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Sanyo Eneloop Chargers … use them for Eneloop AA or AAA NiMh Batteries or ANY other brand of NiMh AA AAA Rechargeable batteries.
This link is for the AA charger with 4 AA batteries
this is to the fast charger

There is also our review of the Sanyo Eneloop AA AAA Batteries at this link …


Stylin’ Trucks presents: CTEK Battery Chargers and Maintainer

Stylin’ Trucks presents: CTEK Battery Chargers and Maintainer


Best Universal Portable Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Basically, a solar powered battery charger, is comprised of solar cells and an array of circuts. The cells are comprised of amorphous silicon as well as crystalline, which are responsible for producing electric current through the sunshine. Photons are transformed into electrons when the sun rays hits the top of the cells.

Electricity moves through the universal solar powered battery chargers circuitry, and then to the internal storage battery. The general composition of your standard rechargeable battery typically contains hydrogen or even cadmium an alloy, a electrolyte, a positive terminal as well as a negative terminal. In this type of battery whenever there is a chemical like reaction between electrolytes and the cell component, electrical energy is manufactured from the battery. Batteries that happen to be rechargeable can store the energy that is made by the cells. Residual particles are formed after a chemical reaction in the cells take place.

The production of electrons becomes slower, as being the residual particles increase. The battery will likely then eventually lose its charge. This process is reversed by the solar battery charger. When the cells generate currents, protons are drawn to the cell of the battery. The attraction of electrons are continual during this process. When the discharge process has been reversed, electrolytes, reconstruct themselves and also the battery cells are renewed. A battery is going to naturally discharge over extended periods of time. When the electric batteries are stored the chemicals within remain active, although react slower. Colder temperatures will decrease the rate of the battery discharge. Also, chargeable batteries are likely to discharge faster than lithium or alkaline electric batteries. The capacity to recharge the battery raises its overall value. Staying prepared is usually the more likely alternative, in case there is any crisis.


Why Use a Smart Battery Charger
Smart Charging is about altering the charge process based on organic feedback from the battery. Smart Battery Chargers are designed to optimize the charge process without undercharging or overcharging the battery.

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Cut-Off Circuit For 12V Lead Acid Battery Charging

If you are looking for a simple but effective Lead Acid battery charger cut-off circuit, then look no further. You can use this circuit in conjunction with any battery charger(except capacitive types) which do not have an automatic shut-off once the battery voltage has climbed to 14.2V(You can adjust this value with the zeners). You can modify the circuit to charge 6V lead acid batteries instead of 12V as shown in this video. Just replace the relay coil with a 6V type, use a lower voltage power supply (8-12VDC Open Circuit), replace the 12v zener leading to the base of the NPN with a 6V or 6.2V, along with the same (2) 1n4001’s in series, replace the 12V zener to the relay coil with a 6/6.2V zener, and cut the value of the LED resistor in half.

Link To Schematic:

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Black & Decker Battery Charger BC15BD Desuphator Repair Rejuvenate


DEWALT® 40V MAX* 6-Pack Battery Charging Station (DCB116)

With the 6-pack portable battery charging station (DCB116) you have enough to power through the entire day. The mower/vehicle charger (DCB412) lets you charge on the go.

Check out the 6-pack portable battery charging station:

Check out the mower/vehicle battery charger:

The DEWALT® 40V MAX* line of cordless outdoor tools gets the job done without gas fumes, broken carburetors, cold starts, or pull cords. Just snap the battery in and go.

Take a closer look at each of our 40V MAX* tools.

Check out the entire line:|&pageNum=1


Projecta Pro Charge Battery Chargers

A quality battery is a big investment, and the Pro Charge range of battery chargers by Projecta – will ensure you get the most out of your battery. A far cry from your old transformer battery charger – the Pro Charge range utilizes a sophisticated 6 stage charging system to ensure your battery reaches optimal charge. This will ensure your batteries are kept in the best possible condition!


Powergen Black Hawk High frequency battery charger

The HF technology permits:

Compact wall-mounted designs to save floor space, significantly higher electrical performances.

Shorter recharge time, saving energy and a reduction of the batteries temperature during the cycle, also a strong reduction of the Co2 emissions and lower water consumption, which helps prolong the life of the batteries. High production yield. Soft start mode and a customized charge curve on request. The three phase Black Hawk is a versatile device, different charging curve software could be installed for a specific customized charging profile for any type of battery.


Suitable for the cyclic recharge of lead – acid batteries and floating of sealed gel and / or lead – acid batteries.


Air pump available (optional extra)
Download data available trough PC/Laptop (optional extra).

All the three-phase BlackHawk battery chargers have full switching technologywith microcontroller digital control. They are flexible and reliable devices. The high efficiency of the battery chargers assures a remarkable energy saving optimizing the economic benefits and permitting to amortize the investment for the selection of high frequency in a short time.

They are suitable for the recharge of all kind of batteries (lead-acid gel, sealed, AGM batteries, etc…) and allow selecting a specific charge curve or configuring easily a suitable curve for the type of battery.
They are characterized by a negligible residual output ripple.

The battery chargers integrate the input and output protections and are equipped with an over-temperature.
They have a wholly programmable control unit, easy-to-use thanks to the user- friendly graphic interface displaying all the charge parameters, the alarms, the data plate and all general information concerning the device. These kind of battery chargers are equipped with a monochromatic graphic LCD display.


DIY Coin Cell Battery Charger For 0.3$ (For Rechargeable Batteries Only)

Make your own coin cell battery charger SUPER CHEAP! For less than 0.3$
STL file of my design:

I posted the search links below because they don’t get expired..
Make sure you choose the same charger module as mine. For the resistor, any size will do as long as it’s 33k ohm.

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