DC 12 VOLT | ১২ভোল্ট তৈরি | Using audio amplifier/Battery Charger

Hello everyone Welcome to my Channel, my channel talking abut, How to make a 12 volt DC power supply using 12 0 12 Transformer, in this video I will show mini 12 amplifier, 12 volt battery charger, and this projects use dry battery charging, amplifier, mini Ips, inverter, mosfet, any audio, DIY, DIY sircuit, How to make, HOW, HOW TO,

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How to make 4440 audio amplifier without PCB

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Simple clear sound audio amplifier | from old mobile charger

Simple clear sound audio amplifier | used old mobile charger | c945 transistor

Best buy Link:-
Soldering iron:- https://amzn.to/2ygTGMn

HOW to make a clear sounds speaker’s :

Simple audio amplifier circuit:

C1815 transistor projects:

BC547 transistor projects:

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ocomma USB 3 1 Type C Audio Charging Cable lighting from gearbest



Convert Old mobile charger to audio Amplifier in Hindi 🍁

Old mobile charger se audio amplifier banane bataya hun iss video mein,iss video mein transistor 13001 use kiya hun,ye amplifier 100% work karta hai,

Components required —
Old charger
1.Resistor — 1K
2.Capacitor — 25V 100uf
3.AUX code
4.Transistor –13001
5.5V DC current

Old CFl to amplifier — https://youtu.be/vuGCtEnrzps

Mic connection in 6283 ic & in all amplifiers –https://youtu.be/8adkvrIk-PQ

Bluetooth pannel connection — https://youtu.be/BIpX6yYUmAk

6283ic simple audio amplifier –https://youtu.be/6hPI_3alLUE

Microphone connection in 6283 ic kit — https://youtu.be/8adkvrIk-PQ

Convert 12V AC to DC — https://youtu.be/RIqjQb4y0Lo

Lead acid battery charger banaye –https://youtu.be/NJ3-lLpVIFQ

Old cfl se amplifier banaye — https://youtu.be/vuGCtEnrzps

AUX code wiring karne sikhe — https://youtu.be/qMW2BFVBxA8

Proper way mein soldering Karna sikhe –https://youtu.be/ApP-AS0Zi98

I-Plus mp3 player repairing Karna sikhe –https://youtu.be/Ki0mfLVVGac

Life hacks with male charger –https://youtu.be/SmnT5Qk5yuc

CD1619CP ic kit repairing
part-1 –https://youtu.be/SHSgSn4yWyc
Part-2 —https://youtu.be/YOIgAufji74

Radio mein AUX cable lagaye —https://youtu.be/j9wj_Q4rfz8

OTG cable banaye at ₹0 cost-https://youtu.be/UlNLQYjIvSE

UBON Bluetooth speaker repairing –https://youtu.be/yytcemBDZSQ

Mobile cover se extension board kaise banaye–https://youtu.be/ieq6r33t06A

LED with potentiometer–https://youtu.be/TG3YOvXjPBY

Power bank ka power badhaye—https://youtu.be/fkem9j7R7KI

Introduction of ER GREAT channel–https://youtu.be/vwgTZf2GGvg

Headphones A2Z repairing–https://youtu.be/QL3DXI9s7Rw
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HALO Set of 2 Lipstick 3000 Portable Chargers on QVC

For More Information or to Buy: https://qvc.co/2xVsVgH
This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.


Unboxing: Hedbox RP-DC30, RP-DC40, RP-DBPU, RP-DFM50 and Batteries

First Impressions

As we unbox more power supply units from Hedbox, we appreciate how adaptable and effortless each of their products perform on live productions or on the go. The Hedbox RP-DC30 and RP-DC40 are interchangeable chargers that can supply power to various batteries with Hedbox’s collection of adapter plates that include the RP-DBPU, RP-DLPE6, RPDFW50, and RP-DFM50. Each of these adapter plates connect to a specific battery or multiple batteries and offers extra flexibility on set.


• 2-step LED Indicator Display
• Exchangeable power plugs (EU-Euro, US-America, UK-United
• 12VDC car power cable
• Interchangeable battery plates

• Large digital LCD display screen
• Implemented back-light
• 12VDC car power cable
• USB Output
• Interchangeable battery plates

RP-DBPU: 1500mAh/16.8V

Compatible with: Hedbox RP-DC50 battery charger

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-BPU80; RP-BP85D; HED-BP95D; HED-BP75D
• Sony | BP-U30; BP-U60; BP-U90

RPDFW50: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: Hedbox RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery

Designed for:
• Hedbox | HED-FW50
• Sony | NP-FW50

RP-DFM50: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery chargers

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-NPF550; RP-NPF770; RP-NPF970; RP-NPF1000
• Sony | NP-F550; NP-F770; NP-F970; NP-FM91; NP-QM91
• Panasonic | AG-BP25; AG-EZ30P; VW-B202; VW-VBD5; VW-VBDR1
• JVC | BN-628; BN-628U; BN-V812; BN-V812U; BN-V814; BN-V814U

RP-DLPE6: 1500mAh/8.4V

Compatible with: RP-DC50, RP-DC40, and RP-DC30 battery chargers

Designed for:
• Hedbox | RP-LPE6
• Canon | LP-E6


Blueshape Power Station V-Lock Battery Chargers


The BLUESHAPE power station concept is a convenient system to integrate the power of multiple V-lock batteries into a unique source that can be tapped anywhere anytime in a simultaneous dual voltage output.

The 4 available outputs, 2 at 14V (4-pins XLR) and 2 at 28V (3-pins XLR) operate in parallel an share the avaialble power in input: the output power is available simultaneously from all ports.
Due to the highly efficient internal electronics, over the 92% when delivering higher loads, the system remains cool even after hours of operation for a safe and prolonged system reliability.
Depending on which batteries are installed, the quad system can supply power as follows:

Installing 4x BV batteries, HD models (high drain):
up to 280W on the 14V output
up tp 560W on the 28V output
Installing 4x standard BV batteries (normal discharge):
up to 280W on the 14V output
up tp 480W on the 28V output
Batteries are hot-swappable to keep providing constant power without interruption, even when a battery becomes empty and needs replacement (if the remaining batteries are capable to compensate and deliver more current).


Unboxing: Hedbox RP-DC100 Charger and V-Mount Batteries

First Impressions

The Hedbox RP-100V Charger provides simultaneous dual charging for two V-mount batteries and can function as a convenient power bank for other devices. The LED Display indicates the status of power, charging, channel, and power bank mode with a red or green light indicator. Located at the bottom is an alternative DC Output that comes with a 4-pin XLR Male to Female cable for charging external devices like monitors or lights and we especially like that it comes with a ventilation cooling system for temperature regulation.


Hedbox RP-100V V-mount Charger

• Digital dual battery charger with zero-volt charging activation
• Intelligent charging systems provide precision control over charging
• LED display screen for status and mode
• Integrated locking support stand
• Power bank mode
• RPC-DC4X4 / 4-pin XLR female to male cable
• DC Out 16.5V, 4.5A /75W

All batteries include:

• V-Mount connection holder
• 4-LED power monitor indicator
• Built-in USB, D-tap, and DC outputs
• Power LED light

Battery models by power capacity:

• Hedbox PB-D100V: 98Wh / 6,600mAh
• Hedbox PB-D150V: 154Wh / 1,0400mAh
• Hedbox PB-D200V:195Wh / 13Ah


Bienna 30000mAh Solar Chargers External Battery Pack REVIEW Perfect Price !

Bienna 30000mAh Solar Chargers External Battery Pack REVIEW – http://bit.ly/2cQIZDo
Product link: http://bit.ly/2KXIAUr

– 2 ports: 1A & 2.1A, charges my phones and tablet perfectly fine
– Build in LED light with flashing mode
– Handle elements like a champ, no problem in rain.
– 30k mAh is overrated. IT’s best 15-18K mAh
– Surprisingly lightweight because it’s probably not 30k capacity:)
– 2W panel takes a while to charge battery pack

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What’s inside? 20000mAh Dual USB External Power Bank Battery Charger Review Recenze

What’s inside? the Ultrathin – Ultra Slim 20000mAh 2 USB – Dual USB – Micro USB Mobile Power Bank USB #powerbank portable external #battery #charger for smartphone – cell battery charger. How good are the cheap battery chargers? Zvažujete koupi externí power banky? Tak se podívejte co také může být uvnitř – co v sobě skrývá power banka? Jaká baterie je v power bance – to zjistíte teprve když se podíváte dovnitř 🙂 Jak vybrat Powerbanku – to Vám bohužel neporadím, pouze mohu doporučit – tuto rozhodně ne 🙂
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