Tips – Common Pitfalls of Installing an Inverter/Charger on a Boat

Tips & Tricks to installing an inverter on your boat.

  • Love your use of analogies comparing a car (seatbelt, turn signals, etc) and the reason to follow ALL the installation instructions of the inverter/charger (ie: SAFETY!!!) If you don’t mind, I’ll ‘borrow’ those examples when I’m discussing a safe boat wiring installation vs one the ‘just works’ to my friends. (ps: No, I’m not, nor will I ever be in ‘competition with PYS… If I was ~25 yrs younger, I’d apply for a job with you though!!!)

  • Thanks for posting this series, very informative.

    I would like to see a bit about how you set up the AC feed to the charger/inverter. Fed by both shore and genny? Is there a source selector switch for that? If fed by both, why not use a Quattro inverter/charger?

    Thanks again and fair winds.

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