Belkin BoostUp Wireless Charging Dock (iPhone/Apple Watch) | AirPower Alternative

Forget AirPower; if you want a wireless charging pad for your Apple Watch and iPhone (XS, XR and earlier models supported), check out Belkin’s BoostUp dock. At £140, the BoostUp isn’t cheap – but it’s one of the best clones we’ve reviewed as it’s both well designed and can power up your Apple smartwatch and smartphone simultaneously.

This Wireless Charging Dock can be bought direct from Belkin or Apple, or also found on Amazon’s UK site. That 7.5W iPhone pad works even if your mobile is covered with a plastic case, while the 5W Watch charger features a magnetic connection. Belkin has also included a USB-A port around the back of the dock, so you can power up something else at the same time.

Apple probably won’t be launching its own AirPower pad any time soon, so you might as well grab the BoostUp if cash ain’t no thing. This Belkin dock is compatible with all iPhones from the 8 and 8 Plus up to the new iPhone X, XS and XR. And all Apple Watches are also supported, from Series 1 to 4.


iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Leaked + AirPods Wireless Case & AirPower Coming In 2018?!

9to5Mac shares an exclusive first look at an unreleased Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, also likely dropping for the XS Max and iPhone XR. Does this mean AirPower and the elusive AirPods wireless charging case are also dropping in 2018?

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ChoeTech 5 Coil Dual Fast Wireless Charger – Better than Apple AirPower Pad? : REVIEW

A dual wireless charger with 5 coils! Place your handset anywhere on the pad to begin charging!
Better still, it can fast charge 2 devices simultaneously!!
Have ChoeTech beat Apple AirPower at their own game?!

T535-S PowerDual 5 Coils Fast Wireless Charger Pad
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AirPower finally arrived…. sort of – (PWJ118)

I’m playing with wireless battery chargers for phones and other stuff. What’s inside? How good is it? Is it good…?


3 Best AirPower Wireless Charger For iPhone X, iPhone XS 2018 (Alternative)

New AirPower Clone Wireless Charger For iPhone XS MAX

Product Links:
1. Baseus Dual Wireless Charger –
2. Untoom Airpower QI Wireless Charger For iPhone XS –
3. Baseus Three-coil Wireless Charging Pad –

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Wireless phone charging cheap for your car

Concept how to retrofit your #car with wireless charging option cheap – for less than $10. This #DIY project is going to work in all cars, even if there was no wireless charging option. Also all phones are supported, even if wireless charging is not supported by your phone.
You will need: emitter for your car, receiver for your phone, case to hide the receiver, USB charger or 12V-to-5V step down converter and a micro-USB cable.
Basically all you need to do is connect the transmitter to your car and hide it under a flat surface that you’ll place your phone on. As soon as the device is in the right place it will start to charge the battery.
In this video I tested it in BMW X1 (E84) and iPhone 6. I also tested the transmitter with iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
Depending on how much free space you have in your car I would recommend to use transmitters with many coils to make sure that the charging area is wide and it’s easier to put the phone in the most efficient place to charge the battery.

Basic transmitter:

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The Perfect Charger For Your iPhone XS Max? Logitech’s POWERED For iPhone Review

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Last year during their iPhone X keynote, apple gave us a sneak peak at their Airpower charging mat: a wireless charging mat that can charge multiple devices at the same time. And everyone assumed that the Airpower mat would go on sale in early 2018 and a lot of people including myself thought that we would see apple’s wireless charging mat at WWDC 2018. But we didn’t. But now everyone is speculating that we’re going to see the Airpower at apple’s next iPhone event in September. But with a rumored price tag between $150 and $200 I think some people will find Logitech’s new wireless charger a little more attractive. It does have its draw backs, but its decent.

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First Look: New Wireless Car Chargers from Kenu for iPhone/Samsung Galaxy

Go to and use promo code APPLEBITZ for $10 off any wireless car charger. (Offer expires 10/06/18)

I’ve been a fan of Kenu’s products and they’ve been a fan of my work so we partnered up for a First Look at their new Kenu Airframe Wireless and Airbase Wireless Car Charging Mounts!

It’s my first partnership with Kenu, a company that I bought the Stance tripod from for my iPhone 6 back in 2014 and then reached out to them so I could get some for viewers of my past shows.


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The ‘AirPower’ Wireless Charging Mat…from China

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat has taken almost a year to get here. So the Chinese beat them to it with their Mini Airpower Wireless Charger knockoff that I bought off Amazon. Let’s see how it does.

Here’s the product link:

Compatible with: Apple watch series 3/series 2(Note: can not suit for Apple watch series 1), iPhone X, iPhone 8 /8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 /S8 Plus /S7 /S7 edge /S6 edge+ /Note 8 /Note 5, Nexus 5/6/7, and other qi-enabled devices

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Is This Cheap Wireless Charger Better Than AirPower!?

Wyrex is a multi-device charger with the goal of besting AirPower. It can charge two iPhones, AirPods, and an Apple Watch all simultaneously.

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Read more about Wyrex and AirPower on AppleInsider:

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