How to make a 4 volt battery charger.

hello dosto in this video I am going to make a 4 volt battery charger.make very easy anyone can make it.
how to make a 4 volt battery charger.
how to make 4 volt battery charger.

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modified nippo AA battery charger (restore)

modified charger good expirement


BLS 1 Battery 2 Pack and Charger kit

BLS-1 Battery (2-Pack) and Charger kit
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Includes 2 batteries and 1 charger for the Olympus
Each battery features 7.4V, 2000mAh
Mini rapid A/C charger features a fold-out US plug, 110-240V worldwide input voltage, car charging adapter, and European plug
Batteries and charger are fully compatible with Olympus camera
All items include a 2-year manufacturer warranty

Newmowa BLS-1 Battery (2-Pack) and Charger kit for Olympus PS-BLS1, BLS-1 Batteries and Olympus PEN E-PL1, E-PM1, EP3, EPL3, Evolt E-420, E-620, E-450, E-400, E-410 Digital SLR Cameras

◆Innovative design
◆Batteries and charger are fully compatible with Olympus camera
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◆Each battery features 2000mAh to give you extended power and the included charger allows you to charge your BLS-1 battery in any outlet or in your car.
◆Package include:
2 x batteries
1 charger with an European plug and car adapter

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How To Make 6v Battery Charger at home

Hi friends in this video I’m going to show you

How To Make a 6v Battery Charger at home.
12,0,12v Transforme
1N5408 diode
6v battery
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Trickle Chargers: 5 Fast Facts

See The 10 Best Trickle Chargers on Ezvid Wiki ►►

Fact #1. Whether you own a car, a motorcycle, an ATV, or a boat, at one point or another you’ve likely been faced with the conundrum of a dead or depleted battery. You probably dealt with it the way most people do, by jump-starting it or hooking it up to a car battery charger. But there’s a better solution, especially when it comes to smaller, more sensitive vehicles: use a trickle charger.

Fact #2. A trickle charger is a battery charger that consistently emits a very low amperage. Most consist of a simple plastic or metal box in which the wires and main electrical components reside. Also known as battery maintainers, these devices are designed to connect to a battery for a long period of time. They slowly bring it back up to health without overcharging.

Fact #3. Manual chargers are among the most affordable options. They also offer the user a degree of control over the charging process. They’re ideal for those instances when you need to restore a dead battery to full health. They’ll provide a slow current that won’t cause overheating.

Fact #4. Automatic and smart chargers are a little more high-tech. They incorporate float or auto shut-off modes to keep the device from overcharging the battery. These are useful when you have to maintain the charge of a battery in storage. They’re able to monitor and adjust their current based on the power level. All you have to do is plug it in and let it do the work for you.

Fact #5. There are models that are capable of both bringing a battery to full charge and also maintaining it over a long winter. Many embody this kind of hybridization, featuring multi-step charging programs that will quickly revive a battery and then float it for an indefinite period of time.


Hands-on: Twelve South PowerPic Wireless Charger

Old school meets new school: The Twelve South PowerPic is a 5×7 picture frame, and a wireless charger, all in one. It’s pricey, though at $80.
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iPhone X – Best iPhone Ever!

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Review: Lacie Rugged RAID Pro

My 🎥🎙gear:
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Tow-charging the Tesla Model 3 (part two). CRAZY results!!!

Today I do more thorough tow testing of the Tesla Model 3. The results are something you need to see!

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Foldable and Detachable 5000mAh Solar Panel Powerbank Review.

AKA COOPOW 10000mAh Fast Solar Charger. A review on the 5000 mAh (though often described as COOPOW 10,000 mAh) foldable and detachable solar panel powerbank. It actually beat the listed specifications in the manual. It’s also available on Amazon or Ebay as:

8W/6W10000MAH Foldable Solar Panel Power Bank Battery Charger for iPhone/Samsung


COOPOW 10000mAh Fast Solar Charger


Smartphone Charger की चोकाने वाली हकीकत ? Mobile Charger Reality ?

Smartphone Charger की चोकाने वाली हकीकत ? Mobile Charger Reality ?
coming Videos.
How to identify fake smartphone charger ? difference between local and original charger in hindi ?
What are the meaning of symbols or a sign on a smartphone chargers ? what does it means and what are the use of these symbol on any mobile phone chargers why it is given ?
Have you ever wondered about the different signs that are usually shown on our mobile chargers ?
5 mistakes you are making while charging your smartphone battery 
smartphone charging ?
Best Mobile Charger 2019 ?
Reason And Solutions of Slow Charging Android.
Xiaomi Fast Charger Support Qualcomm Quick Charge.
Useful Tips & Tricks Every Smartphone Use Must Know .
in this video i will explain each symbol and sign means which are given in any original mobile charger Kabhi socha hai mobile phone ke charger me jo sign diye hote hai unka kya mtlb hai kyo har smart phone ke charger me kuch jaruri symbol diye hote hai jaise ki home symbol , V symbol aur cross dustbin symbol in sabhi kya mtlb hota kiya liye likha jata hai har electronics product me ye symbol well is video me aapko iska mtlb bataunga ki akhir kyo likha jata hai aur inka hindi me kya mtlb hota hai acche se explain karunga taaki aapko smjh me aajayega iska alawa aap ye bhi pata kar sakte hai ki charger original hai ye local hai in symbol ki madad se
#Smartphone #MobileCharger #FakeVsRealCharger
Best Fast Charger For Realme 2 Pro ?
5 mistakes you are making while charging your smartphone battery ! By Hindi Tutorials.
How to fast charge Realme 2 Pro ?
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