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Combi Drill vs Drill Driver vs Impact Driver – 2019 Pro Grade Tool Review #AD

In today’s video I will be explaining the key differences between a Combi Drill, a Drill Driver and an Impact Driver – and showcasing an exciting new range of pro grade DIY tools.

The multi-purpose combination drill and screwdriver is the most popular power tool ever made, but few of us actually understand the key variations to this tool that are available on the market, namely

– the Combi Drill
– the Drill Driver
– the Impact Driver

In today’s video I explain the key differences. The tools in today’s video are a brand new range from Erbauer, and this video is my first foray into collaborations as B&Q have asked me to do a review of these tools – which have just hit their shops and on-line.

The tools are aimed at the top end of the DIY market as they are reasonably priced but feature premium specifications – brushless motors, all metal gearbox, and metal keyless chucks – features you normally find on the high end, top of the range tools.

Here’s a quick summary of the technical specs for each tool featured in the video:

Erbauer Combi Drill ECDT18-Li-2
– heavy duty use all round power tool
– auxiliary handle
– 24+1+1 torque settings
– 120Nm max torque
– brushless motor
– all metal gearbox (2 speed)
– keyless metal chuck
– 0-480 / 0-1700 rpm
– LED work light
– 1.8kg weight without battery

Erbauer Drill Driver EDD18-Li-2
– ideal for overhead use & tight spaces
– 17+1 torque settings
– 40Nm max torque
– brushless motor
– all metal gearbox (2 speed)
– keyless metal chuck
– 0-480 / 0-1700 rpm
– LED work light
– 1 kg weight without battery

Erbauer Impact Driver EID18-Li
– fastening bolts, nuts & screws
– 0-3400 blows per minute
– 160Nm max torque
– brushless motor
– all metal gearbox
– keyless metal chuck
– 0-2800 rpm
– LED work light
– 1.2kg weight without battery

The tools I used were the bare versions (ie without batteries):

– Erbauer 18V Brushless Combi drill ECDT18-Li-2 – Bare £80
– Erbauer 18V Brushless Drill driver EDD18-Li-2 – Bare £60
– Erbauer 18V Brushless Impact driver EID18-Li – Bare £70
– Fast Charger £35
– Erbauer EXT 18V Li-ion 4Ah Power tool battery £40
– Erbauer EXT 18V Li-ion 2Ah Power tool battery £30

However there are some big savings to be made by purchasing a starter kit:

* Note: this is a lower spec combi drill than the one featured in today’s video

– Impact Driver & Combi Drill* with 2 x 2.0Ah batteries & charger £150
– Drill Driver & Combi Drill* with 2 x 2.0Ah batteries & charger £130
– Combi Drill* with 2 x 4Ah batteries & charger £140
– Drill Driver & 1 x 4Ah battery @ charger £90

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