how to make 6v automatic battery charger at home

hello friends today i am showing how to simple make 6 volt battery charger .

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diagram link :-

required :-

1. zero pcb
2. Transparent Plastic Box
3. heat stink
4. 10 ohm 5 watt resistor
5. dc female jack
6. lm317t adjustable voltage regulator
7. 2 bc 547 ,transistor
8. 1n4007 diode
9. 2 6.2v zener diode
10. 5k preset
11. 10k resistor
12. 2 2.2k resistor
13. 2 led
14. 180 ohm resistor
15. 2 crocodile clips with wire
16. 1k resistor to make simple boat at home to make emergency phone charger at home to make Pencil Sharpener Machine at home to make small size portable 220 ac inverter at home to make usb bulb light to make pir automatic on off light sensor at home to make Electric Screwdriver to make usb power tester to make electric mosquito repellent Fast Card Burner to make all in one android data cable


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Best Car Battery Charger 2018 – Best Battery Charger 2018

Best Car Battery Charger:

Best car battery charger is not everywhere, so how should you do to get just the best? The question is easy to answer because this review is created just for you. We will offer you the top choices of car battery charger so that you will not have to spend any more minute searching for the best car battery charger at all. Below is the list of top 7 best car battery charger that you can take a look at before making the decision to get one for your vehicle.

The car battery chargers on the market today offer a number of features that won’t just help you restore your battery’s charge after draining it dead. in many cases, they’ll condition it to make it last longer and even maintain it for yours. And if you happen to drain your battery and have access to an outlet, most of them will also jump start your car too (notice we italicized access to an outlet). For the cases where you’re on the road without access to power, you’ll want a battery jumper. But for all other cases, a battery charger is a great tool to have in your garage to help charge, jump and maintain your battery.

But no one wants to spend the good part of an hour researching the right car battery charger. We’ve assembled a list of 2017’s best car battery chargers to help you choose the best product for your car. Simply click on one of the chargers on the list below to navigate to the corresponding review. Or, scroll down to the video to see the link of the car battery charger reviews. Here they are:

1 – Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

2 – Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter

3 – Schumacher SE-4022

4 – NOCO Genius G3500

5 – Schumacher SC-600A-CA

6 – BatteryMINDer Charger

7 – Schumacher SC-1200A-CA

Why put up with the inconvenience of flat batteries? Why wait around for help from your automobile association or for a friend to jump start your car? Be prepared and have a home car battery charger at the ready whenever you need it! Before buying a home car battery charger, you should check that it has the appropriate voltage and is designed to work with the battery system in your vehicle.

Most batteries have their specs listed on a sticker on the top and these can easily be compared with those of any charger you consider. You should also consider your needs: do you want a charger solely for emergency starts or do you want an appliance which will condition and maintain your battery? Do you want a manual or automatic appliance? Whatever your needs, there are is a huge range of quality products to choose from.

How To Choose The Right Car Battery Charger For Home Use:

Contrary to common misconception, simply jump-starting a car is not a way to recharge its battery. The car will keep running well until it is turned off, and may even be able to start itself up again later if the battery is relatively new and in good condition, but more often than not, if a car battery dies once, requiring a jump, it’s going to happen again sooner than later.

That’s why many people, especially those with older vehicles, choose to buy their own car battery charger. A car battery charger can cost well under fifty dollars, which is about half the price of the average car battery. A one time purchase of your own car battery charger, therefore, could save you from buying new batteries many times over.

And even if your car battery charger only breathes enough life into your vehicle’s battery to let you drive it to the shop, you will still save money as compared to having the “dead” car towed there, so these units still make savvy investments. Think of it like this: even if you only use your moderately priced car battery charger one or two times, chances are good that it will still have saved you money.
What do you think of these great battery chargers? Which car battery charger are you planning to buy? Please take a moment to leave a comment below the video.

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Best Car Battery Chargers to buy in 2018

Find the Best Car battery Chargers to buy in 2018. A good battery charger will raise the lifetime of your battery. Full Review:

Modern cars are getting more and more advanced with more and more electricity. Because of this, newer cars get bigger alternators and bigger car batteries to keep the function in the car without draining out the battery while driving. A low charge of your car battery can not only damage the battery, it can also cause damages to your electricity in your car, which may result in very expensive repair costs.
Because of the large and advanced batteries in our cars, we do also need a good car battery charger to charge them.

By maintain charging your car battery, you will raise the lifetime a lot of it. The worst thing for a car battery is standing half charged for a long time, especially if you are living in a cold country. One night with temperatures under 0C- can kill your battery if it’s drained.

These chargers will help you a lot and are bulletproof to use. There is typically nothing you can do wrong. Just connect the car battery charger and plug it into your wall contractor. If you connect it will wrong polarity, you won’t damage the whole car, as with the older chargers. These chargers have both wrong-polarity protection and overvoltage protection.

These chargers are good for all types of vehicles and batteries. Motorcycles, cars, tractors you name it. The important part is to check the voltage you are going to charge. If you have 6 volts on your motorcycle you have to take in mind that you need a charger that can charge 6 volts. By charging with 12 volts on a 6-volt system, you may damage your system.

We like the CTEK chargers a lot because we have tried them over 1000 times on vehicles and we use them for professional use at mechanic workshops. Have never seen one to broke ever.
The CTEK chargers do also have smart charging systems which will charge your battery in a healthful way for your battery. AGM, GEL or normal batteries doesn’t matter. The CTEK chargers are the best car battery chargers for a dead battery in our opinion after a lot of usage!

You can find more information and other reviews of other products on our website.

if you have any other car questions you are welcome to contact us at our homepage to get them answered.
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Portable Solar Car Auto Motorcycle Battery Chargers

The solar powered car battery charger, is perhaps one of the most important and impressive devices for virtually every vehicle, it provides a very compact and durable electrical source for your Car, Boat, Marine Vehicle, Small Air Craft and much more. It is relatively simple in style and very purposeful, and can help save a vehicle owner a lot of time and also the annoyance of a dead and even drained battery. Solar motor vehicle chargers, are available in an array of six voltage, 12 voltage in addition to 18 volt applications. Solar chargers are incredibly useful as well as convenient gadgets to have.

Solar powered chargers can also be very useful for the normal upkeep of quite a few different battery types and models, which include charging RVs, Motorhomes, specialty vehicles, antique and classic cars, marine deep cycle batteries, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and lots more. They retain the electric batteries charge when it comes to vehicles that have been parked, stored or that sit idle for much longer lengths of time, that include marine and light aircraft electric battery applications.

Usually two to three different types of quick connector sets are provided, for instance a: DC accessory male connector, electric battery clips, and battery ring terminal connectors. Solar battery chargers are completely automatic, and provides a trickle charge or even a full charge whenever desired, and stops charging as soon as the battery is entirely charged. Solar powered energy will likely be used all around the world, and everybody should take advantage of this alternative energy, that’s easily available to everyone.


how to make simple 12v automatic battery charger at home

hello friends today i am showing how to make simple 12 volt battery charger . It is easy to make and low cost

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circuit diagram :-

Connotation diagram :-


1. zero pcb
2. bc547 transistor
3. 2 1k resistor
4. 5k preset resistor
5. 12v relay
6. 330 ohm resistor
7. 22uf/25v capacitor
8. led
9. 10k resistor
10. connector to make simple boat at home to make emergency phone charger at home to make Pencil Sharpener Machine at home to make small size portable 220 ac inverter at home to make usb bulb light to make pir automatic on off light sensor at home to make Electric Screwdriver to make usb power tester to make electric mosquito repellent Fast Card Burner to make all in one android data cable



Battery charger 12V 5 AMP at home || DIY battery charger using transformer

Car tuck motor cycle mower battery charger (ebay affiliate)
purchase 12 V 6Amp Battery Charger (Amazon Affiliate)

This video tells, how to make 12 Volts 5 Ampere battery charger.
Simplified video. Every connection has been explained in detail.
Keep Innovating.

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12 volt battery charger repair.

I bought A battery charger 6 months ago, i went to use it one day, and it was Humming and vibrating very loud, and would get hot , before all this it worked perfectly, it makes me mad when you pay good money, and they want to charge you more money to fix a problem on a item that was only used maybe a dozen times, well i get tired of that BS and i always try and figure out the problem myself, $11 diodes and a $1 to ship them to me, and now i have spare diodes incase the problem happens again and i can repair it myself without loss of time and money, im sure a lot of people have this simple problem, i hope this might help you solve your Battery charger problems as well.