NOCO Battery Charger Genius G750 Breakdown

This video is a detailed look into the NOCO battery charger Genius G750 – what it does, and how it does it. We will touch on the basic features of the NOCO charger to begin with and then move on to take a closer look at the NOCO Genius charging cycle as well as what it looks like in action.

NOCO battery charger G750 specs at a glance: -For use with both 6V and 12V batteries (Wet,AGM,GEL) -Type of Charger: 5 step, fully automatic, switch-mode -Charging Current: 750 mA (.75 Amps)

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Canon Battery Charger Blinking / Rapid Blinking Issue

I bought a brand new Canon 80D and the included battery charger (Canon LC-E6 for LP-E6 and LP-E6N) is dead on arrival! It has the rapid blinking issue!!!

Canon’s link!!ut/p/z0/bY7NbsIwEISfhUOP1lpYRL2GQMVPLNQWVcGXaEnc4BJsszahj99E6qUNt5nR6JsBBQUoi51pMBpnse39QSWlfF09r9YZz3f77Zyny_nuXSQLwTMBG1B_Ci_TJU_l_iOXYi34WzIQpiQz2YDyGE_M2E8HRYUXTRigCDfvHUVWh5ag0C6wWc0uSGdmzMj_Hxu9eTyGdceOGCOrTkiNpqFmvq5XlYKqnI36Ow6PrLOl1fe7PpaeXH2rYnjiv4r1DBMcGd1nI54_q8Ni1nZ5Opn8ANXp0J4!/


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Thrunite MCC-4S Multi Battery Charger

The Thrunite MCC-4S Multi Battery Charger is a great affordable option for charging up to 4 batteries. It even includes an option for charging at twice the normal speed.
Charger + (4) 18650 batteries:


Ultimate Speed ULGD 3.8 A1 Battery Charger – ideal for motorhomes

A video review of this useful battery charger which is ideal for a motorhome that is laid up for long periods in the winter. If you can’t get one from Lidl they are available from Amazon here
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Olight UC (Universal Charger) Review / Dead simple battery charging

The Olight UC is a dead simple charger with good build quality and a very reasonable price.

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Digipower universal battery charger


EVEREADY By Energizer AA & AAA Battery Charger Review, Works Great & Batteries Hold Good Charge

EVEREADY By Energizer AA & AAA Battery Charger Review, Works Great & Batteries Hold Good Charge
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black and decker battery charger

I cant believe it hoodwinked me into buying a new battery. the worst part is,they require your old battery as a trade in or they charge you a $12.00 fee. so my old battery ,that wasnt bad, is forever gone. what a waste. this is the first time ive used this battery charger. its also about a year old and i dont have the box or the receipt. my bad. i m out 50 bucks for a battery and 150 bucks for a battery charger.
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Nikon Camera: How to Detach / Remove Battery Charger from the Power Adapter

Find out how you can easily remove the Nikon battery charger from the power adapter.

Do you find it is impossible to separate the Nikon battery adapter from the charger? Well there is a simple of take them apart. All you need is a screw driver or a spoon.

By placing the spoon handle or the screw drivers in the middle of the gap, then twisted it a little bit to release the lock clip that bond the two units together.


Bacterial battery chargers