Two Helpful Accessories For the Delta Cordless Drill – An Extra Battery and a Charger

Have you ever worked on a major project when the Delta cordless drill you're using begin to die? You begin to rush, trying to complete the job at hand before the battery dies and you are stuck basically cranking your old Phillips. From time to time you get lucky and finish the task, but more often than not, an extra battery and charger would've been nifty.

You're standing on the roof above your porch, trying to reach the edge of the roof on the next level. You balance a metal gutter on your shoulder while lining up the screw correctly. When the screw and the piece of metal gutter are finally lined up, you start up your Delta cordless drill. The drill is inert and lacks the power you require to complete the task. This is not the Delta power and force you've come to expect with your cordless drill. It's a battery problem.

Yes, a low battery is not acceptable since your project needs power. Thinking of something else while on the roof holding metal gutters in place is not an option you would want to do.

If you had the prospience to buy an extra battery and charger for your drill, this could've been avoided. These are 2 of the most important Delta accessories, and you should have bought them sooner.

When placing your order for the charger and extra battery from the Delta parts roster, have your parts and model number prepared. This detail will save you great deal of time.

Safety is important. There are numerous stories out there about the dangers of chargers and batteries. Comply with all instructions included with the Delta parts. Misuse of batteries and chargers can be very dangerous, but Delta products, when used correctly, are very safe.

Your Delta parts will be ready for use quickly. You can alternate batteries during major projects if you own a charger and two batteries for your Delta cordless drill. If you notice a battery is losing its power to get the job completed, just put it in the charger to get ready for the next task. In a matter of seconds, you can pop in your extra battery into the Delta cordless drill. Taking the time to substitute batteries is a cinch.

If you own an extra battery and charger, your Delta cordless drill experience will improve. This way, you will not need to rush the task, trying to use the last bit of power from your cordless drill.


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GoPro Hero 5/6/7 Black Charging Accessories | Must Have Accessories

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Autel Robotics: New Evo Accessories at CES 2019

In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew catches up with Andrew St. Pierre, the creative product manager at Autel Robotics about two new accessories for the company’s Evo drone. The first is a multi-charger for the aircraft batteries, allowing up to four batteries to be charged in sequence. However, unlike other multi-chargers, this unit charges each battery to 80 percent of capacity, then begins charging the next battery while continuing to trickle-charge the first. This approach saves time and stress on the batteries. Also introduced at CES 2019 is the Live Deck: a video receiver separate from the aircraft controller capable of independently receiving video and telemetry. Intended primarily for use by the public safety community, this allows the signals to be shared with a command post or other observers not standing next to the pilot. Both products are set to be released in early 2019, with the price to be determined.


CES 2019 | Zendure Battery Backups and Charging Accessories

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Top 7 Best Battery Tenders in 2018 Reviews. Best Accessories for Cars 2018

Amazing compilation of latest and new battery tenders in 2018 reviews.
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3. Deltran Battery Tender Junior 12 Volt 3-Pack
2. Black & Decker BM3B 6V and 12V Battery Charger
1. Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger


Mobile Phone Accessories – Portable Dvd & Cd Player Chargers, Best Sellers 2017

Mobile Phone Accessories – Portable Dvd & Cd Player Chargers, Best Sellers 2017 // Amazon UK Electronics
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Poweradd Pilot X7 20,000mAh Portable Universal External Power Bank, Red-Black 20,000mAh Portable Universal External Power Bank, Red Black

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ThinkPad Laptops – Advantages, Features and Accessories

A ThinkPad laptop is a useful asset for any business to invest, due to its speed, reliability, convenience and security features. Their innovative designs offer key business solutions that enable businesses to increase productivity, while reducing overall costs of doing business simultaneously. ThinkPad laptops are great business tools for both large-scale and small business enterprises. Below are some of the key advantages of using ThinkPad laptops for your business.


ThinkPad laptops are portable, thereby allowing users to carry their work with them to any destination, which may be done while on transit. In this way, your work does not have to stop when you leave the office. ThinkPad laptops have inbuilt durability features to protect the laptop from damage while on transit, such as the shock-mounted hard drives and roll cages. Another protective feature available in select models is the Active Protection System, which is an airbag-like feature that helps to protect your hard drive from damage when it falls.

Data Protection and security

Some ThinkPad models have an integrated fingerprint reader and Password Manager, which enables users to replace hundreds of passwords with a single mouse click. In addition to this is the ThinkVantage Client Security Solution, which makes the ThinkPad laptop one of the most secure laptop brands in the market.

Moreover, ThinkPad laptops are designed to protect business data from loss through the inbuilt ThinkVantage Technologies. Such business data losses may be as a result of virus attacks or system failure. The Rescue and Recovery feature is one of the key ThinkVantage technologies which enable the business to retrieve lost data in the event of an OS failure, by simply pressing the ThinkVantage button located on the touch pad.

Reduced PC life-cycle costs

Another great feature of using the ThinkPad laptop is that the business will be able to enjoy significantly reduced PC life-cycle costs in the long run. This stems from the fact that only about 20% of the cost of owning a PC is lies its purchase price; while the remaining 80% stems from the costs incurred from support and maintenance. The great innovative ThinkVantage technologies of the ThinkPad laptop therefore help a business to significantly reduce their IT costs.

Energy efficiency

Another great advantage of the ThinkPad laptop is its energy efficiency, which makes it advantageous to use, not only for the business, but for the environment as well. This is through the inclusion of standard green features which aid in the reduction of waste, as well as power consumption. By reducing the power costs of the business, the ThinkPad laptop will indirectly, yet significantly contribute to the protection of the environment. Some of the great ThinkPad green features include the switchable graphics, fans and battery stretch features.

Innovative technology

ThinkPad laptops come with some of the latest and greatest innovative technologies and designs in the market. Some of these great new features and latest technologies are found in the ThinkPad W Series notebooks, which are a must have for any graphic designer or photographer. For example the W700 model has a second retractable 10.6″ screen, which can expand the display area by 39%. It also comes with an integrated digitizer and pen for digital media creation, CAD/CAM applications, multi-touch panel technology, the latest NVIDIA® Quadro FX®-based graphics, dedicated graphics processor and memory, X-Rite® color calibration for precise PANTONE® color matching, as well a consistently true display.

Great Accessories

ThinkPad laptops come with a world of great accessories to enhance the overall user experience. These include the Lenovo vertical PC and Monitor Stand, which allows for the combination of the desktop PC and monitor into one compact, space saving and flexible solution. This accessory helps users to optimize their workspace by holding the PC securely behind the monitor, thereby providing the perfect solution for space-constrained environments such as lobbies and retail stores.

Another must-have accessory is the Lenovo Mini Wireless Laser Mouse N10, which is an ambidextrous three-button wireless mouse with a tiny dongle. This accessory also comes with a smooth and precise laser sensor, and may be used by either left-handed or right-handed persons.

Another great ThinkPad laptop accessory is the ThinkPad and IdeaPad 90W Slim AC/DC Combo Adapter, which may power a notebook, cell phone or MP3 player. This is Lenovo’s thinnest power adapter, thereby making it very portable for use while traveling. It may be plugged into standard AC wall outlets and DC outlets found in both airplanes and automobiles.