How to make a powerful battery charger from a potato Video tutorial with Dan the science man

Dan the science man explains in selflessly great detail how to make a very powerful battery charger out of a potato and a few bits of junk from around the house.


30v 250w solar panels charging 12v battery directly

30v 250w solar panels charging 12v battery directly

No charge controller




Dc fast charger for ev battery charging



iPhone, app, and tech tips to help you survive a disaster – iMore



🔌 How to fix a laptop charger cable and plug 🔌

The most common failure is created by repeted bending of the wire in the same small area.


Charging a pebble smart watch without the charger? Life hack


Make a Fast Charge USB cable

In this video I show how to modify an existing USB cable to turn it into a fast charge cable, this is especially useful for Android devices using AC or Car charge adapters that are charging in USB mode instead of AC mode.

If the data pins (two middle pins) are shorted together, the Android device will assume it’s connected to an AC adapter and try to pull more power than the usual 450-500ma it pulls when it thinks it’s connected to a regular usb port.

Some people choose to cut their cable in half and then solder the wires, but this is a fiddly process and damages the cable shielding and general strength.

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DC 12 VOLT | ১২ভোল্ট তৈরি | Using audio amplifier/Battery Charger

Hello everyone Welcome to my Channel, my channel talking abut, How to make a 12 volt DC power supply using 12 0 12 Transformer, in this video I will show mini 12 amplifier, 12 volt battery charger, and this projects use dry battery charging, amplifier, mini Ips, inverter, mosfet, any audio, DIY, DIY sircuit, How to make, HOW, HOW TO,

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How to make 4440 audio amplifier without PCB

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Huawei P9 | How to charge it faster? (Updated)

After some comments regarding the in my opionion long charging time I wanted to find out if I could maybe charge it faster by using different chargers like the adaptive fast charger from the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 compatible charger.
Let’s see what happens…

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DIY How To Fix A Broken Laptop Charger

Easy fix for all laptop chargers (excluding Macs). Has your laptop stopped charging? If you are positive that the charger is at fault, you can simply re-wire the broken connector with this 5 minute fix. Laptop chargers are intentionally designed with a single point of failure, establishing a corrupt business model that is designed to put money in the pockets of big-name hardware manufacturers at the expense of you, the consumer.