Make local inverter battery charger in 5 minutes. 5 मिनट में लोकल इनवर्टर का बैटरी चार्जर बनाएं

Friends, I told you in the first inverted video that due to high light, when your inverters are 8 to 9 volts in the battery, your inverter stopped charging the battery and you need to recharge the battery for any battery The shop has to be taken to recharge but in this video I will tell you that if you have a local inverter, You can make the charger. The card which is inserted in the local invert consists of two long angel sets set. These fairy sets are used to set volts and less to the amperes. The first one is to set the set voltage cut if we first If the fairy sets will loose the nuts then the volts will increase and thus your charger will become and you will be able to recharge your inverter battery whose bolt 8 has been left in the house.
दोस्तों मैंने पहले इनवर्टर वाली वीडियो में आपको बताया था कि ज्यादा लाइट जाने के कारण जब आपकी इनवर्टर वाली बैटरी में 8 से 9 वोल्ट रह जाते हैं तो आपका इनवर्टर बैटरी चार्ज करना बंद कर देता है और आपको बैटरी रिचार्ज करवाने के लिए बैटरी को किसी बैटरी वाली शॉप पर रिचार्ज करने के लिए ले जाना पड़ता है लेकिन इस वीडियो में मैं आपको बताऊंगा कि अगर आपके पास कोई लोकल इनवर्टर पड़ा है तो आप उसका बैटरी चार्जर बना सकते हो लोकल इनवर्टर में जो कार्ड लगा होता है उसमें दो लंबे वाले परी सेट लगे होते हैं यह परी सेट वोल्ट और एंपियर कम ज्यादा करने के लिए लगाए जाते हैं पहले वाला परी सेट वोल्ट कट सेट करने के लिए होता है अगर हम पहले परी सेट नट ढीला करेंगे तो वोल्ट बढ़ जाएंगेऔर इस तरह आपका चार्जर बन जाएगा और आप घर में ही अपनी इनवर्टर वाली बैटरी जिसके बोल्ट 8 रह गए हैं वह रिचार्ज कर सकोगे


Shoot 3 Ports Battery Charger

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Bounce House

Let's face it … bounce houses are fun! It does not matter if you're four or fifty-four: there's just something exhilarating about flinging yourself around inside a soft, squishy, ​​air-filled house! It's like jumping on the bed, except you can not get in trouble for it!

Still, even the most lighthearted and fun activities have certain things about them that must be kept in mind so they can stay lighthearted and fun. They are no exception to the rule. What follows is a list of some simple but important things to keep in mind to help you get past the planning / thinking stages and on to the fun.

1. Insurance

There is a very good reason that this is number one on the list. It is extremely important to make sure that the company from which you're renting is insured. Not only this, but it is important to make sure that you're renting is covered. Some companies advertise their insurance policies, but those policies only cover certain bounce houses. If someone gets hurt while bouncing around at your party and the rental company is not insured, you could be sued for a lot of money. Tread carefully here.

2. The Age of the Bounce House

It can only hold up to so many years of sugar-rushed, excited kiddos (and sugar-rushed, fun-loving parents, aunts, and uncles) jumping up and down inside of it before it starts to show its age – brittleness, thin spots subject to tears / leaking, etc. This is not only an aesthetic problem but a safety issue. Put this question high on your list when shopping.

3. Disinfecting

Make sure that the company you rent from has good bounce house hygiene. Remember these things are made to be filled with tiny people who love to stick their little fingers into all things Mommy says do not touch. The concepts of "eating" and "bouncing" also sometimes produce … unexpected results when done in the wrong order. So make sure the company keeps them clean … and maybe buy a bottle of Lysol or two … just to be on the safe side!

4. Solutions for the Heat

A lot of parties that warrant bounce houses are summertime bashes. Because of this, you'll need to come up with some way to augment the heat inside the it. Plan your party in the cool of the day, sometimes, or make sure that the item is set up in the shade. There are several different routes to solving this problem. Just determine the one that works best for your party.

5. Supervision

Remember: kids have a surprising amount of muscular power in those little frames … meaning they bounce hard … especially when they're having fun. Having one six-year-old child in a bounce house pounding the plastic to her little heart's content is all right, but throw five or six other kids in the mix (including that eight-year-old from down the street who could be a lightweight champion already) and the chances of injury and sudden pandemonium increase greatly. So … your job is to be a good chaperone. Keep a close eye on the bounce house. The other parents, the rental place, and its insurance company will be very glad you did!

6. Rules for the Bounce House

This falls directly in line with number five and is distinct from, but a big part of, being a good chaperone. The antics of excited children operating en masse can degenerate into anarchy very quickly without a clear set of rules and a good enforcer. Your list could include guidelines like:

1. No teenagers or adults with the little ones.

2. No shoes in the bounce house. (ie hard soles = damage to the bounce house and to other kids)

3. Bouncing first, eating after.

Etc., etc., etc. You'll know the rules that will work best for your party-goers.

7. Things You Need to Provide / Do

Check with the rental company to see if there is anything that you need to provide, do, or prepare before the bounce house can be set up. Will you need to provide a generator? Will you pick up the deflated item and inflate it, or do they deliver? Just make sure that everything is ready to go beforehand so there will be no glitches on party day.

Well … these are seven major "serious" things that you should keep in mind when renting a bounce house. Think about them for a while … process them … get everything set and ready … and then … you have my permission … go have fun!


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How to Use Tyr’s Nordic Rune Magic to Win Court Cases


The New Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics which is our gift from the Age of Aquarius tells us that ALL is energy.

You are energy, I am energy, the Judge sitting in his black robes is energy and the court building is energy.

They also tell us that there is an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mimirs Well. Everything that is was or ever will be exists there.

Our Northern Gods and Goddesses exist there. The runes exist there.

All is energy.

When you step into a court of law you are stepping into a very powerful energy matrix that is not harmonious to our Northern European Pagan people. In fact this energy is very dangerous to us.

Therefore do not go in alone and do not go in unarmed. Since all is energy and thoughts are things, use your thoughts to bring your own energies into the court room.

Christians bring their bible, crosses and prayers.

Bring your Norse champion of Justice with you TYR. Bring his very powerful runic symbol with you, the rune TYR.

Arm yourself and ally yourself then step into the battle arena. You will have a greater chance of victory and success.

This is the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Mind and the Age of Thoughts. Use your mind and thoughts to protect yourself.


The night before the court case start your ritual. Sit quietly in your favorite chair and breath deeply and softly.

Now visualize the infinite Quantum Ocean, Mimirs Well where everything exists.

Intone several times:

“TYR, TYR, TYR guide me. TYR, TYR, TYR help me. TYR, TYR, TYR protect me. TYR, TYR, TYR come to me”

Sit patiently till you feel him entering your room. Visualize him standing before you in his full strength with sword in his right hand a shield in his left hand. The hand that he sacrificed to the Fenris wolf for our ancestors.

Once you feel his presence, and you will, thank him for coming.

Go to sleep knowing that he will remain with you protecting you through out the night.

In the morning greet him out loud and offer him a sacrifice. A sacrifice of some of your breakfast. If you have toast, eggs, bacon and coffee. Take a small piece of each, wrap in a napkin and take outside. Dig a little hole in the yard, put the napkin with the sacrifice in it. Pour a little coffee in the hole and cover it up.

Sacrifice is very important in any Norse magic.

Now take a red marker and draw a TYR rune on the palms of both hands, one over your heart and solar plexus. These you will need to protect yourself from the real bad energies of a court house.

Think of all the hatred, sadness and lying energy that fills a courthouse. You do not want that to enter you.

Go to court and know that TYR is alongside you. When your turn comes, stand and hold the palms of your hands in such a way that they face the judge without being seen. Ask TYR for justice.

Feel the strength and presence of TYR all through the trail. Know that he will give you the justice that you deserve. Good or bad.

When it is over, leave the courthouse with your victory, thank TYR and send him on his way so he can hep another kindred.

Do not play down the power of the Norse Gods and the Norse runes. They are here with us at all times.

Norse magic is the ability to move energies from one place to another without any physical means. You are moving energy from the Quantum Ocean, Mimirs well to the courthouse. And you are using your mind to do it.


Things You Should Do When Looking For an Auto Repair Shop

Car trouble? Are you sick and tired of the overheating and the non-stop oil leaks? Sometimes there are things that we can’t troubleshoot, and well, what mechanics can do – only they can do. You can’t always figure out the cause of an oil leak just by your own diagnosis. You would definitely need to see a mechanic in an auto repair shop. But, looking for a good auto repair shop can be a difficult and challenging process. How do you know you’re picking the right shop? What are the factors you should consider?

The first thing you should do is that you should drop by the shop to check if they have trained, hardworking mechanics and high end equipment. Of course, there are also other things you need to check out. There is always more than meets the eye. An auto repair shop that looks classy and well maintained doesn’t necessarily mean it can provide you with good customer care, honest work and reasonable prices.

It is best to know something about vehicle repairs so that you are not caught off guard when conversing about the repair. You should also be cautious of the shops that take advantage of an unknowledgeable client. When people sense that you don’t know much about something, they may grab the opportunity to rip you off, or worse, tell you to have something repaired that isn’t really broken.

You should also consider feedback about the shop. Ask around. If you know someone who has any experience with that shop, listen to his or her comments. It always pays to be inquisitive.
Do a background check on the auto repair shop. You need to know if the shop’s mechanics are highly trained and competent.

Ask for a written estimate for major repairs. You can compare prices with other auto repair shops by checking them out yourself. You can give other shops a phone call or visit their websites to do the research to save time. You would also want to check into the quality of materials the shop uses for their clients, and the brands of their parts as well.

You would also want to ask for ongoing promotions and offers to save you money. Make sure you find out about their service warranty. Aside from the rates, you also deserve good customer care. Make sure they entertain all your questions and answer you thoroughly.

Knowing all these factors, you can carefully decide which shop to choose. Don’t be in a rush though, and don’t be impulsive. Doing so can save you hundreds of dollars, or cost you a lot. If you live in Florida, check out a very competent Orlando auto repair shop. Check out their free services and get your own online quotation. So choose wisely before making that big move. When you finally decide and if you are fully satisfied with the auto shops’ service, you’re lucky to have found an auto repair shop for keeps!

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How to Please a Woman – In 5 Simple Steps

One of the most difficult dating tasks of all time is how to please a woman. It's very hard to figure out what a particular woman actually wants based on her personality. You can never please a woman unless you know what they want from you. Women expect men to know what they expect and want from them but how to figure out what they really want? The best way is to be direct and ask a woman what she expects and wants from you. But there are some frequent aspects which apply to almost all women. Read on to find out what these aspects are and how you can please a woman.

Are you in the minor league? – Women like men who like to lead therefore if you are still in the minor league of men who always put women in the leader spot than you might never be able to please a woman. Learn to take charge right now and be the leader. Women are only pleased by men who have strong control over almost everything.

Make her feel good- One of the best ways to please a woman is to make her feel good in your company. Be a problem solver and learn to comfort her when she is depressed or in a bad mood. The more good she feet around you the more pleased she would be.

Express love- By expressing love it does not imply that you just have to say random "I love you" here and there to please her but expressing it with feelings. Women are emotional in their outlook and are very quick to figure out whether you mean it or not. Therefore do not even say it if you do not mean it.

Compliment wisely- One of the best ways to please a woman is to compliment her when you feel she truly describes it. Women are quick to pick up on fake compliments and would know when you are saying it just to make them feel good.

Make her laugh- Humor is one of the most important aspect which every woman wants in her man. You simply can not please her unless you know how to make her laugh. Always keep a polite list of jokes and use them according to the situation to make her laugh and indeed please her.

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Schumacher SE-2158 Battery Charger

I came across this tired and crusty wheeled battery charger by the side of the road the other day. I’ve always wanted one of these, so I decided to pick it up. Apparently, all that’s wrong with it (besides needing a cleaning) is that the charge selector switch appears to have a bad section. I will try to source this part and repair this charger for future use. (11/22/2015)


3 Types of Group Conferencing Units

Organizing a face-to-face meeting can be quite time-consuming and difficult, especially if the participants are spread out over a wide geological area. So, to simplify matters, it can benefit to organize an audio conference, which is appreciated for its ability to save on things like cost, time and even carbon emissions. Here are a few of the most appealing group conferencing systems:


The original speakerphone formed part of the traditional desktop telephone. It is limited in features and unlikely to include any echo cancellation capability while also only having a single microphone. This type of system is most practical for use by one or two people who are sitting relatively close to the phone. The sound quality when several people are speaking at once is quite poor, which can have a negative impact on productivity.

Conference phone

The conference phone is a standalone unit that is designed to work in an open-air environment and may feature one or more extension microphones. This type of phone system is used for supporting a conversation of multiple participants. Even though the conference phones are quite simple to use, the latest phones in the market are very sophisticated and complex tools.

Most of the high-end conference phones are built with technology like echo cancellation and digital signal processing technology to make sure the conversation is clear for all participants, while working to eliminate background noise, such as overhead fans, computers and side conversations.

Installed audio conferencing system

The installed audio system is built with individual components that make it possible to get the clearest phone conversation possible. The separate parts of the system are placed in different areas of the boardroom to maximize the experience. Plus, each part of the conferencing system has its own controls. This makes it possible to easily maximize the audio output by adjusting the speaker outputs and microphone gain levels.

This type of system is great for the larger rooms because it includes digital processing capabilities that can overcome most noise problems, with technology like multiple echo cancel mixes. Plus, it is even possible to connect the installed system to the latest video conferencing equipment for the more all-inclusive session.

Once the right type of conference phone has been found, it is possible to benefit in many different ways. For instance, one of the obvious benefits is the ability to reduce costs by eliminating travel, hotel fees, gasoline, etc. While it does cost to invest in one of the high-end and feature-rich conference phones this is certain to be a lot less than the expense of having several participants travel to a single location for a face-to-face meeting. Other benefits including the ability to save time, improve sound quality, ease of use, and improve group interaction.