14 Best Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Chargers with Reviews and Details

14 Best Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Chargers With Reviews & Details – Which is the Best Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Charger?
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Here we provide the list of Best Apple Macbook Pro Laptop Chargers!!!!

1. Apple 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

2. Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter

3. Mac Book Pro Charger

4. Duyoi Replacement for MacBook Pro Charger

5. SODYSNAY R60-L Replacement Macbook Pro Charger

6. MacBook Pro Charger

7. Oakwill Compatible with MacBook Pro Charger

8. SupremeC Compatible MacBook Pro Charger

9. Orot Macbook Charger, Laptop Charger

10. TKKOK Charger for MacBook Pro

11. Replacement 85w Magsafe2 T-Type Power

12. Macbook Pro Charger 60W Power Adapter

13. Zrtke Replacement Charger

14. 60W T-Tip Charger, Power Adapter Charger

If any of the questions arise in your mind, ask in the comment below, we will try to reply as soon as possible!

Can you charge a MacBook Pro with a USB cable?

Does Apple replace Mac Chargers free?

Can I use 85w charger instead of 60w?

Do all MacBooks use the same charger?

How do I charge my MacBook pro for the first time?

Does Apple replace charging cables?

Does AppleCare cover Mac Chargers?

Do MacBook Chargers have warranty?

Can I use 85w MagSafe with MacBook Pro 13?

Can you use an 85w charger on a MacBook Air?

Can I use 45 watt charger with MacBook?

Is it bad to leave your MacBook pro plugged in all the time?

Can I use a 60w charger on MacBook Pro 15?

What’s the difference between 60w and a 85w MacBook charger?

Does Apple replace MacBook Pro under warranty?

Do Apple products have 2 year warranty?

Are Apple charging cables under warranty?

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Apple Chargers VS Anker 30W Charger (full Charging Times)

The Anker Advantage: Join the 20 million+ powered by America’s leading USB charging brand.
Advanced USB Technology: USB C and Power Delivery enable faster charging for more powerful devices. Charge laptops, phones, tablets and more at full 30W speed.


Apple Chargers & Power Cables


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I created this video with the Apple Mackbook Pro 15


WATTS INSIDE the counterfeit apple charging adapter

Everyone is talking about these counterfeit Apples lightning USB charging devices. I’ve been using these knock off chargers for over a year without any problems. I needed a 5 V compact voltage regulator for another project so I cut this one apart and was surprised to see how sophisticated in compact the unit was. The units look identical from the original OEM Apple charger, and the fake unit. The only way that you can tell the difference is one hasA faded Apple logo on it and the other just says UL approved.


Apple iPhone X | Huawei Mate 20 Pro | Sony XPERIA XZ2 | Fast Charging comparison


Apple wireless charging dock

The perfect combination of Apple watches wireless charging Stand and wireless phone charging stand. Wireless charging design perfect for all Qi-enabled devices.
Compared to other chargers, there is no cumbersome cable connection, just put the phone on the wireless charger, the wireless charging pad can charge the phone; subtly hide all the cables.


Testing IKEA’s Qi wireless charger with iPhone 8 Plus & Apple Watch Series 3

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Apple 87W USB-C Power Adapter | The King of All Chargers

WARNING! IT DOESN’T COME WITH A CABLE… Also it’s actually gone up in price since purchasing, it’s now A$119. None the less, it’s the best charger you can get for all your Apple devices as this one can charge anything from your phone to the latest 15″ MacBook Pro. Whereas if you get the lower powered one you won’t be able to charge the more powerful devices. Of course this all comes at the cost of its slightly larger size.

MacBook Pro: http://vtudio.com/a/?a=macbook+pro
iPad Pro: http://vtudio.com/a/?a=ipad+pro
87W Power Adapter: http://vtudio.com/a/?a=87W+power+adapter
USB-C Cable: http://vtudio.com/a/?a=usbc+cable

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EEVblog #388 – Fake Apple USB Charger Teardown

Teardown Tuesday.
What is inside a fake clone A1265 Apple USB charger?
WARNING: These fakes and cheap no-name chargers are DANGEROUS. If you have one, throw it out and get a quality one.

Teardown of a real Apple USB charger: http://www.arcfn.com/2012/05/apple-iphone-charger-teardown-quality.html

EEVblog Main Web Site:
EEVblog Amazon Store:




Electronics Info Wiki:


Never Buy Apple Chargers From eBay!

It’s not very often I make this type of video, however I really did feel the need to put this out there. Never ever buy Apple (or Samsung) chargers from eBay which claim that they are genuine/originals for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Galaxy, etc. simply because there is a 99.99% chance that they are going to be fakes or knock-offs. These may look the same as their original counterparts, however on the inside, they are not! These are constructed using significantly lower quality parts, which don’t only not last as long, but can also impose a great safety risk. Some examples may include the lack of safety features, lack of grounding and interference filtering, overheating and short circuits. These can put your equipment at risk or even result in fire or explosion as proven in many news articles, other videos on YouTube and TV Shows, such as “Fake Britain”. Not worth the risk!

Thankfully, the seller was polite and accepted a return for a full refund without any issues (which I mostly believe is because I explained my discomfort with all of the risks associated with these chargers in the return description).

If you are not willing to pay the high prices that Apple charge for their chargers, look no further than a high quality off-brand charger. I have had many of these in the past and had no issues with them at all, in fact, I have found many of them to be better quality than the ones from the product brand. Just be sure to check the reviews are good for both performance and reliability. Here are some links to some products what I am using right now (or very similar), of which I would recommend:

– USB Charger with multiple ports (for Smartphones and Tablets from Apple, Samsung, etc.)
Amazon Link (UK): https://amzn.to/2zJ1Xsv

– 60w Magsafe 1 Charger (just make sure you get the right connection (Magsafe 1, Magsafe 2 or USB-C) and wattage for your MacBook. A quick Google search should help you find it.)
Amazon Link (UK): https://amzn.to/2z5cDlJ

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Wireless Charger Qi-Certified for IPhone, Apple Watch, Android | Review

Wireless Charger Qi-Certified for IPhone, Apple Watch, Android, Samsung

Link for charging dock- https://amzn.to/2qFHHEg

Received the charger and here are the first things I noticed- Appears to be well made and looks good, included is the USB cable and a simple operations manual although the print is very small. This will charge an IPhone 8 and above and will charge the Iphone watch 1, 2 and 3 series only according to the manual. Will work for other phones such as Samsung etc. I recommend you read the description to see if it is compatible with your own phone.

What is not included is the charging adapter. According to the manual it requires a charging adapter that is 9v 2a if you want to charge both your phone and watch at the same time or you can use a charging adapter rated at 5v 2a but you can only charge one item at a time with this adapter.

I like the way this charger looks and I like how it helps to keep the night stand clutter free cause now I have one wire for the charger instead of all the chargers and wires for both the phone and watch. The phone will charge in either portrait or landscape position which is cool cause it allows you to use the phone in either position while charging. The IPhone watch is easy to place onto the charger due to the magnets which guide the watch into the correct position for charging. Overall I must say I am impressed with this item and I would have given it 5 stars if it included the charging adapter. So if your going to buy this make sure you either have a charging adapter at home that you can use or order one.

*This product was sent to me for review at no charge. I have given this product an honest review and I can honestly say in no way is my review biased, I truly like this charging dock and find it to have good looks and works well. I do recommend it.

#ChargingDock #IPhoneCharger #AppleWatch
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