RAEGR Arc 500 Wireless Charger [ Qi Certified ]

RAEGR Arc 500 Wireless Charger [ Qi Certified ]

Best Buy Link: https://bit.ly/2L4ssRi

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Best Wireless Fast Charger / RAEGR Arc 500 Review

Purchase links –
https://www.tekkitake.com/?ref=jrvp_wkp7of (Referral)

The product was provided by Tekkitake for review.

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Raegr Arc 500 | 10W Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung & iPhone XR | Qi-Certified

Raegr Arc 500 is a 10W Fast Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone X (XR or XS). This fast wireless charging pad is QI-Certified and works with every compatible iPhone and Samsung Galaxy mobiles.

Also, I have done fast wireless charging speed test on the Samsung S10 and Raegr Arc 500 Fast Wireless Charger performed really well.

Raegr Arc 500 Fast Wireless charger provides 10W output for all the compatible Samsung mobiles from Samsung S7 to Samsung S10. Also, it provides 7.5 W fast charging for all the compatible iPhones from iPhone 7 to iPhone X (XR), which is better than 5W of the standard charger that comes with the iphones.

You can buy the Raegr Arc 500 Fast Wireless Charger from here – https://www.tekkitake.com/collections/galaxy-s10-all/products/raegr-arc-500-qi-certified-10w-wireless-charger-charging-pad

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1918 Battery Charger: Tungar Tube ( Mercury Arc Rectifier )

this is a heavy duty battery charger i got off ebay made in 1918. i believe it is 6 amps. it took me a while to figure out how to run it. blew the circuit breakers in my house a few times too. but the charger didnt give a shit about if i shorted it or not so its earned my respect.


1908 Car Battery Charger with Mercury Arc Rectifier

Baker Electric Car Charger from 1908. The huge device consisting of a glass rectifier and transformer act as a power supply to charge the original Edison Batteries. Steve Normandin discovers how the charger worked and puts together the pieces while telling us how it worked. The glass bulb of the mercury arc rectifier glows pink, blue and white as the mercury vaporizes. and it converts AC power from the grid to DC power for the car batteries. The long chord is made with braded cloth, and plug with asbestos insulation. The Baker Electric Car was one of the earliest commercially sold electric cars. The charger and car DC motor was made by General Electric in Schenectady.