Does the Roomba iRobot Vacuum Cleaner Really Work?

If you're thinking about picking up a Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaner then you need to read this article. We're going to look at whether or not it will do as good a job as a standard vacuum would.

The Roomba iRobot is a "robotic" vacuum cleaner that does not require you to do the actual work. It has an infrared sensor that will sense when it is about to run into something, like a wall or furniture, and it will change course automatically.

The idea behind these vacuums is that you can set them free in a room and they will gradually work their way around the entire space without you having to do anything.

So the question is, do they really work?

The answer is not quite so simple, unfortunately. They do work as advertised – they will sense walls and furniture, adjusting course as they go to avoid hitting them. The way they are designed to adjust course will gradually cover the entire floor of a room.

There are a couple of drawbacks to them however. First, the infrared sensor works well for the most part, but on occasion they will miss something and get stuck, requiring you to reset them to get them moving again. This kind of defeats the purpose of a robotic vacuum.

The other, and probably more significant drawback is that the Roomba iRobot is not the most powerful vacuum. Because they are designed to be small and unobtrusive, they do not have a particularly powerful vacuum motor. They will do fine at picking up dust and small items, but large spills are beyond their abilities for the most part.

Plus, because they are quite small compared to most vacuums, you'll find that you need to empty the disposal compartment more often.

The other potential drawback to the iRobot is that they run on batteries. They have rechargeable batteries built in, so you are not going to have to buy new ones all the time, but if you forget to plug it in to charge overnight you might find your vacuum out of commission for a few hours while it charges.


Beginners guide to charging LiPo batteries + parallel charging

Some quick little tips to help people out there when it comes to charging Lipo batteries. I know there can be a lot of numbers and things to understand when it comes to batteries and it is important to get them right because Lipos can be dangerous in used incorrectly. Happy flying everyone. If you found this helpful leave a like so can help other people too.
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EDIT: I accidentally said miliamp hours instead of amp hours at points in the vid, But im sure you get the idea : )

TIP: If you’re using this charger (Turnigy Accucel-6 80W) to charge fat shark batteries you’ll need to upgrade the firmware of this charger! You can’t balance charge fat shark’s batteries so you’ll end up with an error by default. Here’s the link to the firmware. Download “ACC6 80W firware v1.13 patched to fix balance connect error” and follow the instructions inside!


My fix to the DieHard Battery Charger, explained out.

Solution to fix Diehard Battery chargers 71222 that are kicking out low charging voltage,
I know it will work on multiple other models. Many are all the same on the inside.


Scooters For Sale – Used Mobility Scooters

Electric mobility scooters were generally associated with the old and the disabled, that is, with men and women who have problems with moving around from one place to another. However, with the passage of changing time, these electric mobility scooters are gaining popularity. This popularity has gained so much power that electric mobility scooters are now being resold once the purpose to the actual customer gets over. This was not the case, even a few years back. This is because electric mobility scooters were bought only by those individuals who were advised to do so under the prescription of the doctor. At the present age, those people who are willing to buy these scooters without the prescription of the doctor can do so with the purchase of used mobility scooters.

However, there are a number of features in the used scooters that must need to be checked before purchasing it from the earlier user. Although these scooters work on batteries that are rechargeable, one should remember that such batteries also have limited life span and can not work beyond a certain period of time. It might happen that the person buying the used mobility scooter has to install a new battery in order to use the scooter to his maximum benefit. The points of charging and the motors are other essential features that need to be thoroughly checked before one makes the purchase of the used mobility scooter.

The parts in the scooters that under maximum movements are the teller, the seat and the wheel axles. These parts should also be assessed with care and caution. The seats must be checked for its capacity of swiveling. The seats are cushioned ones and possess the capacity of swiveling from 90 degrees to 360 degrees under proper working conditions. This capacity to swivel needs to be checked properly.Even the toller of the scooter demands attention. Faulty tiller might lead to the loss of the maneuvering capacity of the scooter.

It is generally believed that when one buys these scooter, the person does not sell it as it becomes a vital part of one's convenient and comfortable life. However, there are cases when a user might want to sell his / her scooter in order to buy a new, developed model with better technology and facilities. The amount of price that used scooters can come for is totally depended on the person who is selling the scooter. The price will obviously be proportionate to the condition of the used vehicle along with the number of operational features that it contains, the model number, the years for which it has been used. It is observed that the price range of a used mobility scooter varies from $ 100 to $ 500.

It is of utmost necessity for the new buyer to know about the details of the used scooter as it has been handled in the hands of the original customer, or the present seller. This will help the buyer not fall into a drain where he / she lands up with only an electric model that is of little or no function at all.


OPTIMA Digital 1200 Battery Charger

This video is about Optima Digital 1200 Battery Charger


Huawei Mate 10 Pro Vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Which One to Choose?

If you are going to buy new Android flagship sooner than later, then chances are great that you will find Google’s Pixel 2 XL. It is one of the best Android devices on the planet, backed by a well renowned Tech Name, “Google”.

But wait! There is another competitor which is offering some nice features to their customers. The Huawei Mate 10 Pro smartphone matches up closely with the Pixel 2 XL by Google on few top features and various tech specs; however, there are some key details that differ between them. Here, we are going to show you the most prominent features of these two devices with the comparison so you can see where one is doing better than the other. So, let’s get started.

Design & Display

Both the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Google Pixel 2 XL mobile phones feature few very 2017 design elements. The Pixel 2 XL phone device has relatively bigger in terms of dimensions that features stunning rounded corners and tiny bezels.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro doesn’t have rounded corners though, but it does have a nice large display. The Pixel 2 XL comes with the mixture of glass and metal on the back. On the other hand, the Mate 10 Pro smartphone sticks with entirely glass on the rear side.

As far as display is concerned, both phones offer 6-inches large enough display; however, the Pixel 2 XL has a P-OLED display, and Mate 10 Pro is backed by AMOLED display. Pixel 2 XL by Google offers slightly better display resolution and density of 2880×1440 and 537ppi respectively than the Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s 2160×1080 pixel resolution and 402ppi pixel density. Other features are almost identical in both like Screen protection and Screen to body ratio.


Google Pixel 2 XL comes with the same 6 months old Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor chip. No doubt, it is one of the fastest chips around but as compared to the latest flagship Android phones, it’s considered as outdated. Still, it has plenty to experience super-fast and crazy smartphone experience with 4GB enough RAM and latest Android 8.0 Oreo onboard.

And when you see the Huawei Mate 10 Pro, it has new and updated HiSilicon Kirin 970 chip, which is far better than its predecessor. Backed by a neural processing unit within for A.I requirements as well as machine learning adapting feature, this is truly a speed master, particularly with 6GB of extended RAM.

All in all, the Kirin 970 compares very well, in terms of speed, performance, and everyday usage, to the Snapdragon 835 chip in benchmark testing.


Google Pixel 2 XL comprises a powerful Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 3520mAh. Huawei provides even more powerful Li-Polymer 4000mAh battery. This is a core difference. And both phones offer fast charging.


Huawei Mate 10 Pro goes with the similar dual-camera approach as you found in the P10 and P10 Plus phones, with a 12 Mega Pixels primary sensor and 20MP monochromatic secondary sensor. The camera of Mate 10 Pro rapidly focuses on whatever you shoot and adjusts accordingly, thanks to its A.I skills. This is truly one of the leading smartphone cameras on the market today, without any doubt.

But when we see the Pixel 2 XL Camera, it offers various new and exciting features like laser autofocus and phase detection and can deliver impressive shots swiftly. Due to Google’s state-of-the-art image processing abilities, you will get something incredible every time you shoot, and even in low light conditions. But still, it is a single lens shooter.


Our Off Grid RV Battery Charger Solution – Schumacher Battery Charger Unboxing

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After being on our new homestead for a couple months it was becoming obvious that the built in trickle charger installed in our RV wasn’t keeping up with our battery consumption. Even when running our Honda EU3000i Handi generator for hours each day it simply wasn’t getting the battery charged. A little research turned up that the trickle was only 1 amp. Since we rely on our deep cycle battery for nearly everything in the RV and a dead battery is a major problem we needed more juice. Solar charging and a larger battery bank are in our future, but one thing at a time.

After hours of research and talking with a few battery charger gurus we decided on this 15 amp Schumacher Ship ‘N’ Shore Rapid Battery Charger as a great value, well suited to our needs and a good fit for charging our RV deep cycle battery. It features an algorithm computer control that determines the proper charing phase based on capacity, battery type and state of charge. So when the voltage is low it knows to give it full power, know as bulk charging, but when the voltage nears maximum, it slows down to absorb to get the maximum storage from the battery and then once fully charge it keeps it there via a float stage. This is very similar to the top solar charge controllers, but at a fraction of the cost.

Total cost from the charger was around $50 from Amazon and it’s a very straightforward design. We’re really benefiting from it as our daily incidental generator usage is now more than enough to keep our battery at or near full charge in stead of at or near full discharge as was the case previously. 15 amps is more than enough to top of our battery in just an hour or two and with a algorithm control we don’t need to worry about overcharging.

This is an interim solution for us until we are able to invest in a solar setup and proper battery bank. Opting for a $50 solution was more appropriate than trying to finagle a more costly expandable solar solution when we don’t have all the details on our solar system yet.

If you’re needing a charger to keep your RV, boat, car or truck charged this one is affordable, simple to operate and provides good charging results. Some reviews complained about the short cord, but we just used an extension cord. Not a big problem. Others said the computer can get a little confused and if you’re getting odd charging, just unplug and plug back in. We’ve done that a couple times just to be sure, but overall we haven’t had any of those issues.

Hopefully this review of the Schumacher Ship N Shore 15 amp Rapid charger has been helpful!

The exact model we purchased is the “Schumacher SSC-1500A-CA Ship ‘N’ Shore 15 Amp SpeedCharge Charger”:

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An Open Letter To Weis Markets

I have discovered that there are many little things that make moving to a new home a rich experience. Simple changes such as finding a new place to get your groceries can be an amazing journey of discovery. This was the case for me when we moved just far enough away from my favorite grocer to require a back up store closer to my new home. Welcome to Weis Markets.

My welcome to Weis was an unforgettable experience. As I stepped out of my car for
that first visit and my foot touched the parking lot it landed in chewing gum. Gum in
a parking lot can really happen to any business, but this lot looked grimi. I guess
with 157 stores though, that is a "lot" of parking lots to keep up with, and I am sure
that Weis is too busy to care about one customer with gum on their shoes.

On my first and subsequent visits, I was amazed to find that all but one of the
cashiers were bagging or teaching customers how to use the self-service scanning
devices at every register coercing any customers not willing to wait for the one and
only human cashier to check out their groceries themselves. I even asked a manager
about this, but was told they could not find enough employees. I was really curious
about the ones that were already working there, but this did not seem to go
anywhere with the manager who seemed to have more important things to do than
talk to customers. Perhaps I am old fashioned, but having a human at a register is
one of the last few services left that I am ready to give up.

So, I wait in the long line with the one human who is paid to run the register. Opps,
Can you help me? I forgot my "Weis Store Card." What? You can not ring it on a
generic store card like my favorite old store use to do for me? I have to wait in line
at customer service so they can look it up? You can not even call them on your phone
for me? Oh, you do not have a phone at your register, do you? Gee that makes it a bit
hard to help customers does not it?

As I wait for ten minutes in the "Customer Service line" staffed by one frazzled
employee, who is providing a whole host of services, I realize that 9000 employees
is far too many to train and besides they will not work for Weis long enough to make
the investment in training worthwhile. What does it matter if you choose loose customers
like me who drop an average of $ 120 per weekly visit into the one register staffed
by a human. Who cares if I refuse, even in an emergency, to go to Weis and instead
drive 12-15 minutes to the Oregon Dairy, where there are always humans who will
ring me up on the "store card" and go out of their way to help me. Once they even
sent me home with several bags of groceries and an IOU when I forgot to make a
deposit and my bank card came up insufficient funds !! How does the Oregon Dairy
do it anyway? They are a single store operation but charge the same prices as Weis
and can actually afford to staff all those registrants with humans? And where do they
find all those employees just 15 minutes away? Something sure is fishy here. It must
be the shrimp sale at the Oregon Dairy. I think I will stop by seafood and pick up a
few pounds.

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12 volts Car Battery Charger Repair – Easy Fix

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Symptoms of Bad Circuit Breaker Schumacher Battery Charger (Anti-Throw Away Society)

Show you what symptoms I had and how the circuit breaker works.