12v battery charger from fan capacitor

How to make 12v battery charger from fan capacitor

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Car Battery Chargers

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Liitokala Lii 202 battery charger with EU adapter

Liitokala lii-202 battery charger with EU plug traver adapter (5V-2A)
With power bank function.
Unboxing and short demonstration.

Product page:


V83: How to hardwire a CTEK battery charger onto your BMW (M3, M4, F80, F82, F30)

Hardwiring a CTEK (56-926) LITHIUM US 12 Volt Fully Automatic Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Charger onto my F80 BMW M3
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ISDT T8 1000W smart charger review

ISDT T8 is very powerful and compact smart battery charger capable of 30A 1000W of power. It can charge, discharge and fast balance lithium battery’s up to 8 cells at 2.2A(ballance curent per cell) as well it support other type of battery’s like: LiHv, Li-Po, Lion, Pb(Lead acid), NiMH,Nicd.

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ISDT BG-8S Smart Battery balancer

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iSDT SC-608 150W 8A MINI Smart LCD Balance Charger

ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A MINI Pocket Balance Charger

iSDT SC-620 500W 20A MINI Smart LCD Balance Charger

ISDT D2 200W 20A AC Dual Channel Output Balance Charger

ISDT PC-4860 1-8S Safe Parallel Board XT60

ISDT CP-16027 160W Active Power Supply

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4 Misconceptions of the Promark GPS Shadow Battery

4 Misconceptions of the Promark GPS Shadow Battery.

Hopefully this video can shed some light on some of the common misunderstandings currently surrounding the newly released Promark GPS Shadow Drone’s battery.

There are notices on the product to only use the included micro USB cable, but that’s perhaps so that they sell their own line of micro USB cables…I haven’t had any issues at all using other micro USB cables/chargers with this drone battery.

Here are some purchase links:

Drone Battery:

Drone Battery (Here as well):

Micro USB Charge Cable:

USB Wall Charge Adapter:

Promark GPS Shadow Drone (aka SJRC S70W or Holy Stone HS100):

Cheaper White Clone of the Promark GPS Shadow Drone:

Cheaper Black Clone of the Promark GPS Shadow Drone:


Review: This is the Best USB-C Travel Charger

Satechi’s dual USB-C power charger lets you power four devices — two of which are USB-C — simultaneously. Including your Mac!
Grab one ➡ http://bit.ly/2MaUwjM

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Make wireless charger simple at home | How to make

Make wireless charger simple at home | How to make
Make wireless charger simple at home | How to make

Inductive charging (also known as wireless charging or cordless charging) uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects through electromagnetic induction. This is usually done with a charging station. Energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device, which can then use that energy to charge batteries or run the device.

Induction chargers use an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field from within a charging base, and a second induction coil in the portable device takes power from the electromagnetic field and converts it back into electric current to charge the battery. The two induction coils in proximity combine to form an electrical transformer. Greater distances between sender and receiver coils can be achieved when the inductive charging system uses resonant inductive coupling.



Jumpstart Car Battery with Halo Bolt

Jumpstarting your car has never been so easy! Check out this really cool vehicle accessory to get you out of a dead batter situation in no time. My mother-in-law gave this Halo Bolt to me as a gift for Christmas, and I had an impromptu opportunity to create this video on jumpstarting my minivan with the Halo Bolt. On New Years Eve, I went out for a couple of coffee’s, and my car wouldn’t start in the parking lot. I busted out the Halo Bolt, and wanted to share my experience with it since it has saved me a TON of time not having to mess with jumpstarting a car from another car, wait for a family member, auto club, or neighbor, or even ask a stranger to help jumpstart my vehicle.

Let me know what you think!


Mophie 7.5w Wireless Charging Base Qi Charger

Amazon – Mophie 7.5w Wireless Charging Base Qi Charger
7.5w https://amzn.to/2M5cFzm
10w https://amzn.to/2sqk4Ap

Unboxing Mophie’s 7.5w Wireless Charging Base Qi Charger