Convert Old charger to Amplifier by 120A Transistor in Hindi редред Broken charger to Amplifier !!

In this video I am talking about how can we make an amplifier by old broken mobile charger, By using the transistor of mobile charger we can make an amplifier, by this amplifier we can make mini amplifier in the world, this amplifier for properly and in this transistor we will use the capacitor and resistor which we can obtained by the old mobile charger, the one kilo ohm resistor already exist in the charger and 16 volt 220 microfarad capacitor also exist in the charger and we need extra aux cable and speaker now we connect the speaker of resistor capacitor and transistor by the help of circuit diagram now the amplifier is ready,I hope you will like this video,

Components required —
Old charger
1.Resistor — 1K
2.Capacitor — 25V 100uf / 16V 220uf /16V 100uf
3.AUX code
4.Transistor –LB120A
5.5V DC current

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