How to Check/ Test your Car Battery with a Multimeter | AnthonyJ350

In this video we conduct several battery tests using a multimeter. There are other tools that are more sophisticated or tailored for this type of test. But most people have this tool and it can help give you an idea where your charging system is at.

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How to Check/ Test your Car Battery with a Multimeter | AnthonyJ785



New battery charger can it bring an old Gel cell back to life?

We will see. I think this old Gel cell is toast. But I wanted a charger for AGM (absorbed glass mat) so I got this one. You can check it out on amazon at the link below.
It is a Schumacher SSC-1500A-CA Ship ‘N’ Shore 15 Amp SpeedCharge Charger with Battery Clamps.


Easy to Follow First AGM Battery Bank Parallel Configuration 2 qty 12V 35 AH VMAXTanks AGM Batteries

This video will show you how to connect two VMAXTANKS 12 volts 35 AH AGM Batteries using Parallel Configuration with charging cables. I also wired charging cables to the batteries. This video will also show you how to charge multiple batteries using one charger or maintainer. After wiring the batteries using the parallel configuration, the charger, as far as it can detect, it will treat your batteries as one unit. The catch… get the appropriate amperage for the charger you can afford for fast efficient charging. Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendation. VMaxTanks recommends a 3 amps to 7 amps chargers – DO NOT Exceed 7 amps.
I got the 5 amps Model 1205 VMTanks Smart Charger. This smart charger falls between better and best (based on AH). Smart Charger 1207 is marked “best” for 45ah to 75ah

Parallel Configuration keeps the batteries’ voltage at 12 volts but doubles amp hours (two identical battery configuration). These VMTanks AGM Batteries will be used as a power source for my new Newport Vessel 55 trolling motor.
My first AGM Battery Bank 2 qty 12V 35 ah VMAXTanks Deep Cycle AGM joined using parallel configuration
With 2 qty of 12v 35ah joined using parallel configuration, I ended up with 12 volts 70 ah

Application: These VMTanks Batteries will be used for my 55 lbs Trolling Motor and as a backup power source for my travel trailer.
While in the trailer, the charger will be charge using the smart chargers connected to AC power in my travel trailer.


RV Geeks Explain Charging Requirements of Lithium and Traditional Batteries

The RV Geeks explain how Xantrex made it easy to find a solution to charge their new lithium ion battery and chassis battery properly. Utilizing the Xantrex TrueCharge 2 Battery Charger and FREEDOM SW Inverter/Charger, the RV Geeks were able to easily overcome any potential charging issues.

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CTEK MXS 5.0 Auto Batterie Ladegerät / Car battery charger

Kurze Vorstellung vom CTEK MXS 5.0 Ladegerät mit 5A max. Ladestrom für Blei-Säure oder AGM Batterie. Ich bin mit dem Ladegerät sehr zufrieden, ist klein, handlich und mit mit div. Zubehör erweiterbar.


Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Upgrade with Enerdrive DC to DC Charger

To reduce vehicle weight I convert from an AGM to a Lithium LiFePo4 deep cycle battery in my Land Rover Defender. Lithium ion batteries have several characteristics which make them a great choice for touring vehicles, primarily their lightweight construction.

I pair the lithium battery with an Enerdrive DC to DC Charger with inbuilt MPPT solar regulator.

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Replacing a 100 amp Agm battery with Battle Born Lithium in a 2016 Roadtrek Simplicity Motor home

{Also, check out my update video after a couple months of using the batteries. I did take out the battery separator and put in a plain isolator later} This was my experience researching and replacing the stock 100 agm battery with a Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LiFePO4 ) in my 2016 Roadtrek motorhome. I couldn’t find any videos doing this change in a roadtrek so I thought I would put this out for anyone interested. These are their 12v lithiums in a 6v case. So far the batteries have passed all my test runs and I am happy with my decision. (Your results may differ.) Battle Born has been a great company to deal with and answered all my questions promptly! .


Charging an AGM Battery With The Viking 4 Amp Charger

Topping off my AGM battery with the Viking 4 Amp battery charger,
And selecting the proper charge mode!


Charge a Fully Discharged AGM Battery
AGM Charger:
I learned about trick on how to charge a fully discharged AGM battery from the official Optima website. The process shown in the video above mirrors the process recommended by the actual manufacturer. You do need to be careful, but this is not something I cooked up in the basement.

AGM batteries are a little different than regular batteries, even deep cycle batteries should not be fully discharged. Most battery chargers have electronics that prevent them from dangerously recharging bad batteries. Completely dead AGM batteries can’t produce voltage to operate this safety device unlike deeply discharged traditional batteries.

What this method does is to trick your charger into thinking it is topping off a good battery while it is actually recharging a old dead one.

This does not always work, these batteries are not designed to be fully discharged and if they sit to long in this state there may be too much internal sufination to allow the electricity to recharge the battery.
Equipment Needed:

Battery charger
Jumper cables
Good battery (it doesn’t really matter what type as long as the voltage is the same – AGM or flooded cell just make sure both are 12 volt)
Deeply discharged AGM battery


Hook up the good battery and deeply discharged AGM battery in parallel
In parallel means connect positive to positive and negative to negative.
Do not have the charger connected to the battery yet
Hook up the good battery to the charger.
Turn on the charger.
Let charge for an hour
Check the AGM batteries. If they seem hot to the touch their may be something wrong with the batter. Batteries normally become warm during charging so a little warmth is not something to be alarmed with.
Also discontinue the process if you hear the battery a hissing sound coming from the safety valves.
With your voltage meter, check to see if the AGM battery has charged to 10.5 volts or above. This should take less than two hours.
Once the “bad” battery reads 10.5 or more, disconnect the charger
Connect the “bad” AGM battery to the charger.
Turn on the charger and continue until the AGM battery reaches a full charge

In most cases, but not all, this will charge a fully discharged AGM battery. There are professional AGM battery service centers that may be able to do more. This is important to me as these batteries are very expensive. I have three doe my solar set up and they cost over $300 a piece.


How It Failed: Schumacher XCS15 6-12V 15A battery charger

my charger broke, i fixed it. but i only fixed it back to the bad design it originally had.

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