Cheap Best Car Battery Charger Reviews

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Best Car Battery Charger


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How to Remove Rust With A Battery Charger

Cleaning tools by electrolysis……….In this film I am getting rid of rust on some fine machine tools by putting them into a home made electrolytic bath powered by a battery charger.
This is a very simple set up to do at home, but do take care as both electricity and chemicals can be dangerous – so only do this if you are familiar with this sort of thing, and the potential hazards, including the washing soda!
My set up is very simple, I use a car battery charger and a sacrificial electrode on the positive clip – any old iron rod will do; then on the negative clip I put the piece of rusty metal that I want to clean – this is then put in a plastic bucket filled with water and washing soda. After about 20 minutes the tool should come out fairly clean and a bit of wire brushing will bring it up very well indeed.
In this film I clean up a milling hold down set that I picked up in my local scrap yard and it comes out really well.


Cell Battery Charger EU Plug | LIR2032 LIR2025 ML2032 ML2025 CR2032 Coin Button in 4K

Cell Battery Charger EU Plug | LIR2032 LIR2025 ML2032 ML2025 CR2032 Coin Button.



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Best 12v Battery Charger !! Portable Car Battery Charger

Want To Buy The Best 12v Battery Charger? Watch This Video + Check The Details In The Description Link!
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Best 12v Battery Charger


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Mobile Fast Charging |Mobile Fast Charging App| In Hindi Urdu

Assalam-O-Alaikum GYz …!
Hello friends In today’s video I will tell you about Mobile Fast Charging| |Mobile Fast Charging App| In Hindi Urdu


Welcome To My Channel.

If you are looking for a fast charging app then stop here and this is best solution for you. Your mobile phone will charge battery faster using this app.
Master fast charging app will allow you to optimize your phone and increase charging speed. It will enable fast charging of your smartphone and will full your battery in short time.
Your smartphone battery will charge normally with Master fast charging and battery life will not be effected. You mobile battery will be 100% safe with fast charging mode.
Some chargers allow dash or fast charging but it may effect your battery however, fast charging app will keep it safe.
Easy to optimize your battery and increase charging speed for fast charging. You can check temperature information on home page of Master Fast Charging 5x.
You can control your wifi, bluetooth, sounds and connection settings using this app. You have more control on your smartphone to change battery charging speed.

Assalam-O-Alaikum GYz !
My Name is Muhammad Umer Akram, and I’m a YouTuber. On my channel, I will give you information about all the latest and greatest Mobiles, PC, Basic computer Tips, Saudi Arabia News, Dubai News, Internet News, & Android Tips & Tricks. Android smartphone does not run without apps and we bring the useful Apps not useless.
This channel is review every app that’s very useful for you and bring latest tips & tricks for your android.

Here You can learn In Urdu/Hindi.

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Envie ECR – 20 Charger Review

Hey guys! Thanks to Envie for sponsoring this video!
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Battery Chargers –

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The 5 Best Portable Chargers On Amazon – Best Portable Chargers Reviews In 2019

In this video, We have reviewed the best 5 portable chargers or the top listed power banks that are based on their price, durability and their charging power, I hope you will like this video !!

The Portable Chargers (Powerbanks) Reviewed in this video:
5. Zendure A5:
4. Jackery Giant :
3. 6-Port USB Wall Charger (60W):
2. Anker PowerCore 26800:
1. RAVPower 27000mAh:

Having a power bank can be a lifesaver in some situations, because there is nothing worse than being out of battery on

critical moments, right? Powerbanks aren’t really expensive so you getting one won’t hurt in any way.

There are a lot of portable chargers you can choose from, but in my opinion, the ones I have listed in the video are the best power banks out there, so make sure to do your research before purchasing.

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NITECORE V2 Speedy In-Car Battery Charger with 6A Output Sneak Peek Video from Shot Show 2018

NITECORE’s V2 In-car Speedy Battery Charger provides users with a powerful and portable charging solution for daily use and traveling. This two-channel battery charger provides a rapid combined charging current rate up to 6A or 3A per slot, allowing users the ability quickly recharge batteries on the go.




Golisi S4 Smart Charger & Batteries Review!

Hey guys!!

So today we are taking a look at some accessories and the most important ones when it comes to external battery mods…….BATTERIES AND CHARGERS!!

So Golisi got in touch with me a few weeks back and asked could they send me a charger and some of their Pro Line batteries for me to take a look at.

Now I have used Golisi Batteries in the past and I must say they are very very good batteries and out perform most of the main stream companies batteries with ease.

As I said in the video the original Geek Vape Aegis came pre loaded with a Golisi 26650 and I loved using that battery in that mod.

So Golisi sent over

1 x S4 Smart Charger
2 x 18650 Pro Series Batteries
2 x Golisi 26650 Batteries
1 x 20700 Pro Series Battery
1 x 21700 Pro Series Battery

All have performed fantastic and confirms just how good Golisi batteries actually are. Hope you enjoyed the video!

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How to De-Clutter Your Computer Hard Drive

Many people use their computer hard drive as a junk drive, collecting everything, from the most important files to things they never read. However, a computer hard disk, no matter how large it is, always has limited space, and sooner or later some of the files have to be deleted. The more junk you have on your hard disk, the harder you will find what you are looking for.

An overstuffed computer also tends to slow down, so you will be needing endless patience for completing even the simplest task. The most simple way to make your computer function properly is to sort its inventory and then purge as many folders as you can from it. You can back up files on a disk, if you think you may be using them, or you can delete them once for all.

As a first step, it is good to create categories for your files: one folder for each of your major areas of responsibility. You may have folders named like sales, marketing, human resources, promotion, current projects and so on. Or you can have categories based on the products of services of your company. You can also have different categories for each key customer. You can create subfolders for smaller, more specific categories.

Before you start copying and deleting, you should think about a painting tree: this means you should have a clear picture about where you need to have major folders and subfolders on your computer. If you start filing and then you start organizing your files, it is more than likely you will drown into the large number of different files. If you have some concept about how the painting tree should look like, it will eliminate a lot of copying, cutting, and pasting. You will be able to work efficiently, without frustration.

The greatest challenge in organizing your files is to make possible to retrieve information without wasting time. When you think about the filing tree, and what the major folder names should look like, you should answer a few questions: how do you usually retrieve information? By date, subject, company or project name? Each of us has different priorities depending on the type of business, job description and personal preferences. And you should also keep in mind how your boss or colleagues ask for a certain document: do they ask by the name of the contact you were working with, the location, or the time of the year?