how to make a 12v battery charger or power supply at home

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Battery charger panther 7-stage automatic philippine 12v made

Made in the philippines battery charger. It can revive battery.if the cell plate of the battery is not heavyly damaged. The battery charger is fully automatic
1 desulphation
2 soft start
3 bulk charging
4 constant current
5 battery test
6 recondition
7 float charging

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Make SOLDERING IRON Using 12v charger

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Make SOLDERING IRON Using 12v charger.

Warning – don’t connect with your laptop, computer, power bank.please connect it with 12V 2a adapter.

How to make a soldering iron using 10 ohms resistor. This video shows a cool way of making soldering iron with a resistor. Items used: resistor, wire connector,single core copper wire, fiber glass sleeve and a 12v adapter. Please note: Since the leakage of current , this soldering iron is not suitable for sensitive electronics.
WARNING: This video is meant for educational and entertainment purpose only. Any actions in this video shall not be a call to repeat them! The author shall not be hold liable for any of your actions performed.


how to make automatic cut off 12v charger at home LCSC Electronics

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12v battery charger


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Aliexpress 12V 1000ma Smart Lead Acid AGM GEL Battery Charger for Car Motorcycle DC 12 V Volt 1A 220

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Cheap Chargers, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:12V 1000ma Smart Lead Acid AGM GEL Battery Charger for Car Motorcycle DC 12 V Volt 1A 220V Motor 4ah 7ah 10ah 12ah 20ah Moto EU


How to make Automatic cut off 12V lead acid battery charger

How to make Automatic cut off 12V lead acid battery charger

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Screwfix – Multi-stage, fully automatic smart charger. Interactive LCD display shows charge status, mode selected and condition of battery. Analysis mode determines performance of vehicle battery and alternator. Includes settings for standard and start/stop vehicles. Memory saver function retains settings if the battery is removed. Rubber wrap outer for added protection and grip. Includes unique battery starting performance test to determine engine starting ability. Suitable for vehicles up to 5Ltr.

Full LED Display
Compact Design
Suitable for All Batteries
Ideal for Long-Term Connection
Charging, Winter & Repair Modes
Ideal for Multiple Charging
5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
Fully Insulated Battery Clips
Polarity Protection


12V Car battery problem (broken cell interconnects)

A simple demonstration on why lead acid car batteries may fail, giving no warning. The importance of measuring voltage under load in order to find out the real condition of a battery.


Streetwize 6A Automatic Battery Charger 12V | Screwfix

12V automatic heavy duty plastic-cased battery charger for car, motorcycle and lawn mower batteries. Ammeter show current charging levels. Double-insulated and protected against thermal overload.

Easy to Read Ammeter Display
Robust & Portable Design
Suitable for Lead & Acid Batteries
Up to 8 Hours Connection