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Make your own portable phone charger with a BATTERY! (Demo)

Don’t have an outlet around to charge your phone? No problem! In this Flash Tip, we’ll show you how to make your own portable phone charger with just a few household items.



It is very usefull

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4 in 1, 4v,6v, 9v,12v battery charger

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Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]


Quick look at my new 9V lithium ion battery charger

The batteries do plug in, I wasn’t thinking right due to working too much and in a hurry to make the video lol
I didn’t have much time to make a video today, so I did a quick one on the rechargeable 9V lithium ion batteries with charger I bought a couple months ago. I will do a more detailed video on these batteries later, especially if this video gets a lot of views and likes.


How to make 9v battery charger| Easy home made 9v battery charger

Hi guys welcome back

Today I will show you how to make 9v battery charger

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EBL (EBL-999) 12 Bay LCD AA AAA 9V Battery Charger – Gear Review

► EBL (EBL-999) 12 Bay Battery Charger:

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► Ashampoo Burning Studio 19 – The Multimedia Genius:

Looking for a exceptional good battery charger for all those speedlite batteries? Perhaps the EBL-999 is for you. This charger is priced very low, yet has many of the features of high dollar chargers and is also built very good. In this gear review I cover those features and what I think of this battery charger.

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EBL 12 Bay (EBL-999) LCD AA AAA 9V Battery Charger | Gear Review


How to make a 9V BATTERY CHARGER

Its a DIY product

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How to make 9v battery charger in easy method.

Published on may 28 2018.

This video is based on to reuse of waste material
To save your money.


Shoshine 9V Lithium Ion and Ni-MH battery charger

After starting to use one of these chargers I started having a row of Faulty batteries, similarly to what many others reported on-line.

Knowing my batteries were fine (used and charged for about a year prior to owning this charger) and the first charger failed, I ordered another one to check if this was a one off or just poor design.

The results show the Soshine charger to be completely unsuitable for lithium batteries and a comparison with a digital camera charger is performed where we can see the safety checks being implemented.

Lithium charger basics:

Any good charger, suitable to lithium batteries should cut the output if the cell is at less than 2.5V or (5V for 2 cells) as deeply discharged lithium cells pose a fire hazard if recharged

In the worse case scenario, once the cell is identified the maximum voltage should be limited to 4.2V (or 8.4V for two cells). Any other values show that the charger is not implementing safety checks and therefore poses a fire hazard risk. When buying one of these make sure it complies or return it back for a refund.