Genius Charger for Apple MacBook Pro | USB C Power Adapter Laptop

Genius Charger for Apple MacBook Pro
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1. 💻 STAY PRODUCTIVE THROUGHOUT THE DAY – Never run out of battery! Provide optimal power to your 15” MacBook Pro with our Genius 87W Charger, powerful enough to charge your USB-C laptop at full speed! It is fully compatible with the versions 2016, 2017 and 2018. Definitely, your best choice when replacing or picking up a second charger for your device
2. 💻 FREEDOM ON THE GO – We understand how frustrating is not having the optimal cord length, If you’ve ever had to spend precious time hunting for an outlet at an airport, you’ll be thankful for the extra length we provide you. Our compatible Apple USB C Charger has a detachable and reversible 6ft DC cord + the added cable extension will give you a total of 12.5 feet! All these with ZERO cord fraying!
3. 💻 SAY GOODBYE TO OVERHEATING – Forget about cheap chargers that overload your machine or affect your battery life because of overheating, our Genius Macbook Charger USB C will always be cool to the touch regardless of the use. This new MacBook Pro charger is the perfect travel companion to keep in your handbag, backpack or suitcase!
4. 💻 HIGH-END QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE – Save some money without compromising performance! We take pride in providing you with premium quality products at an unbeatable price! Our durable USB-C cord is double coated and made from strong materials guaranteeing no cord fraying! This durable USB C charger MacBook Pro has been cleverly designed to exceed your expectations while delivering great solutions for your everyday needs
5. 💻 2 YEAR NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY: Our 87w usb c power adapter is made adhering to strict manufacturing standards, guaranteeing it exceeds ALL other Macbook Pro Charger usb c adapters on the market in terms of durability and performance. We are proud to offer you this amazing MacBook power adapter at this unbeatable price! Get Now The Best USB C MacBook Pro Charger on The Market, Risk-Free, As Each Adapter Is Backed By Our No-Hassle 24-Month Warranty.



Ceptics UP-10KU International All-in-One Travel Adapter – 2x USB, 1x Type C USB

The Ceptics All-In-One adapter plug is one piece compact unit with sliding mechanism to slide out 4 different types of plug for use in over 200 countries around the globe. The UP-10KU features two USB ports and a Type C USB port to charge your devices such as tablets, phones, smartphones and battery chargers. It also accepts one 2-prong or a 3-prong power cord. Small, simple and packed with everything you may need for your travels!

Product Link:
Ceptics All-In-One International Type C 3.0 Travel Plug Adapter – 2 USB Ports (UP-10KU)


This Adapter Will Destroy Your Car

This Adapter Will Destroy Your Car, DIY life hack and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Car destroyed by cheap cigarette plug adapter. Car life hacks. Charger adapter hack. Why your car’s electronics can be destroyed by these small aux adapter devices you plug in your car. Cheap adapters that are harmful to your car. Why many cars are having electrical problems due to these plug in adapters. The truth about adapter plugs for your car. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

⬇️ Things used in this video:
1. Safe Charger Adapter:
2. Common Sense
3. 4k Camera:
4. Camera Microphone:
5. Camera Tripod:
6. My computer for editing / uploading:

Mechanic Monday Official Rules:
1. The Mechanic Monday Giveaway will begin May 13th at 7 am CST and run for six days, ending on May 19th at 9 am CST.
2. There will be one winner of a safe charger adapter valued at $15
3. To enter, simply leave one non-offensive comment in the video below.
4. Only one comment per entrant is allowed and more than one comment will not increase your odds of winning.
5. Must be 18 years or old at the time of entering this giveaway OR have your parents’ permission.
6. This giveaway is open worldwide.
7. Any offensive, obscene, or lewd comments will be ineligible to win the giveaway.
8. The odds of winning are based on how many people enter the giveaway.
9. The winner will be chosen at random.
10. The winner will receive a reply to their originally posted comment in the video and will also be announced in a newly posted comment by Scotty around Sunday 9 am CST. The winner will be required to respond to Scotty’s comment within 24 hours or their win will become void and a new winner will be chosen at random.
11. The winner will be required to give Scotty their full name and mailing address to receive the prize.
12. Entrants that use computers, programs, or any other means of cheating by adding additional comments through more than one account, will be ineligible to win the giveaway.
13. Standard mailing time from the win date and the date received, will depend on the winner’s geographic location.
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17. Privacy notice: any and all personal data collected from the entrants and winner will only be used to announce the giveaway winner. The winner’s full name and address will only be used to mail the giveaway prize to the winner and nothing else. If you do not agree to these terms, then do not enter the giveaway.

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1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:
2. Cheap Scan Tool:
3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:
4. Professional Socket Set:
5. Ratcheting Wrench Set:
6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter:
7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:

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This is the people’s automotive channel! Learn how to fix your car and how it works. Get a chance to show off your own car on Sundays. Or show off your own car mod on Wednesdays. Tool giveaways every Monday to help you with your own car projects. Or enter your own DIY car fix to compete in the best fix of the week contest every Thursday. We have a new video every day! I’ve been an auto mechanic for the past 50 years and I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

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Sunday: Viewers car show off

Scotty Kilmer is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program.

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Best USB-C Fast Charger, RAVPower 61W PD Type C PD 3.0 Power Adapter (Macbook,Switch,Pixel,IPhone X)

Best USB-C Fast Charger, RAVPower 61W PD Type C PD 3.0 Power Adapter (Macbook,Switch,Pixel,IPhone X)

Code: TKBPC105 Deal Price: $27.99
start date: 05/09/20199:00 AM
end date: 05/16/201911:59 PM

USB C Power Delivery Charger, RAVPower 61W Type C PD 3.0 Power Adapter, 2 Port USB Wall Charger, Compatible with MacBook Pro Air, Dell XPS, iPad Pro 2018, Nintendo Switch, iPhone and ixel Phones, as well as the galaxy S10 line of devices and huawei/honor phones. Best travel charger of 2019.

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Aliexpress 3 Style USB Charger Fast Charging Wall Mobile Phone Charger for iPhone charger Adapter pl

Link to the product
Cheap Mobile Phone Chargers, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:3 Style USB Charger Fast Charging Wall Mobile Phone Charger for iPhone charger Adapter plug for Samsung S9 S8 cable Quick Charge


Tesla Wall Charger to J1772 Adapter Review

On this episode of Now You Know, we take a look at the new Tesla High Powered Wall Charger to J1772 EV Charger Adapter! Don’t forget to give us a like and if you haven’t already, subscribe! Also, please consider supporting us on Patreon! We have some cool pledge rewards, and we are creating EXCLUSIVE PATREON ONLY content, that you won’t want to miss!

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wholesale Electric Scooter Charger 42V 2A Adapter for Xiaomi Mijia M365 Ninebot

wholesale Electric Scooter Charger 42V 2A Adapter for Xiaomi Mijia M365 Ninebot Es1 Es2 Electric Scooter Accessories Charger

Similar Product
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New 42V 2A Electric Drive Smart Balance Wheel Charger Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board Power Battery
42V 2A Universal Battery Charger for Hoverboard Smart Balance Wheel 36v electric power scooter Adapter Charger
2017 New 42V 2A Electric Drive Smart Balance Wheel Self Balancing Scooter Hover Board Power Charger
Electric Scooter Charger Adapter 42v 2A for Xiaomi Mijia M365 Ninebot Es1 Es2 Electric Scooter Parts
36V Charger 42V2A electric bike lithium battery charger for 36V lithium battery pack with 3 Pin
42V 3A Scooter Charger For Xiaomi Mijia M365 Ninebot Es1 Es2 bird lime lime s Electric
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Fast Charger For Redmi Note 7 Pro Unboxing In Hindi | Mi Fast Charger Adapter @499 | Thetechtv

Fast Charger For Redmi Note 7 Pro Unboxing In Hindi | Mi Fast Charger Adapter @499 | Thetechtv

#Fastcharger #Redminote7profastcharger #Mifastcharger

Buy this charger from here-

In Hindi-
Namaskar dosto aaj ki video me maine unbox kia hai fast charger ki redmi note 7 pro ke lie vo bhi hindi me. Ye Mi ka fast charger adapter hai aur isse aap apne Redmi note 7 pro ya phir koi bhi device jo fast charging support karta hai charge kar sakte hai aur iski keemat sirf @499 rs hai.

In English-
Hey guys in todays video i had unboxed a Fast charger for Redmi note 7 pro and given you a review in hindi about this fast charger. This fast charger comes from the brand Mi itself. You can charge your Redmi note 7 pro or any other device which supports fast charging from this Mi Fast charger adapter easily. The MRP of this fast charger is @499.

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Mobile phone for video making-

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Mice for Audio-


Laptop for editing-


Nicad Power tools on New LITHIUM conversion adapter

Build a quick adapter for old cordless tools. Nicad takes a back seat too Lithium with this quick and easy adapter. No modifications have to be made to the original power tool. This modification with a battery, charger and adapter will cost $35-50 on average, with additional batteries being $15-30each.

Any 14.4v 18v 19.2v or 24v Nicad power tools work with the 20v lithium packs. I have run my 14.4v extensively and it loves it.

WHY: You can get new lithium packs cheaper than nicad packs. Lithium doesn’t self discharge like nicad and will be fully charged even if shelved for 6 months. You can charge lithium whenever.

$50ish Drill/battery/ charger :
$30 2 extra batteries:

Quick Steel Putty Epoxy:
DEWALT 18volts that use Nicad batteries. Dewalt makes an adapter:

Why a 14.4v drill doesn’t care about the 20v:
Cordless tools are designed to run on a wide voltage range. A 14.4v nicad battery pack is actually rated at the low end. It consists of 12 cells that are rated to 1.2volts each. But these cells are charged to 1.5+- volts full and 1 volt dead. So a 14.4v battery pack operates at 12-18volts. Now a 20volt lithium pack has five 18650 cells that are rated at 3.6-3.7volts each. They operate from 4.2volts full to 3volts dead. So a 20v pack operates between 15-21volts. These have very similar voltage ranges.

9.6v and 12volt power tools have a lithium packs that work as well
12volt lithium packs



Fast USB Car Charger Adapter, Guoguo Quick Charge 3 0 36W 4 8A Pure Copper

Fast USB Car Charger Adapter, Guoguo Quick Charge 3 0 36W 4 8A Pure Copper
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【Safety First】 : We are the DIRECT producer and quality is guaranteed ! Most of the plastic car chargers on the market have a over-heating issue that may damage your phone or even melt with your cigarette outlet. Hazards such as burning off the fuse, disturbing the tire pressure monitoring system and causing serious results. We adopt ALL CU material and specifically design components to charge efficiently and avoid over-heating, over-voltage and short circuit, thus, our car charger will be safer
【Dual Ports & Universal Compatibility】 : Charge two devices simultaneously at full speed with 2.4A in each USB port. With a total power of 4.8A, it works for ALL USB-powered devices including Apple /Samsung/LG/Android and other Smartphones /tablets/E-readers !
【Faster Car Charger】 : Input : DC 12-24V (Max) / Output: 36W(Max) Our car charger is compatible with micro-USB and QC3.0 smart USB cables ,the automatic identification function supports both quick charging and normal speed charging.
【3 Tips About Charging Speed】 : 1.Make sure your phones can be quickly charged—2.Turn on airplane mode to save battery—3.Short USB cables can reduce power loss Theoretically, using a short USB cable allows you to charge faster- thank you for your business and enjoy our product.
【WARRANTY】 : 18 months & 24H/7D friendly service.

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