How to Care for Two Wheeler Batteries

Headlight getting dim and horn not working? Slow and struggling movement of the starter? And clicking sounds while trying to start the bike?

Well, these are some tell-tale signs indicating that your battery's health is not in proper order and requires servicing.

A bike battery is a critical element that puts your bike in the starting mode and provides energy to other parts. While a bike battery is what keeps your bike in proper health, it is equally important to ensure that the battery's health is properly taken care of.

Here are some helpful automotive battery tips to improve your bike's battery life:

Visual Inspection:

A visual inspection of your 2 wheeler battery once in every three months is a must-do practice. (Set reminders if you tend to forget) Look for any loose or broken terminals that could lead to dangerous short circuits. Also, check the exterior for any unsafe crack, leakage, bulge or split as it rings a warning bell that your bike is asking for a battery replacement.

Top up at Regular Intervals (Only in case of 2 wheeler conventional batteries)

If you're using regular conventional motorcycle batteries, check and ensure that the electrolyte cells are topped up with distilled water. The electrolyte levels are best kept within the upper and lower limit marked on the container of conventional lead-based batteries. Use only distilled water, simply because it has no impurities and helps the bike batteries last longer. Batteries with VRLA technology do not need any Top-Up.

Clean the Terminals:

The battery terminals and nearby areas should be properly cleaned to prevent corrosion which can cause problems while starting the bike. Keep them in a dry condition always. Cleaning regularly helps prevent the buildup of dirt and sediments which in turn increases the vehicle battery's life in the long run.

Regular charging:

Even during long periods of non-use, any automobile battery should be regularly charged. Discharging the battery in an idle state is harmful to the battery; therefore, keep charging the battery every month even if it is not used for a long time.

Keep the battery Grime-free:

Over a period of time tiny dust particles, grime and small pollutants tend to accumulate on the battery. These should be cleaned off using a clamp brush and battery cleaner. To prevent the cleaner from entering the cells, make sure the vent caps are tight. Clean wipe the bike battery with a wet towel and then with another dry towel.


How to Charge 12V Car Battery with 19V Laptop charger | DIY Car Battery Charger

In this video you will see a very simple way how to charge a 12 volts car or a motorcycle battery with 19 Volts laptop power adapter (laptop charger)

Difference between 19 and 12 voltages drops on a light bulb, I’ve used 12 volts 21 watt light bulb.

If you need higher current use two 21W bulbs in pararel, or you can use just one 55W light bulb.

Important: Charging will NOT stop automatically even if battery become fully charged, so you need to disconnect charger manually when a battery reaches 14.2 volts, or when cells of the battery starts to release hydrogen.

Do you have any questions? ask in the comments below.


PRO-LOGIX Portable Chargers Control Panel Charging Setup

How to use the Control Panel for Charging a Battery using a PRO-LOGIX portable battery charger. For model# PL2310, PL2320


9 Laptop Battery Power Saving Tips

Times have changed and laptops are now outselling desktops due to their portability, high speed, and light weight. Unlike the desktop, the performance of the laptop is tied directly to the battery. There are two common mistakes people make when it comes to their laptop battery. The first is leaving the battery in the laptop while the adapter is being used. If you are using the adapter, remove the battery to help extend the life of the battery. The second is recharging the battery even if it’s not completely dead. It is much better for the battery if you drain it completely before fully recharging it again.

Have you ever been in the middle of a sales presentation or taking notes in a class and your laptop battery runs out of juice? The average, fully charged laptop battery should provide approximately 3 hours of power. To maximize and extend the battery life during each use, follow these 9 laptop battery power saving tips.

  1. Adjust the Power Settings – Decrease the screen brightness because the brighter the screen, the more battery power is needed. You can also change how long the laptop needs to be inactive before it goes into sleep/standby/hibernation mode. There are different options ranging from 1 minute to never.
  2. Manage Your Wireless – If Wi-Fi is not available or you don’t need it on, turn it off by removing the Wi-Fi card, changing your settings to off, or switching to airplane mode.
  3. Remove External Devices – Refrain from using a USB card, memory card, or wireless mouse. Even if they aren’t in use, they use battery power just being plugged in.
  4. Run One Application at a Time – Now is not the time to multi-task. The more applications that are open, the more battery power needed. So, when you are done with one application, close it before opening another.
  5. Keep It Cool – Blocking the fan vent on your laptop causes the internal temperature to rise, decreasing efficiency, and increasing battery power. A common mistake is to place the laptop on soft surfaces, such as your lap. Despite what the name implies, it’s best to place it on a hard surface whenever possible. The laptop fan also gets dust build-up, which can cause the internal temperature to rise as well. So, be sure to clean the fan using compressed air every couple of months.
  6. Keep It Clean – Over time, dust and grime can build up on the battery connection, which could reduce the power delivered to the laptop. Make it a point to clean the battery connection with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol every couple of months.
  7. Avoid Using Adobe Flash – It’s a battery killer!
  8. Add More Memory – By adding more RAM to your laptop, it allows programs to run using the memory instead of the hard disk drive.
  9. Defragment the Hard Drive – Defragmenting the hard drive allows the laptop to operate as efficiently as possible. The defrag tool can be found under system tools and should be done every couple of months.

Laptop batteries are expensive and need to be replaced every 2-3 years; the average price of a decent battery is approximately $75. So, follow the battery power saving tips above to get the most bang for your buck. Do you have any tips to add to the list? Share them with us by leaving a comment. Do you know a coworker, student, or family member who would find these tips useful? Be a superstar and pass the blog along to them.


Maintain your Battery with Optima’s Digital 1200 Battery Charger

This isn’t your grandfather’s battery charger. Slick features, easy to use and understand controls as well as several industry firsts make the OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 12-volt Battery Charger stand out in a very crowded market.

View the complete story at:


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How to Prevent a Laptop Fire

Ignorance can expose you to unnecessary danger:

There are many risks that it can pose-including laptop fires. This might not seem to be big of an issue, but it happens every year, especially in colleges resulting in causing damage.

How does a laptop fire start?

The overheating of batteries can generate enough heat, (especially on bedding material or a couch cushion) and can limit the ventilation posing a risk and even cause a fatal house fire.

Here are some of the steps to prevent a laptop Fire:

*for proper ventilation, keep it on a hard-surfaced floor.

*purchase fans to cool their machine.

*make sure that the vents allow airflow at all times.

(mainly when used on a bed or pillow, it suffocates the laptop’s fans)

*Do not leave your computer plugged in.

*Place it on a desk clear of combustible materials.

*Place it on flat surface like a table or the floor.

*clean your laptop, clogged with dust particles and lint can contribute to overheating.

*Store a laptop on a desk, Elevate the laptop.

*In case of electrical sparks, unplug the power cord immediately. If it is damaged you must replace it.

*Cords that are worn can also cause an outlet to spark, set fire to things.

We will also be discussing Lithium batteries:

Laptop, mobile phone, tablet computer, camera common in modern day life. They all have in common: lithium batteries.

So, What are Lithium Batteries?

In simple terms, lithium batteries are a power sources for portable electronics.

Why they catch fire more often?

The stored energy, which makes it useful but if released suddenly can be hazardous at the same time.

There are 2 main types of Lithium battery:

Both types can catch fire.

*lithium metal batteries non-rechargeable

*lithium ion batteries. are rechargeable.

Many of the items we have Lithium Batteries in them.

Electric cars, electric bikes, lithium battery packs are those in laptop computers, E Cigarettes. Though, it is unusual for batteries to overheat and catch fire, unless they are damaged or might have been faulty marketing.

Thermal Runaway

In case of thermal runaway, the temperature would quickly rise to the melting point of the metallic lithium and potentially causes increased current, which in turn increases chemical reaction rate in the lithium causing the battery to catch fire.

As a Precaution:

*It is advised to use the charger that came with your device.

*Always buy batteries from reputable sources approved for your device.

*To prevent a short circuit, place tape across the battery’s isolation terminals.

Why is the fire extinguisher the best option:

*Puts out the fire.

*No Danger of Electrocution.

*Insulates the batteries.

General safety fire rules:

Don’t Delay on evacuation,

Don’t try to tackle a fire unless you are certain you can do so safely

If it’s better to get out – leave it to the Fire Brigade.

Since, the reports of damage are concerning.Shared accommodation are seven times more likely to have a fire. Being ignorant of these precautions can cost more, Be safe!

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Solar Battery Charger maintainer for car, rv, and truck

Addition: 11/30/2015 I was talk’n to a guy who owns a number of trucks parked in Idaho, and he uses these solar chargers. He says he hooked them up directly to his battery and he didn’t put the panel in in the windshield. He mounted it on top/outside some how. So anyone wanting to try this might keep this in mind.

This solar battery charger/maintainer is used to keep the batteries maintained during cold weather and while the vehicle is parked for long periods of time without starting. As I reported in one of my previous videos I have been having a problem with my batteries in my Kenworth T 2000. So I went ahead and bought this 2.5 watt solar charger/maintainer to see if it’ll help keep the batteries up. It’s plug into my cigarette lighter. I’ll get back when I can, on how well it works out. I looked around on the net. It was cheaper and faster just go to Autozone. They had the best price and I didn’t have to wait for it to be shipped. The guy at Autozone said he has a friend that uses this charger to keep the batteries up in his rv and it works great. UPDATE: after 1 wk + I can’t yet vouch for the product. After 3 days sitting the truck was hard to start but it did start.

Addition: 3/18/15. I just tried starting my truck after 2 days beyond the last time started. It will not start. I can’t vouch for this product yet.


Projecta Pro-Charge Battery Chargers

Mark Allen previews the range of Projecta Pro-Charge battery chargers


How To Test A 12 Volt Car Battery Charger 2-10 Amp Charger. Harbor Freight Item# 60581

Testing the Second Failed Harbor Freight Item #60581
I could not find a video on this, so, I made one real quick, while I was super pissed off, that the SECOND charger I received was no better than the first… Here is how you can test them.. I didn’t see anyone else who had done a video on this, and it needs to be out there, as lousy a video as it was.. Grrr… But, it will help if you need it.
NOTE: If you are not pretty sure that your Boost is not working, maybe you should not do this test on boost with a 10 amp setting.. Might blow a fuse or burn out your $5.00 meter..
I made this video for Harbor Freight, when I wanted to send the 3rd unit back in for a refund, rather than swap it out for another one..
I bought a Die Hard 200 amp boost roll around charger.. Best charger I have ever had and makes quick work out of the dual Bus Batteries I have to charge and jump from time to time..


Harbor Freight 10/2/50 Amp Battery Charger Review FAIL Part 2

Inside the box we see the reason it cannot supply 50A and cuts out. Has a Bussmann 20A self resetting circuit breaker. I also explore modifying circuit to have a switch to force voltage at clamps. This experiment did not go well. as even if I jumpered the AC relay and forced power to the transformer the regulator circuit would still not power on.