Unboxing DEWALT DXAEC80 30 Amp Bench Battery Charger

After having a Week Of -50 Weather i thought i would give this a Test! Seems to be good!! BUT… Ill Be uploading another Video Soon About the Full Test. IF the Battery is not “dead” Under 50% It will not Charge at 30Amp, IT will Charge around 10-15Amp only…
It’s “Fully automatic high frequency charging” Only!!

DEWALT 30A Battery Charger with 80A Engine Start charges and maintains most 12 V batteries including wet, gel, and AGM
Microprocessor-controlled, fully automatic high-frequency design for faster, safer, and more efficient charging
Provides up to 30A for fast charging or larger capacity batteries
Patented 80A engine start feature helps quickly jump start discharged batteries
Battery reconditioning feature helps reverse sulphate build-up and extend battery life
Digital LCD screen with easy to read icons and one touch features including battery voltage and alternator check
Dual-bank battery charging capability allows for charging two batteries at the same time (*requires additional set of leads – not included)
Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
Features pass-through USB and AC power for added versatility

  • I Did use it to fully change a few batt's . MOST I seen out of it was around 12Amp…. But they where not under 50%
    Seems like the charger will not put out a full 30 amps unless the battery is under 50% , Ill be testing it more soon.
    When battery gets to 95-100% seems to stay at around 2Amp.

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