Phone Fast Charging Tips – Mobile Fast Charge Kaise kare |📲Charge your Android Phone Battery Faster

How to make your Phone charge Faster when its dead? Phone Fast Charging Tips – Mobile Fast Charge Kaise kare | 📲 How to charge your Android phone battery faster

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To know how to charge a mobile phone battery #quickly, it is said to know every mobile user, charging Q mobile and waiting for a long time to be charged is the most useless.

If your phone takes more time to charge, and you have to charge the phone fast and save time, then how to do it and what methods are there to help the phone charge quickly.

What is the #fastest way to #charge your phone?
How do you #fastcharge ?
Can you use a fast charger on a regular #phone?
Does fast charging reduce #battery life?

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Fast Fast Charging Call Fast Charging Tips
Why do you charge fast for Android mobile phones?
कैसे तेजी से फोन चार्ज करने के लिए
मोबाइल धीमी गति से चार्ज समस्या
मोबाइल चार्ज करने के तरीके
मोबाइल चार्जिंग प्रॉब्लम
मोबाइल बैटरी चार्जर
बैटरी चार्ज करने का तरीका
बिना बिजली के मोबाइल चार्ज कैसे करे
मोबाइल चार्ज करने का सही तरीका

If you have to fast-charge the phone then takes care of the bottom line.
1: Always Use original charger

If you charge your mobile anytime, just use the original charger, which will be provided with your phone, because if you use another charger, the volt power and empire of each charger are different, but the phone’s With the charger they are given according to the phone that how much volt and empire will be a good phone charge.

If your charger has gone bad, then you can buy Fast Charger only, you can buy it with the following link.

Buy Fast Mobile Charger
2: Turn on Airplane Mode

When you charge your phone, only then you have to switch your phone to flight mode or airplane mode, so that the network will not load on your phone, and any connectivity will be closed, in such a situation Your phone’s battery may charge faster.

How to charge fast phone
Mobile slow charging problem
Ways to charge mobile
Mobile charging problem
Mobile battery charger
Battery Charging
How To Charge Mobile Without Electricity
The perfect way to charge mobile

* Keeping the focus will not even make a phone call. Q will not even have a network.
3: Turn off Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi

Whenever you change your phone, keep in mind that the phone’s Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi should be switched off, because if you keep all these services on, then the service keeps running, so that the battery is charging more It takes time.
4: Do not use phone (when phone is charging)

मोबाइल फ़ोन की बैटरी जल्दी चार्ज कैसे करे

When you are #charging your phone you should not use your phone, if you use it then at one time you are turning down your phone and on the other side you are charging it, In such a situation, your phone will be charged very slowly and the battery may also be damaged.
5: Switch off Your Mobile

How to make your Phone charge Faster when its dead?
If you want your phone to be charged soon, you can follow the 4 steps mentioned above. If you do not want to follow those four steps, these steps are very simple and very good for you.

In this, you turn off your phone when you put it in charge so that all the services of your phone will be closed, so that your phone will be fully charged soon,

How to charge your Android phone battery faster
You can use this step in android phone and also like phone, featured phone and iphone, you can fast charge your mobile phone.

So now you know how fast mobile is charged, even if I have a tip, even if you have a tip that can quickly charge the phone, please share it in the comment.

📲 SmartPhone Fast Charging Tips Mobile Fast Charge Kaise kare |

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Fastest Charger For Your Phone!In Tamil!

Hey guys this is Geekytamizha!Who doesn’t love fast charging? But how many of us know about fast charging,it’s working and uses?Where to buy fast Chargers?Watch this video fully to know it!Share this video with your family and friends!Stay Subscribed:)

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How to Fast Charge Any iPhone or Android Device – Complete Guide

Good Charging Practices:

1. Use the correct charger that was supplied by the manufacture OR a reputable Companies like (Anker and Belkin).

2. Chargers from Convenience stores or those under 10.00 are most likely insufficient – Best to check reviews first.

3. Use the correct cable – very important. Quality cabling affects data transfer speeds and charging. Cables greater then 3 feet (1 meter) such as the 15 foot or 4.5-meters charging cables should be avoided.

4. Consider keeping your phone up to date as new patches and features can aid in preserving battery control and enable better power management

5. Keep away from heat sources

From direct sunlight, near heaters, away from exhaust fans from laptops, desk lamps
Best Charging ambient temperatures, with 62° to 72° F (16° to 22° C) 
In a glove box, vs in direct sunlight if charging in a vehicle
Charging your device when it’s inside certain styles of cases may generate excess heat, which can affect battery capacity in the long run.  

Fast Charging Scenarios:

Scenario 1 Time More then 3 Hours. Example: Overnight Charging, no rush, constant charging is available, night stand charging

First be sure to adhere to the above Good Charging Practices.

Can charge with computer cable for Android and Apple Phones. Since Time is greater then 3 hours.

Wireless charging is a good option here as well, as it charges the phone at about the same rate as the original 5W adapter.

For Android: Use a charger that says 2A (2 Amps) or greater. Unlike Apple, phones that are designed for fast charging includes the fast charger with the phone.

For Apple iPhones:
For this scenario the original white cube charger will be sufficient. No need to use a more powerful charger. Like ground shipping you have time on your side. The White cube charger from apple will charge a depleted phone in about 3 hours at 5 Watts

Scenario 2 less then two hours but more then one hour of charging time. Example: Have a Date! Event Planned – Anticipate Lots of pictures and movies.

First be sure to adhere to the above Good Charging Practices written above.

In this scenario its best practice to stay from wireless charging as well as charging your phone with your laptop.

If your battery is below 20% consider placing your phone in airplane mode prior to charging.

If your expecting a call the considering enabling low power mode. Either way I recommended you don’t use the phone while it is charging as the power supplied to the phone for charging is partially diverted to screen and computing power when your using it while charging.

Android: use included quick charger or equiviant charger 2A or greater.

For Apple: Advanced Quick Charger is NOT included. You can either use an alternative charger from Anker, Belkin, or another good company (Be sure to check reviews). The included square white cube charger is insufficient for quick charging.

Quick charging options for Apple include:

Use your iPad USB charger [12W ~2Hrs & 20 Min ] (if you have one) as long as you have a USB to Lightning Cable. Apple will gladly sell the cable for 19 dollars as of 10.11.18.

Use reputable chargers from Anker:
Range from 10 to 40 bucks, depending on what cables you have. Each USB or USB-C is at least 2A.

For Apple (Fast Charger 30Watt) ~ 2 hours AT ~50 Dollars

Notice that double wattage does not mean double charging speed. 87 Watt Adapter for Apple MacBook which can charge iPhone if you have the correct cable will not charge the phone in 20 minutes, continues to take about 1.8 Hrs.

Scenario 3 Less the 45 Minutes. Example: Have a Date! Event Planned – Anticipate Lots of pictures and movies. NEED MORE POWER

First be sure to adhere to the above Good Charging Practices available in the notes.

Follow Scenario 2, be sure that you are using a charger that is 2A or greater.

Wireless charging or charging by a laptop here is not optimal.

What else can you do?

1. Most effective – Shut phone off. Prevents background apps and keeps phone off. Keep the phone cooler since it is off.

2. Effective: If you can’t shut phone off – airplane mode as soon as you can. If you are expecting a call – low power mode as soon as you plug in the phone.


Fast Charging Tricks for All Android Smartphones | DK Tech Hindi [Hindi]

Fast Charging Tricks for All Android Smartphones | DK Tech Hindi [Hindi]


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iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Battery Charging Case Baseus IPGC10

Good: The battery case has a 3650 battery inside of it so you can get a full charge of your iPhone using the case.
Good: This battery case unlike others uses a lightening port charger so you don’t have to worry about having a separate charger for your phone and your case. If you are traveling or just moving from the living room to the bedroom you don’t have to worry about which charging cable is where you just grab your regular cable and plug in.
Good: The case is considerably thinner than other iPhone battery cases. The other iPhone 7 Plus battery case I use is much thicker and heavier.
Bad: The case doesn’t fit over the edges of the phone so if you drop the phone face down its not going to provide your phone much protection if any.
Bad: The phone feels like it takes a long time to charge when the battery case in attached. It seems like it charges the phone and the case at the same time when most charging cases charge the phone first and then the battery case.
Bottomline, I like the case. This is a case that I don’t mind using everyday. My other charging case I only pull out for specific uses. This case is light relatively thin and has enough capacity to charge my iPhone all the way from 0-100% on a single charge.
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[Hindi] How to Keep Smartphone batteries healthier – Tech-Walk | Priyank Gada

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About this article
In this article, we will learn how to keep our smartphone’s batteries healthier and how to deal with problems caused due to battery damage. In my last article, we learned about lithium-ion batteries – and in this video, we will discuss some tips that might help you in taking good care of your smartphone’s battery.

Nowadays, smartphone’s come with batteries that are non-removable and non-replaceable by the user. Batteries are sealed in phone’s body and are expensive as compared to older batteries that we used to have in black-and-white Nokia phones. Thus it is necessary to keep batteries safe.

How to keep smartphone batteries healthier

1. Do not completely discharge phone
Discharging battery completely can mess up with the amount of maximum charge it can hold. Some batteries have sensors in them, which tell the device if the battery is completely charged or discharged. Thus it is recommended to keep some juice in your battery and not to discharge it completely.

2. Use official chargers
People tend to worry a lot about fast charging and other features. Some batteries are to be charged on slower rate as compared to others which are actually designed for fast charging and using un-official chargers that are not provided by the manufacturers can damage your battery and can even cause permanent malfunctions. Thus it is recommended to use official chargers which are provided by the manufacturer in order to keep the batteries safe an

3. Heat is enemy
Usually, phone’s come with overcharging protection and they don’t accept charge once they are completely charged and this prevents heat from generating but heat is an enemy and it is recommended not to use the phone while it is charging to prevent the battery from heating up. Using phones while it’s on the charger can damage the battery and decrease its lifespan.
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how to,how to increase battery life,smartphone,how to get longer battery life,how to improve battery,how to take care of battery,how to keep smartphone battery healthy,how to charge a new phone battery for the first time,smartphone battery,hindi,how to charge your phone,battery life,how to save mobile battery in hindi,how to increase battery life on android in hindi
how to,how to increase battery life,smartphone,how to get longer battery life,how to improve battery,how to take care of battery,how to keep smartphone battery healthy,how to charge a new phone battery for the first time,smartphone battery,hindi,how to charge your phone,battery life,how to save mobile battery in hindi,how to increase battery life on android in hindi

4. Replace batteries if required
Like every other electronic device, batteries usually have a lifespan of 1000 to 2000 charges and after which you might have to replace your batteries in order to keep your gadgets healthier. It is completely normal to replace batteries and it is recommended to do so after its completely used. Replacing batteries can also increase the lifespan of the whole device.


Make your own portable phone charger with a BATTERY! (Demo)

Don’t have an outlet around to charge your phone? No problem! In this Flash Tip, we’ll show you how to make your own portable phone charger with just a few household items.


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Wireless phone charging cheap for your car

Concept how to retrofit your #car with wireless charging option cheap – for less than $10. This #DIY project is going to work in all cars, even if there was no wireless charging option. Also all phones are supported, even if wireless charging is not supported by your phone.
You will need: emitter for your car, receiver for your phone, case to hide the receiver, USB charger or 12V-to-5V step down converter and a micro-USB cable.
Basically all you need to do is connect the transmitter to your car and hide it under a flat surface that you’ll place your phone on. As soon as the device is in the right place it will start to charge the battery.
In this video I tested it in BMW X1 (E84) and iPhone 6. I also tested the transmitter with iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
Depending on how much free space you have in your car I would recommend to use transmitters with many coils to make sure that the charging area is wide and it’s easier to put the phone in the most efficient place to charge the battery.

Basic transmitter:

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