REDARC's SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers unboxed and reviewed

Expert travellers My Aussie Travel Guide unbox the new REDARC SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers from DEFA.

Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10amp models there is now a safe, flexible and effective way to maintain your batteries from REDARC.

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How DC supply of Train Run AC supported mobile chargers #SustainableEveryDay



120 VOLT BATTERY PACK!? Powering Speakers w/ EXO's Q100 Power Bank | AC Outlet on Portable Charger?

Can this portable power bank really deliver power to your 120 volt accessories? Well, let’s put it to the test… BASSHEAD STYLE! Today we’ve got this handy Q100 from our friends at DBPOWER, and we’ll be testing it on my VERY 1st set of subwoofer desktop speakers I got at 9 years old. And of course, we’ll be attempting to WALL SOCKET some junk speaker drivers at the end 😀 Thanks For Watching!

Check Out This Battery Bank!

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Bassheads Unite 2017


Review: Smartbox Powerful Solar Generator –Portable Power Charging Station With Multiple USB & AC.. – Smartbox Powerful Solar Generator –Portable Power Charging Station With Multiple USB & AC Outlets–100-Watt Emergency Solar Battery Charger With Ultra-Bright LED Light For Outdoor Activities
CHARGE MULTIPLE DEVICES ON THE GO: Charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop and any other device, even when you’re in the middle of nowhere! This solar battery charger includes both USB and AC outlets, as well as a built in ultra-bright LED light function. LONG-LASTING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: You can recharge this solar generator in three different ways. You can either use a compatible solar panel (not included), a wall outlet (approx. 8 hrs), or the included cigarette adapter in your vehicle or RV/Camper. LARGE CAPACITY YET LIGHTWEIGHT BATTERY: Smartbox has a new powerful lithium battery that only weights 3.3lbs. Thanks to its lightweight design and handle, you can take portable power station with you when you go camping, or for emergency situations. COMPLETELY SAFE FOR YOUR DEVICES: The Battery Management System (BMS) of our solar power inverter backup undertakes voltage control, temperature control, and advanced safety operations, ensuring complete protection for you and your devices. 100% HASSLE FREE PURCHASE: Smartbox solar powered generator kit comes with an AC adapter, a car charger cable, DC to cigarette socket adapter, a user guide, a 100% risk-free 18-month warranty and the friendliest customer service. Don’t miss out on this deal!

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Tiện lợi với mạch chỉnh dòng cho máy nạp ắc quy.Battery charger

Lắp mạch chỉnh dòng cho máy sạc ắc quy,máy sạc ắc quy điều chỉnh dòng


★★★★★ FlePow Portable Charger AC Outlet Battery Pack – 20000mAh High Capacity – Amazon

90 Amazon here:
I use this for my laptop (Macbook Pro) but I would only recommend it for tablets and phones.
Laptops that run hot tend to really burn through it fast.

I opted for this smaller charger because my other portable chargers are huge (twice the size of this) and that much MAH just isn’t needed for my short trips.

Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits), (Seattle nonprofit)
From Beau Chevassus:


Pat Callinan reviews REDARC's SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers

Iconic 4×4 expert Pat Callinan unboxes a brand new REDARC SmartCharge AC battery charger.

REDARC’s range of SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers by DEFA are compact, easy to use battery chargers that keep your 12-volt vehicle battery healthy, fully charged and always ready to use. Available in 4,6,8 and 10amp variants, they are perfectly suited for the home and garage.

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Bộ Sạc ắc quy rẻ tiền nhất thế giới.The world's simplest battery charger

Bộ nạp ắc quy.hạ điện áp trực tiếp bằng tụ.mọi người chú ý mạch điện này rất nguy hiểm


220V AC to 3.7V DC converter for Charging Battery with Transformer – 18650 Lithium ion Charger 3.7 v

220V AC to 3.7V DC converter for Charging Battery with Transformer – 18650 Lithium ion Charger


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Testing AC Voltage on a Battery Charger

Testing AC Voltage On a Battery Charger