Supposedly brand new and wouldn't charge. Well you know how it is they want you to ship it back over seas and its just not worth the time and expense to do so.
    Thats the bad thing about a comment you cant hear how it is said and you cant see facial expression or how it is meant.

    p.s. It means a lot more to me now when I see you comment on my videos. I appreciate all comments but to know your one that just doesnt comment just to comment……Never-mind LOL What Im trying to say is Thanks for your comments

  • How or what tells the charger the voltage to charge the battery to? How do you know if a battery is dead and not chargeable any more?
    How's it happen that when we get older we try to keep our batteries charged? Joke my step dad was in to charging batteries.

  • Rechargeable Battery Chargers a Giant Pain- glad to see that you have found a system that works. Quality 18650 Batteries have been a hit and miss product- glad to know about these guys. Thanks for passing along your experiences. Bacon/Puppies a +

  • I have a Minelab X-Terra metal detector that takes AA rechargeables. Works great, they lasted all day a number of times when I was detecting for gold in Arizona.

    And no, never found any, but did find a lot of tin cans. Once found a small pot metal kids toy car that was about an inch long and half inch tall about 16 inches deep. Still wondering how it got in the middle of nowhere. ( about 20 miles to the nearest house) Had to be there for some time as the dirt was not disturbed.

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