(:Review:) BigBlue 28watt USB Solar Charger ~Portable Power for Your Devices Put To the Test

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This solar charger passed my tests, even in the early evening on a fall day!

I have tested 5 of these folding solar chargers now. This one is is just as good or better than others. I tested the 28 watt (4 Fold) version which is capable of charging up to 3 devices. This one has a rubber weather protector over the USB ports to help protect from water and dust. I also like the soft tie downs on this charger. Many of the others on the market use metal rivet holes. The flexible strap points on this one will give a little bit more flexibility in attaching this panel to a tent, tree, backpack, etc…

Unlike other 28 watt solar chargers that I have tested, this one has only 3 USB ports. Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing. While you probably could charge 4 full sized smart phones in the middle of the day with the sun directly overhead, in the morning or evening, you are going to be asking way too much of the charger trying to power 4 devices. You may get some erratic behavior and put a lot of stress on the charging circuits of your devices. 3 Ports is just right for a 28watt solar charger

I tested this thing outside in the late afternoon sun on a fall day (4:30PM on 9/28/16 to be exact). Even being late in the day I was able to get 3.1 Amps reliably out of it. Had I tested it in the middle of the day, I’m sure I could have gotten up to 3.5 amps. I used a constant current load resistor set at 2.5 amps at first. The charger had no trouble powering it. I had to go beyond the 2.5amp limit of my load resistor so I brought out a power hungry bluetooth speaker which is always good for drawing about an amp. I had to dial down the load resistor to 2.1 amps. The speaker plus the load resistor together drew 3.14 amps. Voltage on the 1amp port did not drop below 4.75. Voltage on the heavy draw, 2.1amp port dropped down to +/- 4.5 volts. (As you can see on camera I kept having to adjust the amperage down because the sun was lowering on the horizon).

This solar charger works well and would be a great choice for anyone looking to buy a solar charger. Just decide how many devices you want to be able to charge. If you want to be able to charge 3 devices, get the 28 watt charger, If you only want to charge 2, the 21 watt will be more than adequate.

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